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Odoo CRM or Customer Relationship Management App is one of the most important app of Odoo ERP software, Customer management is important in any business be it manufacturing, Trading or service industry. Odoo CRM App consist of various features where you can maintain your customers and nurture them with proper lead management. Odoo CRM is a free crm software if you are using Community edition of Odoo ERP.

Below are the list of Features of Odoo CRM.

User Interface

Odoo CRM provides you with intuitive user interface specifically designed for Sales people. As we know Sales people are more on field and less in office therefore, they can gain better overview of sales activities within the team. Sales Dashboards provide complete overview of sales pipelines, leads, opportunities etc.

odoo crm user interface and dashboards

Low Data Entry

You can directly connect your leads via email. As soon as you recieved leads via email or via website - The leads get registered in CRM which reduces the data entry process of sales people. Further you can easliy manage the quotes, customers in few clicks.

Mobile Friendly

Odoo CRM mobile user interface helps your sales people to update leads on the go without internet connection. This provide your organization with real time overview of sales team.

Lead Management Software

It also helps you with Lead nurturing where you can manage all your new leads, and nurture them to different stages such as opportunity, Quotation & finally sales order. Odoo CRM lead management feature allow you to gain bird eye view on different sales team.

odoo lead management,

Lead Scoring

As we know every lead which comes to us may not be convert into sales order therefore with Odoo CRM you can score your leads based on implicit and explicit criteria such as number of page views by the lead, timezone, interest etc. Based on your scoring you can manage the importance need to be given on each lead.

Importing Lead

There may be different platforms via which you may received leads, you can easily import your leads via CSV file.

Acquiring Online Leads

There are many apps available where you can do lead acquisition via website some of them include Form builder, SEO tools etc.

GeoIP and Live Chat

You can detect countries, states and cities leads easily via visitor IP address. Further Odoo Live chat app allows you to discuss with your online website visitors which helps you in building more prospective leads.

Avoid Duplications

There are many apps available where you can do lead acquisition via website some of them include Form builder, SEO tools etc.

Lead Assigning Rules

You can define your own rules for assigning leads to different sales team or sales person based on products specific, service specific, country specific etc.

lead assigning in odoo customer relationship management module

Opportunities Management

Another great feature is Opportunity management where you can orgnize different activities which is actually needed to covert into opportunity. In any industry there are various stages which needs to be followed by sales people for converting a prospect into lead and then lead into opportunity. With Odoo you can define different stages of your opportnities, as in our case the opportunity will be Discussion, Proposal, Negotiation, Closing etc.

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales pipleline plays an important role in growth of any business - Sales pipleline helps you to plan your growth activities in Advance. Odoo CRM offers you with clear picture of your opportunity pipeline. With different stages you can better organize your sales pipeline.

CRM Stages Customization

You can easily customize your pipeline with different stages

Meetings Management

Odoo CRM helps you to Schedule meetings from the opportunity of customer. Further it is easily Sync with mobile phones and Google calendar.

Daily Action Planning

Odoo CRM helps you to plan next day action based on your daily work. With this function planning within every sales person is easy to understand the list of task and important activities that need to be executed.

Lead Analysis

With Odoo CRM you can understand and analyze lost reasons of your opportunities and take proper steps further for bettering your services.

Customer Management Functions:

Address Book

Odoo CRM offers you with Customer management where you can share address book within different sales team and sales people.

address book management in odoo

Customer Preference

You can set your customer preferences such as Language, delivery methods, financial data, Payments etc..

Manage Multiple Address

There are chances where one company or client may consist of different people and address where approval requires to close any sales deal or sales quotation With Odoo CRM you can manage multiple address and contact of a single company.

Get Complete History

Gain complete history of any customer, opportunity, orders etc. This help you to understand consumer and customer behavior.

Email Templates

Odoo CRM allows you to create email templates for different areas of communication - this reduces your time in composing email to similar customers.

Email Gateways

Get all email communication automatically attached to the proper opportunity. You can easily create leads based on the incoming emails.


You get reporting such as dashboards, Opportunity analysis, Advance filtering, grouping of opportunities, Drill Downing of reports, you can also manage the ROI of your marketing campaigns by understanding the sources of leads.

Inventory Handling

While preparing Quotation you get proper product quanitiy available information so that you can trigger delivery orders and delivery status.

Google Docs Integration

Odoo CRM provide you with Google Docs integration.

Apart from the above there are many other features available with Odoo CRM solution. If you are looking out for implementing this module you can contact us via sales@globalteckz.com Some of the features listed above may not be available in Odoo Community Edition as they are premium feature and can be implemented via Odoo Enterprise Edition.

Importance of CRM software –

Although we have discussed the features that are available in odoo CRM App let’s discuss about importance of customer relationship management software for your Business. Business can be any be it trading, Manufacturing or Service industry. Customers are key for any business as they make or break business, therefore managing your customer properly is one of the basic need for any organization. Following are the importance or Benefits of CRM Software for your Business.

  • Automating Business Processes:

One of the biggest benefits of CRM software is that it automates your business processes. CRM solution capture leads automatically from different sources and your sales executive will hardly miss any lead if you have proper CRM software in place. Creating a lead for your business needs lot of investment and brand value. Any organization invests in multiple branding and advertising functions to gain maximum leads. CRM solution helps you in Business processes and sales automation.

  • Conversion

As a manager the roles and hierarchy is defined in the CRM software therefore the targets are completely set which helps you in better lead conversion. Lead nurturing is a time consuming process and there are instances where sales executive may stop nurturing the lead if there is no proper tools available in place as the lead may get lost due to no follow up. CRM tools tracks all the customer interaction including the outcome so in case if the sales executive leave, the new guy knows about the lead background.

  • Personalized Product Offering

CRM solutions helps in providing personalized product offering where you can configure each product based on the customers. CRM software helps you to consider different factors such as state, country, industry, age group, preferences etc. Implementing a CRM solution will also help you to up sell and cross sell your products.

  • Sales Cycle

With CRM solution you can reduce your sales cycle and understand which executive is taking longer time in sales cycle through which you can assign senior resource or provide proper training in reducing the sales cycle. Since every process from lead to sales order is automated you gain efficiency in your business.

  • Segmentation:

Market segmentation or Customer segmentation is an important business activity especially in product based business. You can easily define your market segmentation based on factors such as geography, age, buying behaviour or any custom rule you want to define in your business.

  • Campaign Management & Effectiveness:

As we discussed that any organization pump in investment to gain leads and customer for business this can be done through online advertisement, newspaper ads, or any kind of campaigns. CRM software helps you in understanding the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign as the process is automated. You can understand the number of leads you gained from a particular campaign.  For future campaign it allows you to analyze and understand the cost factors and where you put the investment.

  • Improved Customer Services:

Selling products is one part but providing timely services is considered as one of the most important areas to maintain a proper flow of new customers. CRM software helps you to deal with customer suggestions and complaint quickly. You also get information which customer require services time to time or follow ups for cross selling new products.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty:

Any business today looks out for loyal customers due to competitive market.  Gaining customer loyalty is important by servicing properly and understanding their needs and requirements. If you customer are satisfied every time you generate more leads and more business from your existing clients. CRM helps you to increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty via automated emailing, follow up, services management and so on…

  • Task Management:

With CRM software you don’t need to hand hold every employee on their task, as CRM automates every task which is assign to the sales team. Task management allows the sales team to understand which leads needs follow up, emailing, services, question resolution, meetings, proposals etc.

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