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Odoo Invoice App

Odoo Invoice App or Invoice Management is another important Odoo app which is used by almost every business now a day’s including small, medium or Big organizations since your business purchase goods or services, or you sell goods or services to others across the globe and invoice management or invoice handling can be difficult without use of proper invoicing software or system in place.

Manual invoicing on word document may be time consuming as well maintaining proper record can be difficult. Further any organization deals with many different customers, suppliers therefore messing up with manual invoicing can happens without proper use of invoicing software.

Odoo Invoice App helps you to manage all your invoices across every suppliers or customers across the globe. Odoo automates the invoice creation, sending the invoice, approval and payment process. You can generate the invoices automatically to your customers for the payments.

Odoo invoice App helps you with the following powerful features:

  • With Odoo Invoice software you can streamline Accounts payable easily.
  • Odoo invoice program reduces time since invoices are created automatically with a single click
  • You can easily create, manage, monitor and route your purchase orders and invoices (invoice generator software).
  • It gives and acceleration to accounts payable operations
  • Increase the productivity and revenue with simple approval and payment process.
  • It ensures proper and on time financial reporting
  • Odoo invoicing module helps you in better relationship with your vendors through quick payments

Benefits of Using Odoo Invoicing App

  • Recurring Invoices

Odoo Invoice app helps you to create invoice online where you can manage contracts and create recurring invoices, or if you are into service industry you can create invoice based on the timesheets.

  • Quotes to Invoice

Odoo Invoice app helps you to create invoices from Quotes itself, Based on sales order, delivery order, contracts, or be it time and material payments you can bill Automatically from Odoo Invoicing feature.

  • Professional invoice

There are many pre define templates available where you can send professional invoice within few clicks.

  • Invoice by email

Another benefit of Odoo invoice app is that you can sent email automatically or as a PDF attachment.

  • Automated Follow ups

With Odoo invoicing you can accept online payments from different platforms such as Paypal, ingenico, stripe, and many more. Odoo invoicing management eliminates hassle of sending continuous reminder for outstanding payments. With simple configuration you can automate follow ups that helps you to streamline your Billing and payments.

  • Accounting Simplified

With Odoo invoicing you can keep complete track of all your bank account movement and invoice status. With Status overview feature you can check the draft, paid and unpaid invoices. You can automatically record all transaction from your bank accounts by simply importing and reconciling your bank statements in Odoo

  • Sales Analysis

Since Odoo Invoice App is integrated with Sales you can get key information via dashboards itself. This helps you to understand and analyze your invoicing based on product, customer, sales person.

  • Other Apps integrated

Odoo invoicing is completely integrated with Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Project, etc

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