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Simple Mistakes while Building a Joomla website

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Simple Mistakes while Building a Joomla website

Simple Mistakes while Building a Joomla website
Simple Mistakes while Building a Joomla website

Joomla is considered as one of the widely used content management system around the globe and everyday popularity is increasing. Installation and implementation of Joomla website is quite easy without any hassle. Joomla is Open source and user friendly henceforth many businesses prefers Joomla development for their corporate websites. Being simple and user friendly there are many mistakes businesses do while implementing Joomla website.

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Let go more in details of How businesses do simple Mistakes while building Joomla website.

Mistake #1: Using MS Word for content pasting

One of the biggest mistake user do is copying the content from MS word and pasting them in Joomla back end or Articles. The fonts which you use in MS word are also pasted in the HTML that silos the fonts family. See the below example how the font directly copy pasted from MS word ruin the readability.

copy pasting the content from MS word

Tip: Use Notepad for copy paste content.

Mistake #2: Ignoring the Size of Images

Another mistake is not re-sizing the images before uploading, re-sizing as per the page looks and resizing in size, heavy images can break your web page performance. The bigger size of image slower page load is,

Tip: Henceforth it is advisable to resize your image via image editor tool there are many open source tools available for image editing and resizing.

Mistake #3: Ignoring ALT Tags

ALT Tags plays a very important role in Search engine optimization, Apart from that using ALT tags increase the keyword visibility while scanning a Page.

Tip : Use powerful image to convey your page message and use keywords which you are concentrating in the heading, and articles.

Mistake #4: Forgot adding “Open in New Window” for External links

Link building is one of the key activity for SEO, Many Articles which you write can be linked to other articles that helps reducing bounce rate. Your website may have articles that can impact the visitor stay on your web page, this is also known as internal link building.

Further External link building activity is when you provide links of Wikipedia, Partners website or your partnership pages.

link building
link building

Tip: You should always put these external links to be open in new window instead in same window. Also use proper title to enhance visibility. See Below example

Open in new window
Open in new window

Mistake #5: Ignoring “H” Tags for SEO

Many website use “H” tags as a complete paragraph which is another mistake, Remember H tags are meant for heading only so put some catchy phrase with the keywords.

Tip: Don’t hammer robots with excess of keywords in “H” tags

Mistake #6: Website design

There are many templates available which looks cool, beautiful, interesting, but powerful in features is key that is ignored by many while selecting template. There are themes which create problems in other browser and needs to be coded to make it work properly.

Tip: Go for responsive design theme rather than rigid one

I hope with the above mistakes and tips you can avoid and improve your Joomla website performance. For any feedback you can contact our team or you can comment your views to improve this Article

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