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Odoo Shipstation Connector Integration Extension developed by Globalteckz offers you with complete advance level integration with Odoo ERP software. Shipstation is one of the leading web-based software that has been developed specifically for eCommerce retailers. ShipStation helps merchants to process fulfill and ship all the orders from various market places including shopping carts with the help of all top shipping carriers.

Shipstation Odoo Integration helps you to connect Odoo and synchronize complete shipping data within the ERP software. You can easily manage all your deliveries, shipping operations from Odoo software. This Extension not only help you to enhance your business growth by offering various functions which are as follows:

Features of Odoo Shipstation Extension & Bridge

Manage your ShipStation from Odoo

Generating Shipping rates & Labels.

Import of all market places

Import all Shipstation Delivery Packages.

Configure number of shipstation delivery methods in odoo

Import All delivery Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS.

Import of all Stores

Import Shipping Services

Import of Shipping Carriers

Import of all Tracking Information

Fully Customizable…

Generate Shipping Rates in Odoo.

Create Labels in Odoo.

Update Tracking information from Odoo to Shipstation.

Get visibility on Orders

tracking different market places performance

Showcase proper rates on the website

Multiple Package support within single shipment.

import Tracking Number and Cost from Shipstation to Odoo

Get Specific messages flow wise

Perform Advance and many other Functions

Import shipment data from shipstation to Odoo ERP

odoo shipstation connector

How Shipstation Odoo Connector Works :

Here you can see we have logged into Odoo ERP software – you can add your login and password to initiate the connector process. After installation of ship station extension, you can see a menu has been created in Odoo ERP software – there are various menus such as Delivery, sales, Shipstation carrier, Services, Tags, market places, first you need to initiate with the Shipstation Configurations

shipstation configuration in Odoo

Once you open the ship station configuration you can see there are various smart buttons available, including importing of your market places and stores in Odoo. you can start adding all the list of details such as name, URL, API, etc. If you want realtime order export you can checkbox the “Export order at Creation button”

Export order at creation button

List of shipstation market places can be seen from this menu

List of shipstation market places

Shipstation MarketPlaces Configurations

You can manage your Marketplaces from here with configurations.

manage your Marketplace

You can see all the list of your shipstation stores which are configured in shipstation

shipstation stores

Get Carriers & Serivce in Odoo

In the below image you can get all your carrier information and ship station service information from these two buttons

carrier information and ship station service information

All the list of shipstation Carriers which are imported into Odoo ERP software

shipstation Carriers

List of all shipstation services that are imported in Odoo ERP software


Import order 

You can import all the orders from shipstation into Odoo ERP software. Click on import orders button.

import all the orders

Import Sales Order

You can check into Sales >  Sales order and all the list of sales order which are completed and the orders which requires invoicing.

Sales order and all the list of sales order which are completed and the orders which requires invoicing

Below is the sales order which we selectedsales order

Below you can click on the shipping information to get all the details such as order date, payment dates, carriers selected by the client, order status, Tracking references, Status checking, shipment information and so on

shipping information

Get Tracking information from Shipstation into Odoo

You can get all the tracking information from shipstation into Odoo – Select the date from where you would like to import the tracking information

tracking information from shipstatio

You can get the rates of a particular order by clicking on additional information tab as showed in the below shipstation connector

get the rates

From the additional menu you can able to see the different rates of different couriers, including all the other information related to a particular product package, Easily pick up the rates as per the cost or priority from Odoo only.

 Easily pick up the rates as per the cost or priority from Odoo only

Once you pick up the rates you can create and generate the labels from odoo and sent back to shipstation from odoo ERP software.

 generate the labels from odoo and sent back to shipstation from odoo ERP

Once clicked on generate label button you can see the attachments

generate shipping label

Below you can see the label generated in Odoo

label generated in odoo from shipstation

If we are creating orders in Odoo ERP software for ship station you can directly fetch the rates from Shipstation considering the customer location and the delivery method

delivery methods in shipstation

List of Shipping Carriers supported by Shipstation App

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The above connector is available for Odoo version 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 the latest version for any queries feel free to connect with us over email – sales@globalteckz.com

Frequently Asked Questions

This Odoo App is one-time purchase for a particular version of Odoo ERP that you select. For instance V. 14, V13 etc. You dont need to pay monthly fees or licenses.
Yes, this Odoo App is compatible with Enterprise and Community Edition both.
Yes ! You can fully customize this app as per your business needs and requirements. Customization charges are extra based on your requirements. You can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com
This App comes with a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase until any custom changes not made on this particular Odoo App by Third-party vendors. The Warranty of this app get Void if any third party customizations made any change in the core code.
Globalteckz offers you 6 months of No Cost support for apps costing above 399 Euros. For less than 399 Euros A 3 Month of Support is provided by Globalteckz Team. Support voids if there is any custom coding done in the core code by third-party vendor.
You can get the demo from our Experts on this Odoo App Kindly email us on sales@globalteckz.com for more information.
This Odoo App may require other supporting Odoo Apps to make the particular module fully functional. All our support apps are provided to you after you purchase this module from our app store. Supportive apps are almost free for community edition & Enterprise edition. That means you dont need to pay any extra cost for the same.
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V16, V15, V14, V13, V12, V10, V9

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