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Odoo Apps | Community Modules | Enterprise Plugins | Paid Modules

Odoo Apps are Modules that help business to make use of ERP software at Optimum Level. There are various solutions & Module available for different Businesses to cater to their Enterprise Resource Planning requirements. Many Applications has been developed by OCA – Odoo Community Association which are available for Free of Cost and there are other plug-ins that have been created by Official Partners and Developers. You can purchase or download these functions for your ERP via  App store based on your business requirements.

As we know that different businesses has different workflows and requirements while implementing an ERP solution. The biggest advantage you gain is that stand-alone app provides you with base structure readily available for any custom processes or module. Odoo ERP is vast in terms of community as well as functionality, in past few years the community has grown tremendously with more and more developers and companies coming forward implementing the ERP solution for different clients and customers. This growth in implementation created more and more apps, custom development for companies across the globe.

These custom applications are either sold freely or with some nominal costs to businesses that are looking out for similar functions in the ERP system. Although Odoo consists of a base app which is a must for every organization. Below we have listed applications and modules that are available in Odoo ERP software  – Some of them are only available in Enterprise Edition.

Odoo Free Apps vs Paid Modules

odoo free apps vs paid apps

  1. Apps Availability – Odoo Free Apps are available freely to the customer which can be downloaded and installed on any version the client is looking out for. Whereas, Paid application are not available for download until you provide a fee to the 3rd party who is selling the app.  Although it is recommended to buy from Odoo app store for support and after sales services.
  2. Module Implementation –Free Modules implementation can be buggy as there may not be a version control, bug fixes that needs to be taken care either by getting service from the company who developed it or by hiring a developer. Whereas with paid app you can ask the vendor for the installation and any free bug fixes and after sales support.
  3. Plugin Customization – With both Free and Paid Plugins of Odoo you can perform customization as per your business requirements further. That is one of the best beauty of Applications which is not rigid at all.

  4. Maintenance – Free apps needs to be maintained by the vendor or company who install it whereas, paid module can be maintained by the vendor including any upgrades or updates that comes along with the version changes.
  5. Support – For Free apps you can depend on Odoo community forums or Odoo vendor who is implementing ERP software for your business. Whereas for Paid Odoo plugins you get complete support of the seller including help from Odoo directly in case you face any issues.
  6. Updates – Updates with Free modules are limited until the community do.  whereas with paid modules you can gain updated module for particular Odoo version on request from the vendor.

Odoo Apps for Sales Department


Odoo CRM or Customer Relationship Management App is one of the most important app of Odoo ERP software,

Complete CRM App Details


Sales management Module in Odoo is considered as one of the prime module since it handles the sales order

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Odoo Invoicing management or Invoice management App is another important Odoo app which is used by almost

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Odoo POS or Odoo Point of Sale system is an easy to use system that helps you in Quick installation and quite flexible to

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Subscriptions is your definitive recurring billing and subscription management solution. Effortlessly manage the entire

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Employee Overtime Request

Globalteckz Employee overtime calculation Management allows you to manage handle overtime hours request by your team

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Operations & Manufacturing Modules


Accounting or finance management is a key to any organization since there are businesses around the world who manages.....

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Human Resource management is another important areas of any organization which deals with the key assets of your company that

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Purchase management is another important App for any ERP system, Odoo Purchase management specifically design

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Manual entries for each inventory may not be possible. Odoo Inventory App allows you to automate warehouse & Shipping

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Odoo ERP software for manufacturing industry helps to manage variety of task for Manufacturing Business

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You can track, prioritize and resolve customer tickets with Odoo Helpdesk Module. With amazing kanban view

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Odoo App for Productivity


Enhance your team communication with a powerful communication tool that helps your organization engage in

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Timesheet app tracks your time allocated on different project, you can forecast productivity of each employee & projects

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Email marketing

Helps you to create great emails with just drag and drop, from existing themes you can craft perfect marketing campaigns

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Odoo Events app provides you with different aspects of an Event planner, such as even organization till tickets sales.

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You can manage your meetings online and automate your scheduling process. You can set your working hours and

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With Odoo you can set up Marketing workflows that is specifically targeted to your prospective customers,

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Website & eCommerce Apps

Website Builder

Odoo Website builder offer you with various features to build your website quickly without coding. Just Drag & Drop

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Odoo eCommerce helps you in creating a complete eCommerce website where you can sell your product & manage

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Set up your Blog with Odoo and create content to update your customers about new products or services, Odoo Blog

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Odoo forum helps you to build your own community - Provides your visitors with reliable source of information and

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Share presentation and videos on social meida via email or by embedding content to other website with Odoo Slides

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Live Chat

Odoo Live Chat App helps you to chat live with your online website visitor in real time, Generate more leads by quick

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Apps Contribution by Globalteckz

Hospital System

Globalteckz Hospital Management System module provides you with Healthcare management, Hospital information system,

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Sales Commission

Easily manage complex commission or incentive plans to based on goals and targets assign to a team or a sales man

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Insurance Management

Manage all your insurance Clients and Policies management with our Odoo App for Insurance agents and companies

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Advance Subscription

Advance Subscription Management app crafted for Recurring Billing for Community edition of Odoo ERP software

Check this Odoo App

Product Pack

Combine several products together with special pricing. Bundle products helps to enhance sales with special discounts

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OverDue Statements

Handles all your Suppliers, customer pending payments provides you with complete statements for pending payments.

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Odoo Magento Connector

Odoo Magento Connector App helps you to integrate your Magento store with Odoo and synchronize all the data.

Check this Odoo App

WooCommerce Connector

Connect your WooCommerce store website with Odoo and synchronize all the data and manage all your operations.

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Odoo Amazon Connector

Odoo Amazon connector also known as Odoo Amazon extension or bridge has been developed by Globalteckz Team.

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Odoo eBay Connector

Connect your eBay store with one of the leading ERP software that synchronizes all your eBay data into one single solution.

Check this Odoo App

Shopify Connector

Connect your Shopify store website with Odoo ERP software and synchronize all the data and manage all your operations.

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Prestashop Connector

Odoo Prestashop Connector helps you with various features that enhance your experience after using an ERP software

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odoo partners globalteckz new

Odoo Apps Customization extending beyond Traditional ERP

In a competitive environment, most businesses realized that it is impossible to create and maintain a fully custom-designed software package that will accommodate all their requirements and also be completely support the latest technologies. After realizing all this requirement of many organizations, with the respective requirement, we offer one of the best Odoo Apps customizations services that provide a single integrated software solution with all the functions required to handle any business activity. We would like to introduce this custom solution by helping our customers understand the difference between Odoo ERP customization and Standard Odoo ERP.

How Globalteckz help you as Odoo App Development Company

Our Team at Globalteckz have been working with Odoo implementation and development since the release of Odoo version 5 – We have exclusive experience in handling variety of projects for different industries and different clients based in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and other countries. We have successfully delivered the quality of coding in Odoo development.

We are a team of young professionals with a team of more than 35+ Odoo Developers located in the city of Mumbai – India. Our team consist of various employees such as Odoo Functional Leads, Odoo Developers, Tester etc. ensuring a full fledged Odoo service company. We have handled projects and customizations at extreme level for industries such as Manufacturing, eCommerce, Trading & Services.

Our company has already developed and released more than 100+ Modules and 3rd party integration on our website as well as on Odoo store. We are official Odoo partners and have offered clients with quality coding from past 7 years. For any help on Odoo or new app development with Odoo you can fill the Inquiry form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Globalteckz is an Official partner from past 5 years and has been working since the release of version 5 in the year 2009. Our team have worked from 5, till version 16, and have completed more than 100+ projects across the globe. We work with companies as a partner ensuring end to end services related to Odoo ERP software.

The Best Open Source Software Suite

A standard ERP implementation provided by every other vertical firm has many parameters, fields, and workflows that can be configured to match any company’s requirements. Henceforth, when customizing as per requirement, we provide a professional experience team to achieve a successful quality work outcome at a lower cost than other competing companies. Our solution archives end to end milestone, covering Odoo in the community as well as Odoo Enterprise with the latest version of Odoo ERP.

Globalteckz – Partner – Since 2013

Globalteckz is an Official Partner since 2013 and has successfully completed ERP software projects for verticals including Manufacturing, Trading Businesses, Services Industries & eCommerce. Globalteckz also developed Apps for specific industries such as hospitals, Rental, Insurance, etc. Our ERP Development Team is fully aware of Odoo software, Python standards coding towards Customization & Rollout. We believe in powerful customer support and on-time delivery of every project undertaken. As ERP implementations need a proper experience resource who can manage every task and module that has been assign by our clients. Our team consists of Sr. ERP Project Leads, Technical Python experts, Function Lead, Sr. Developer, Tester and so on.. We are available 24X7 on calls and emails to ensure powerful support. Our Team is available in India USA as well as Canada to assure working in multiple time zones.

When to Go for Odoo Apps Customization?

  • If the Existing Odoo parameters are not line up as per your business goals.
  • Productivity improves with additional features as well as optimizes the usage of ERP
  • Changing the look of the solution to match your brand
  • To create a more advanced custom report
  • To integrate with new features as per the respective process and functionalities. Hear customization will require as per the process.

Why Choose Us  ?

We have handled various verticals such as Trading organizations, Services, Manufacturing with Advance Manufacturing stages, and eCommerce merchants who sell their products via different Online shops. Our Team at Mumbai (India) location includes various employees ranging the experience from 1 to 7 years specific with Odoo Experience. The founders of the company are holding Odoo implementation experience of 10+ years under whom the whole Globalteckz team worked.

To proceed, we analyze the whole business and go through the processes thoroughly. It helps us get a grip on the customizations necessary to make the internal and external processes hassle-free during the stages of transition. After the analysis, we transfer the research data to our experienced analysts, who will then suggest the perfect solution with the customizations relevant to your business. We feel proud to share and describe the reasons why you choose us for Odoo apps customization and development. Check out the top reasons why you choose us.

  1. Pricing: We provide Odoo apps customization solutions at the most competitive prices with the respective methodology.
  2. Proven Process: Our methodology has resulted in an enviable track record with an estimated milestone. Read our client’s excellent feedback.
  3. Best in class technical support: We offer our clients the best in class technical support with a team of experts.
  4. We take deadlines seriously: We work with 100% dedication to ensure on-time delivery.
  5. We always keep ourselves updated: We keep ourselves updated with the new technologies because being obsolete is terrible.
  6. Coding with High level Odoo standards: We ensure that our code is optimized in order to ensure the smooth transition between odoo modules and for future migrations and version upgrades.

Who uses Odoo?

Businesses of all vertical types are switching to Odoo to make it easy to manage every aspect of their company. In particular, Odoo is popular with tech companies, the manufacturing Industries, retailers, eCommerce store sites, marketing companies, telecommunications companies, higher education institutes, and construction businesses. The wide range of available tools and apps for general business purposes such as finance, communications, HR, marketing, operations, sales, and websites means that Odoo is ideal for businesses in pretty much any industry.

How to Customize Odoo Apps – Globalteckz Methodology?

Step 1: Analyzing the Company

At the initial state before going to start developing, a very important thing is to understand the workflow and analysis of the pain area of the company. This will help us to understand which Odoo Application can work for the respective business and what additional customization in Odoo apps is needed.

 Step 2: Design of Odoo App

After analyzing the workflow and what customization is needed in Odoo Apps, We move to the design phase. Every customization design process will be done in contact with a well Experienced team and give information about Odoo App design.

Step 3: Development

Once the Client is happy with the Odoo App design, our Developer team starts developing Odoo Apps. In this step main importance is to ensure that the Odoo App should be developed with seamless integration with existing software and protect risk areas like viruses and malware.

Step 4: Testing

Before deploying we make sure about Odoo App with rigorous testing for every iteration. We don’t Deploy unless and until Odoo App passed through testing flawlessly.

Step 5: Deployment

After everything has been tested and flawless work clearance, we deploy new Odoo Apps and integrate with existing Apps and Modules. The most satisfying and exciting part is when a client gets to experience all the benefits that customized Odoo App offer to respective Businesses.

Step 6: Support

We believe that client satisfaction is our success, therefore we offer continuous support after your apps have been integrated and deployed. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns about your Odoo apps.

Here are the best 5 reasons for Buying Odoo Apps

  1. Without writing a single line of code, you can create your data models using the Odoo app.

What data models you will require is a major factor to take into account when designing an application in Odoo. Without writing a single line of code, you can create your models with app using a user-friendly web interface. Even for seasoned developers, typing out the necessary code can take a considerable amount of time. You can quickly get your models up and running and start working on the crucial components of your application by using app.

  1. You can create simple lists, forms, and other views using Odoo Studio’s Web Design Tools without using XML in any way.

Even if you are unfamiliar with XML, you can still modify and create custom views in Odoo without having to enter XML code. You can once more quickly prototype your application and get it up and running without having to manually write out all that XML code, even though the editors are still somewhat constrained.

  1. You can make powerful and user-friendly custom views using the built-in XML editor.

Your XML is stored in files that are loaded into the Odoo database at run-time when you create a custom application in the platform. With the same flexibility as a custom-written standard Odoo application, app’s integrated XML editor makes it simple to locate and modify views in Odoo. With apps, you can quickly build an application while still having the same powerful XML view creation capabilities as if you had written the entire application from scratch.

  1. You can create unique automated actions in Odoo Studio using Python code.

Although you can complete many tasks without attempting to write Python code, you will need to write some code if you want to develop applications that automatically process data and create transactions. Thankfully, Odoo apps allows you to connect to unique Python methods. You will be shown step-by-step how to create your own unique action in this video course. As a result, you can build effective business applications.

  1. Your application can be exported and used in other Odoo installations.

The ability to export your custom application as a straightforward zip file is one of the key benefits. Following that, you can import your unique application into a different Odoo instance. Odoo Studio creates new views and modifications within their own unique application framework, as opposed to simple developer tools, which alter the models, views, and actions of the Odoo instance.

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