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Odoo Woocommerce Connector

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Odoo Woocommerce connector also known as WooCommerce Odoo integration/ Bridge/plugin has been developed by Globalteckz team specifically for eCommerce merchants who want to manage their eCommerce websites in Odoo ERP software. This Odoo bridge offers you with synchronization of data between Woocommerce website/stores and Odoo. You can use this connector for the free version of Odoo Community as well as for paid Enterprise edition.

Woocommerce is one of the leading eCommerce plugin to manage and create online store within WordPress. any eCommerce merchants worldwide from small to Big companies, Globalteckz brings you out with this Odoo bridge where you can synchronize all data from your ecommerce website into Odoo and vice versa.

An Overview of Connector

This Odoo Connector is another important integration that is largely used by eCommerce merchants who mainly do online business Woocom websites. Woocommerce Odoo Connector integrates with your multiple eCommerce store and helps you to perform a various functions in Odoo ERP software. It also supports Odoo community & Odoo Enterprise edition as well. Further to that there are many list of features which we have mentioned below in this Woocommerce Odoo App description.


List of Odoo Woocommerce Connector Features :

Create Woocommerce stores in Odoo ERP

Importing of attribute sets

Importing  Product attributes

Imports Product categories

Import of Products

Import product stocks/inventory

Import of customer group

Import customers

Import orders

Export order status

Import Invoice

Import Shipment

Update products from Odoo to WooCommerce

Export products

Export customer Group

Export Stock / Inventory

Maintain WooCommerce Logs

Manage your own workflows

Get your Woocommerce Sales analysis report

and Many more….


woocommerce odoo integration steps


Once you purchase this connector you can start the installation of the Module in Odoo ERP software. There are few API keys that needs to be created/ generated from the woocommerce back end. To generate API keys for the integration you can go into back end and click on

Woocommerce > Settings >  Click on API

woocommerce api set up


The first step is to “Enable the Rest API” and then click on Save Button.

generating api keys from woocommerce

To start integrating your woocommerce store with Odoo you need to generate API keys for which you need to click on Add keys – This will create a pop up where you need to ad the user name and and provide necessary permissions.

Note : For future reference kindly keep this keys as a reference.

Once you generate the API keys you can install the woocommerce odoo connector which will create a menu in Odoo ERP software.

creating the api keys from woocommerce


You can start creating the woocommerce instance

creating woocommerce instance in odoo

Click on Create Button : In Odoo you can start adding all the accounts credentials to create Woocommerce store in the ERP

adding all the api details from woocommerce to odoo

Connector Testing – Successful 

Once you add all the accounts credentials you can click on the save button; To test your woocommerce connection with Odoo Click on “Test Button”. If you have added everything properly you will get message “Test connection Successful” After that you can proceed with synchronization.

testing the connection

Connector Testing  – If Not Successful 

If the connection is not successful then you can check the information and correct it after which the integration will work successfully. After successful connection you can click on create store button which will create all the stores in Odoo ERP software.

FREE SUPPORT : (You are provided with support from Globalteckz if there is any issues in successful connection)

Creating WooCommerce Shops in Odoo ERP software:

After the connection is successful you can start creating your Shops of Woocommerce iN Odoo. As you can see in the below image the woocommerce is now connected you can now click on “create shop button” which will create all the shop/ stores in Odoo which you have in Woocommerce.

creatin woocommer shops in odoo

This connector can handle multiple stores /shop all these will come into Odoo based on the number of shops you have on Woocommerce.


You can click on the shops button to check the number of shops created in Odoo from your Woocommerce.

list of shops created

Once you integrate your Odoo ERP with your Woocommerce website you can check complete details of your Woocommerce shops and store in Odoo ERP. From Woocommerce information tab about the details on last import dates for attributes, products, inventory, messages etc.

Below you can see that we have created woocommerce shop in Odoo ERP software you can also add your own configurations with respect to shipment fees, gift wrapping and other areas.

configuring shipping and other fees

Below you can see we have scheduler configurations and woocommerce information which showcase last import that has been done.

last import from woocommerce into odoo



The Initial/first Sync in Odoo : The first Sync is important after that you can run the schedulers for automatic synchronization of all your products, categories, inventory etc.

initial sych in odoo


Workflow set up in Odoo for your Woocommerce helps you in defining processes based on your Woocommerce workflows: You can define your own workflows based on the business processes you follow.

setting up woocommerce workflows

You can provide details of your workflow such as workflow name, shipping policies invoicing policies in Odoo based on your business processes.


After defining the workflow you can start with import functions – For the first time you have to import manually after which you can run cron job for automatic importing based on the intervals you want to define.

import functions from odoo to woocommerce

Below on the dashboard you can see the number of shops, pending orders, completed orders in one single screen

odoo woocommerce dashboards


Once you install the connector you can start importing your product attributes into Odoo For the first time you even need to import attributes also.  You can also perform this function for multiple shop in one go. Here in the below screen we have added the check boxes which you would like to import from woocommerce to Odoo ERP. After you select everything you can click on Run button which will import product, categories, customers everything in Odoo ERP software from Woocommerce.

You can check the product attributes from > Woocommerce Attribute as showed in the below image

attributes import

List of  Attributes imported from woocommerce into Odoo ERP

list of attributes imported
List of Attribute Values imported into Odoo from woocommerce store

woocommerce attribute values

To import woocommerce product categories into Odoo ERP you just need to click on import categories button and then run – after that all your products categories will be imported into odoo.

Below you can see the list of categories imported into Odoo ERP software.

product categories in odoo from woocommerce
Details of a particular category which got imported from Woocommerce into Odoo ERP software

complete category details


After clicking on the run button you can see the list of all your Woocommerce customers in Odoo.

woocom customers in odoo

List of woocommerce customers in Odoo Imported you can check the same by clicking on Sales>Customers

imported customers


Products import in Odoo from Woocommerce – Once you click on import products button you can click on run button.

You can check all the product details in Odoo from woocommerce.

product details

After import of your products you can also see products variant with respective woocommerce products are also imported into odoo.

product variants in odoo


Importing inventory from woocommerce store to Odoo ERP software – for inventory management you can click on import inventory button and run the import

inventory management


Here you can see in delivery methods all your shipping carriers are imported

shipping carriers and devliery methods imported from woocommerce to odoo


Here you can see the list of payments methods – in this demo we don’t kept any payment methods but whatever woocommerce payment methods are there it will be imported into odoo.

list of payments method


Here in the below screenshot you can see all the number of orders imported from woocommerce to odoo

order imported from woocommerce to odoo

You can also go into detail of each orders by going into Sales> Quotation

Below you can see the complete detail of your orders in odoo from Woocommerce

detail of woocommerce order


Update Functions that can be perform from odoo to Woocommerce  :

update functions

The  update function helps you to update all the details from Odoo to woocommerce, which means that you dont need to go into woocommerce store to create any update such as product price, inventory etc. From odoo ERP you can perform the update function.

Below you can see that there are list of update functions that can be performed such as :update categories, product data, variants, images, inventory, status, product tags, etc.

update categories, product data, variants, images, inventory, status, product tags, etc.

Here is an example of updating the quantity from Odoo ERP software to your woocommerce store.

updating the quantity from Odoo

You can update the quantity from odoo to woocommerce website.

quantity update

Here is the example of updated quantity



You can process any orders of your woocmmerce from Odoo ERP below is the image for order processing. You can process the order individually or in bulk as required

order processing

Below you can see the orders is in completed stage – Woocommerce backendcompleted orders


Export functions help you to export from Odoo ERP to your Woocommerce

export functions

Below you can see that you can create customers in Odoo and export it, even everything can be managed from Odoo itself where you dont need to go into woocommerce backend also. You can export the customers, categroeis, product tags and many more…

how to export odoo products to woocommerce

Let Create a new product in Odoo and Export it into your woocommerce store

creating a product in odoo for woocommerce website

After adding all the required information you can click on save button – for bulk export you can also use the CSV method of Odoo while creating new products.

exporting products

After you created the products in Odoo you can click on export Product button – this can also be done automatically through schedulars


Here in the below image you can see the product we have exported from Odoo to your woocommerce store

exported odoo products into woocommerce

The above are some of the features of this Odoo App – This app is fully further customizable as per your business processes. For any information on this connector you can connect with us through sales@globalteckz.com

Advantages & Benefits of Integrating ERP with WooCommerce:

Woocommerce is one of the widely used eCommerce plugin offered by wordpress, It offers you with flexibility and various functions that create a powerful ecommerce website where products can be sold across the globe. One of the main importance while handling any eCommerce website is proper order confirmation, timely delivery and great customer experience. Woocommerce offers all these but to keep yourself abreast with other workflows of the business you require an ERP software that is completely integrated with your woocommerce store as well as with other platforms.

When we speak about cost effective ERP solutions Odoo ERP is one of the leading solutions that offers you with streamlined business processes and handles all your departments such as sales, purchase, inventory, accounting and you name it. The following are the key benefits and advantages of integrating your WooCommerce with Odoo ERP software.

Key benefits of Integrating Odoo ERP with WooCommerce

  • Add unlimited product, product variant, categories, and subcategories
  • Manage Multiple goods carrier option for shipping
  • Generate Custom Reports
  • Manages custom pricing function, discount, price quotes, blanket, or bulk orders.
  • Tax Automation for different countries and tax jurisdictions.
  • Greater efficiency in product management in the warehouse.
  • Dynamic fulfillment and customer satisfaction processes.

 The following are the advantages of Integrating with Odoo ERP and WooCommerce  :

  •  Single tool

WooCommerce with Odoo ERP Provides complete control in all categories of systems like Sales, Products, Inventory, Accounting, Customers history and offer related information are managed easily.

  • Decreased in Risk of Error

Odoo bridge you can reduce the manual data inputs as everything is automized within the ERP software. You can also manage multiple stores and marketplaces through different connectors available from globalteckz.

  • Warehouse Store Management

Integrating with Odoo and WooCommerce enhances faster order cycles in handling warehouse stores. It increases the warehouse store’s space availability according to locating received, packaged and shipping point Product which reduces safety stock requirement in warehouses.

Therefore the cost of inventory holding stock is lowered and productivity gets improved.

  • Currencies Handling

With a Single tool assessment multi-currency and multi-company assets easily controlled by odoo with different sales and assets. Odoo created a separate accounting chart for each company respectively.

  • Cost-effective

This Integration of Woocoomerce is cost effective compare to other extensions available in the market. There are no grey areas – If there is any custom development then charges are extra based on the time require to complete the development. Considering companies are using Odoo ERP for cost effectivness we offers cost effective customization services. Even our installation charges are lower. Implementation and Integration of WooCommerce with Odoo can be done in less time period. i.e. cost-effective.    

  • Fully Customizable

This connector developed by Globalteckz is fully customizable as per your business needs and requirements. We understand that many businesses implement woocommerce website either with default functions and few develops it to suit their business requirements through Woocommerce extensions. This is a completely customizable connector based on your eCommerce requirements.

official odoo partners - globalteckz

Frequently Asked Questions

This Odoo App is one-time purchase for a particular version of Odoo ERP that you select. For instance V. 14, V13 etc. You dont need to pay monthly fees or licenses.
Yes, this Odoo App is compatible with Enterprise and Community Edition both.
Yes ! You can fully customize this app as per your business needs and requirements. Customization charges are extra based on your requirements. You can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com
This App comes with a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase until any custom changes not made on this particular Odoo App by Third-party vendors. The Warranty of this app get Void if any third party customizations made any change in the core code.
Globalteckz offers you 6 months of No Cost support for apps costing above 399 Euros. For less than 399 Euros A 3 Month of Support is provided by Globalteckz Team. Support voids if there is any custom coding done in the core code by third-party vendor.
You can get the demo from our Experts on this Odoo App Kindly email us on sales@globalteckz.com for more information.
This Odoo App may require other supporting Odoo Apps to make the particular module fully functional. All our support apps are provided to you after you purchase this module from our app store. Supportive apps are almost free for community edition & Enterprise edition. That means you dont need to pay any extra cost for the same.


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V10, V11, V12, V13, V14, V15, V16

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