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An overview of Skills Management Module in Odoo

Development of skills of your employees, people is one of the important aspects of any organisation. Proper skills management tool helps in understanding people and developing them for a perfect job and role into the organisation.

Skills management module of OpenERP helps manager to find the best suitable employees for job roles as per their skills which fits in. Again skill management helps to identify gaps between 2 or more employees. Say for eg :  Let’s take our own example. There are many employees who are working on OpenERP implementations If we need to find how much every employee posses python and OpenERP implementation skills than? That is where OpenERP skills management helps in providing Matrix and framework to do a perfect decision.

OpenERP provides your organization a structured approach for development of a single individual or group of employees skills, It also helps you in proper decision making for recruiting the next batch of employees.

OpenERP skill management module is beneficial for both the employees as well as the organization to enhance the growth of your people which is a duty of any HR manager.

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