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WordPress – Overview

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Are you in search of the best WordPress development services in India? We specialize in crafting unique and contemporary websites tailored for businesses or startups. Our professional WordPress developers possess the expertise to deliver innovative and cutting-edge web solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art site technology.

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We are a 10+ year old company with Skilled professionals that are always ready to provide reliable services to our clients!

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Our team work in multiple time zones servicing projects for clients across the globe.

What is WordPress ? | Overview | Features

WordPress Overview

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, implemented by millions of companies to interact and inform their customers about various products and services. 65.2% of websites whose CMS we are aware of are operated by it. This equals 42.4% of all websites, or close to 50% of the internet. It is a well-liked choice for those looking to create a website or blog.

WordPress implementation is widely considered by companies because it is flexible and an open-source (CMS) Content Management System, which can be used to work around the entire website.

By implementing WordPress as a blogging or website platform, companies can take complete advantage of the simplicity and free plug-ins that are available and contributed by the WordPress Open Source Community. WordPress is so popular that companies such as Reuters, CNN, The Telegraph use it as one of the essential elements.

Today, blogging is considered one of the most important platforms for two reasons: interacting with your customers and content management. With WordPress implementation, you boost up your blogging strategy since it is easily customizable as per your business requirements.

One of the best advantages of WordPress implementation is that you don’t need a technical developer in the backend for releasing the article. However, if you want to have professional services for WordPress, you can contact a WordPress Development Company or experts.

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Select WordPress for your Blog


WordPress Develeopment Company in India

Why not team up with Globalteckz, a web development company in India? They've got the skills and ideas to make your project shine. By choosing them, you'll get the benefit of their location, adding a special touch to your project. It's a smart move to work with Globalteckz and make your development journey a success! With over a decade of experience in crafting WordPress websites, our expert team excels at managing advanced projects. We deliver tailor-made solutions to enhance your business profits. Boost your enterprise by choosing our WordPress development company to guide your business to new heights.

Features and Benefits of WordPress website

Globalteckz is the leading company to create website for your business. Also the it’s best and most popular and easy available. It’s easy to manage your website and the content. WordPress, a platform that has been used and proven for more than ten years, makes it possible to manage content more quickly, intuitively, and with a smaller learning curve than other open source website content management systems. It is not necessary to launch your website completely from scratch in order to add new features, services, and designs. Here are the best features and benefits

  • Ease to Manage your site content

    You can easily update your content on the site without any hassle. Thanks to user-friendly content management system, user can login from any modern browsers and easily you edit or some changes to your website without coding knowledge.

  • Content editor

    Content editor or text editor, it helps you to add, edit & publish post and pages on your site. If you are already familiar with word processors such as Microsoft Word, learning to use WordPress’s content editor will be a breeze.

  • Unlimited Pages, Posts, Products & More

    Don’t limit yourself – You can add images, text, files, links, and embed media right on the content areas of your pages anytime you want and we don’t restrict the number of pages, posts, or products that you can add.

  • Theme customization

    Theme customization enables you to customize your site theme as per your requirement, or you can design your template. Also, user could changes like uploading logo, customization menus, adding the menus deleting the menu and setting the hompage menu.However, every theme have different degrere of customization, You need to be clear that if you install the free theme the customization is limited, On the other hand, Premium WordPress themes typically provide a high level of customization, functionality, and support.

  • Widget and Plugins

    Plugins are add-ons that increase the functionality of a site. Users Could add features that aren’t included in the core WordPress software by installing plugins. The WordPress community’s developers produce many of the plugins. Additionally, you can make your own plugin

  • News & Blog Posting

    Use the benefit of blog category management by easily add, remove editing and publish the content. Also, you can add news or articles on your website.

  • Post-Scheduling Flexibility

    You can easily publish your posts or articles on WordPress at specific dates and times. Make the pages and save them as draft picks until you’re ready to publish them.

  • Rollback Versioning & Restoring Deleted Pages

    Using the built-in version control features, you can easily restore deleted page content (before it is permanently deleted) and even roll back page text to previous versions. Save pages so that only you can see how they appear, or publish them live whenever you need to.

  • Avoiding vendor lock-in and website portability

    We do not want our customers to be tied to a single provider. We ensure that the website can be moved to a compatible environment if necessary by using an open source platform. Using “specialized” CMS platforms may necessitate a project completion restart if a CMS developer discontinues assist for a system or raises prices

  • Website Security

    A website that frequently experiences interruptions or is hacked is useless and can lead to a loss of customer confidence, lost opportunities for sales, decreased organic search engine ranking, and a bad reputation for your company. As part of our managed web hosting services, we take care of the security, backups, core updates, and updates for your WordPress CMS!

  • Infrastructure that is diverse

    The infrastructure we use is diversified, so your website will always run on a node that is exclusively for it, while mail, DNS, and other services will run on nodes that are optimized for those environments.

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WordPress Plugins

There are both free and paid WordPress plugins available in terms of pricing. While paid plugins typically have more features and even customer support, free plugins typically only offer basic functionality. The top WordPress plugins for installation are listed below:



Optimize your online store for seamless transactions.


Yoast SEO Tools

Boost website visibility with powerful optimization tools.


Worfence Security

Ensure robust protection against threats.


Visual Composer

Design pages effortlessly with a drag & drop interface.

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