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Today every business use some sort of Human Resource – HR Software to ensure proper management of employees. HR APP simplifies and enhances Human resource management via different functionalities. HR app helps you to manage your employees, talent, and increase productivity.  There are many HR software available in the market today which helps you to keep your employee information in orderly manner, Assisting you with managing people and automating manual tasks.

Odoo HRM module consists of complete functionalities which a HR department would like to have in Human Resource management. Odoo HR module helps you with better planning, budget management & decision making.

Below are the list of HR functions available in Odoo HRM App

Easy Hiring Process

Odoo Recruitment App for HR helps you with easy hiring process of your workforce – It completely handles end to end flow from outsourcing, Contract management to recruitment .

Manage your hiring process

From organizing your Vacancies till job application you can set up job board and promote your listings with complete track of submitted applications or resume. You can easily follow each application and create your own database of skills and profiles.

Job Tracking

Odoo Recruitment App helps you to track job directly from the app – you can also check which channels provided you with proper application this way future planning for choosing different platforms can be made easy.


Every business has some of their own flows with respect to recruitment based on industry specific with Odoo recruitment you can customize your recruitment process by defining your own stages and interviewers.

Creating Interview Stages

With Odoo Kanban view you can customize different steps of your recruitment process such as first interview, pre qualifications, second interview negotiation & hiring stages. You get complete recruitment pipeline


You can use reports to compare performances of your postings for different jobs. And based on plans you can create your own business strategies for recruitment

Document Management

Odoo HR is integrated with Document Management system where you can manage CV, cover letters, and profiles easily for present and future references.

Employee Management

Another important HR tool in Odoo is Employee Management that helps you to manage all your employees within one single software

Time Tracking & Attendance Management

Manage your employee attendance with Odoo Employee management app including weekly or monthly timesheet you can keep track of your employee hours worked based on client, task or project. Easy statistics helps you to record and understand the timesheets. Odoo Time tracking is easily integrated with Accounting that automates posting reports based on the time spent on every project providing you with real time data.


Odoo Employee management calculate leaves and employee vacation tracking you can configure paid, sick and leaves without pay . Leave management and approval is easy with all the notification sent to the employee with approval and refusal of leaves.

Employee Expenses Management

Another important feature of Odoo employee management is that it helps you with expenses management – your employees can easily submit and justify expenses. Manager can view all the expenses and approval or rejection can be made easily

Employee evaluation

You can evaluate every employee easily by setting up your own employee evaluation process. Create forms and questionnaire to gain feedback from seniors and sub ordinate. This feature helps you to focus more on people rather than administration.


Although we have cover many features recruitment app provide but with Odoo Employee management you can manage and set up job board for the open position. Keep track completely for submitted application.

Online Expense Management

With Odoo you can save time on creating expenses manually. With Odoo Expenses management your employee can manage daily expenses such as travelling expenses, Office supplies or any other expenses that your employee occurs. You can approve and validate expenses with few clicks.

Receipt Upload

You can upload all receipts into expenses record so that incase of lost of receipt they have receipt available online. Employees can also add attachment via mobile and can send to designated emails of the company

Managing Team Expenses

With Odoo Expenses management app you can manage your team expenses so that you get complete idea on different expenses spent by different team of your company.

The above Odoo App for Human Resource Management consist of basics features available which we tried to cover, Apart from HRM app there are many other apps that are available in Odoo to fullfills your business software needs and requirements

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