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Subscriptions management

Odoo Subscription management module helps you when your business have recurring billing or subscriber who pays you monthly charges for the use of services that you offer. Some of the business which came in this category is Membership kind business such as Health Gymnasium, insurance agencies, property rentals, Cable operators, Monthly service fees etc. This kind of business provides monthly services to their customers on subscriptions and the customer need to pay the monthly fee. Odoo Subscription management module helps you to manage your subscriber in easy way.


Below are some of the features using Odoo Subscription Module


Auto Payment

With Odoo Subscription you don’t need to set up payments or invoice manually - Automatic payments and invoices are raised as the payments due

Enhance your Sales Force

With routine task you elimination you can make focus sales team on growing the revenue. Further Contract templates help you to quickly speed up the proposition processes.

Customer Centric

Odoo subscription management app helps your customers to end contracts themselves only with their reason you can also configure in case your customer should contact your management first before ending any contracts.

Automatic Subscription

Odoo automate all your recurring sales and subscription so that you can concentrate more on services. This module generates invoices automatically including the taxes and fully integrated with accounting.

No login required and easy signup

Increase sales by getting rid of login requirements and making signup simple

User Friendly Portal

Odoo Subscription management app offers you customer with user friendly portal with complete data and contract they have made with your company

Analytical tool

You gain proper analysis so that you optimize you business. There are different metrics available with single click. Through dashboard overview you get detailed insight of your MRR, LTV etc.

Forecasts Business

Odoo subscription management helps you to create forecast and understand growth in your business. You can also create new targets with current statistics available

The above Odoo App for Subscription consist of basics features available which we tried to cover, Apart from Subscription management app there are many other apps that are available in Odoo to fullfills your business software needs and requirements

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