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An Overview of Odoo Invoice Management Module

Invoicing management or Invoice management is another important part for any small and medium or big organizations since you purchase good, you sell goods or services to customers across the globe and invoice management or invoice handling can be difficult with the use of proper software or system in place. Since there are many organizations who messed up with their invoice management without proper use of a software.

OpenERP invoice management module helps you to manage all your invoices across every suppliers or customers across the globe. OpenERP automates the invoice creation, sending the invoice, approval and pay process. You can generate the invoices automatically to your customers for the payments.

  • OpenERP invoicing management helps you with the following powerful features:
  • With OpenERP Invoice management you can streamline Accounts payable easily.
  • Reduce time since invoices are created automatically with a single click
  • You can easily create, manage, monitor and route your purchase orders and invoices.
  • It gives and acceleration to accounts payable operations
  • Increase the productivity and revenue with simple approval and payment process.
  • It ensures proper and ontime financial reporting
  • OpenERP invoicing module helps you in better relationship with your vendors through quick payments

Following are the invoice document which Invoice management module of OpenERP supports:

  • The Customer Invoice
  • The Supplier Invoice
  • A Customer Credit Note or Customer Refund
  • A Supplier Credit Note or Supplier Refund

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