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Magento Extensions 

There are various functions and modules provided by Magento CMS for an eCommerce Merchant. In this section, we will showcase to you the list of Magento extensions,  plugins, modules available. GlobalTeckz offers you with leading teams towards eCommerce web development, Magento website Implementation, Magento customisation & Magento Designing.

We have successfully implemented many Magento website implementation and advance customisation. We offer you with complex magento eCommerce website as per the need & requirement of your organisation. Our team also have experience working with Magento 2 and can offer the above services for Magento 2 website development or migration

As discussed that Magento is one of the leading open source eCommerce platform where many online merchants are using it as a primary web store. Magento is an eCommerce Platform with more than 5 millions + downloads. Magento is widely accepted by online small and big retailers including Samsung.

The main areas of customization in Magento Commerce are modules and themes or buying a readymade extension from 3rd party vendors. While themes have a significant impact on user experience and storefront appearance, modules & extensions offer website features with supporting logic. Both components have a life cycle that enables installation, deletion, and deactivation. From the perspective of both merchants and extension developers, modules are the central unit of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source framework (Commerce framework) organization.

What is Magento Module ?

One of the most potent platforms for online retailing in the world is Magento. It powers 0.7% of the Internet and 12% of all eCommerce websites. Additionally, the users grow their businesses three times more quickly than their competitors who use other platforms.

People are launching eCommerce sites for a variety of reasons. The platform offers a lot of appealing features, and the Magento Marketplace sells add-ons with a wide range of uses. Both the customer and the merchant experience is improved by these extensions.

A module’s function is to implement new functionality or increase the functionality of other modules in order to provide particular product features. Since each module is intended to operate independently, the inclusion or exclusion of one module usually has no impact on how well the other modules work.

List of Magento Modules & Plugins – (Available with Magento 2 )

List of Magento modules and Plugins  (Available in Magento 2 Also )

  • Store management
  • Product management
  • Catalog management
  • Category management
  • Product browsing
  • Easy search functionality
  • Product browsing functionality
  • Shopping Cart
  • Easy one step checkouts
  • Variety of Payment Methods
  • Tax calculation
  • Shipping Carriers management
  • Sales & Promotion management
  • W3C Validation
  • Inventory management
  • Easy Admin panel
  • Social media integration
  • SSL Security support
  • Third party applications
  • Mobile commerce
  • Quick Amazon EC2 setup

What is Magento Extension 

A set of computer programmed called a Magento extension is in charge of giving Magento a particular functionality. It’s a directory of PHP and XML files organized into blocks, controllers, helpers, and models that are related to a particular business feature from a technical standpoint.

Marketplace Extensions for Magento

Magento has fueled the growth of a rich product ecosystem by providing developers with a platform that is built for extensibility, allowing them to innovate and create using the platform. Users of the platform can buy and download third-party extensions and themes from the Magento Marketplace, which is the platform’s official marketplace, to expand their online stores.

Vendor Bundled Extensions

Magento ships pre-installed with additional third-party extensions in addition to those available on its marketplace. Vendor Bundled Extensions are the name given to these add-ons. Before being incorporated into any supported version of Magento, they are thoroughly tested. These extensions will automatically be installed along with Magento.  But the owners need to open separate accounts frequently with the vendors to them.

Custom Extensions

There are a plenty of ready-to-use third-party extensions available on the market right now thanks to the sizeable global community of Magento developers. Due to their affordability and accessibility, third-party extensions are frequently overused by store owners. The performance of a store can be hampered by the excessive use of such extensions, particularly those that are poorly coded.

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