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Are you looking for best wordpress plugin to boost your business in 2023? There are over 60,000+ extensions that you can choose for your business. However some users are new and they don’t know which was the best or difficult to find the best plugins for their website.

At globalteckz we are always there for you to select best plugins for your site. We are the top WordPress plugin development company in india, Our professional teams test over 1000+ plugins (free or Paid) every year, So, We have the ability to make it simple for our users to find the best solutions.

What is WordPress Plugin or Extension ? 

A piece of software that “plugs into” your WordPress website is known as a plugin. You can build almost any type of website using plugins, including e-commerce sites, portfolios, and directory sites. Plugins can add new functionality or extend existing functionality on your site..

How to use a WordPress Plugin ? 

WordPress plugins can be added to your website in a variety of ways. You could do this, for instance, from your dashboard, the official WordPress plugin directory, or outside websites. While some premium plugins need to be manually installed using an FTP client, plugins from the official directory can be installed automatically with just one click.

You only need to log into your dashboard and choose Plugins > Add New to install a plugin from the official WordPress directory. Then utilise the built-in search bar to look for the plugin. You simply need to click Install and Activate after that.

WordPress is one of the most popular used Open Source CMS widely implemented by Small to Big organizations. WordPress implementation not offers Open Source advantages but due to strong community backup you can create simple websites, blogs, enterprise website and even Applications.

Following are some of the standard features which WordPress is built with but to be frank on these features these are just tip of the iceberg there are 1000+ features and extensions available that can help to implement functionalities you want in your business website or blog. The best feature is that being Open source you have complete control and freedom.


WordPress is quite flexible which means with WordPress you can create a website, an application, Blog, news website and so on


With User management in WordPress you can assign different rights to the content writer, contributors, authors, editors and so on

Media Manager

Media manager in WordPress allows you to quickly upload your images. It is simply drag and drop method where images and media are easily uploaded in no time. Further you can also add captions, titles, alt tags that help you in optimizing your images in search engines

W3C Compliant

Every area of WordPress is completely full of Standards set by the W3C which means all the upgrades to the browser in further future will be maintained


WordPress comes with variety of themes which are professionals and easy to implement. You can even customize the theme as per the requirements or if you have your own them you can upload your own.

Built in Comments functionality

WordPress built in comment functionality helps your visitors to comment easily to the article. Further it also offer you moderation in comment before it goes to the approval

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

There is variety of SEO plug-in in WordPress which helps your website to be optimized from keyword point of view.


WordPress come with more than 70+ languages which again add advantage for you especially for your local audience

Quick installation

WordPress installation is quick and it also easy to upgrade the website, plug-in with just few clicks

To know more features on WordPress you can also contact our team on – Our WordPress Expert team will help you to achieve your business Ideas.

7 Best wordpress plugins you must have 

  1. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

    It is a plugin and SEO toolkit. More than 2,000,000 specialists use this plugin to raise the search rankings of their websites and increase traffic. Start by using the WordPress SEO setup wizard, which guides you through selecting the ideal SEO options for the website and sector you are targeting.

  2. Yoast SEO
    Creating and publishing content isn’t enough; you also need optimization. Yoast SEO assists you while posting content, specifically advising you to improve your on-page optimization. It assists you in driving organic traffic to your website.Whether you want to create an engaging title, recommend adding keywords from the title to the content, optimise your featured snippets, or rank specific keywords, we have you covered. Yoast’s comprehensive set of features, which includes a snippet preview, internal linking tool, and readability and SEO analysis, automates and simplifies the optimization process for you
  3. Wordfence SecurityIt is one of the most complete WordPress security options on the market. It has a malware scanner that notifies you promptly of security issues and an endpoint firewall that guards against web attacks. In addition to a number of other security features, it offers real-time visibility into website traffic and hacking attempts as well as two-factor authentication.Free and premium version are also available. Premium version has more and unique feather such as real time firewall rule, IP Blacklist and Malrware signature updates.
  4. ElementorAre you scared to add a content on the website? So you don’t have to worry Elementor got your back. If you are the non-coder still you can add content or design your site structure through drag and drop.It is a drag-and-drop visual page builder with reliable design features. With this page builder, you can select from a large selection of templates and then modify them for mobile devices to produce stunning, responsive pages. Numerous widgets are included with Elementor so you can quickly add elements like buttons, images, carousels, and headlines to your pages.

    Although it’s free, a premium plan is available if you want access to more templates, widgets, animation effects, and other features.

  5. Akismet Anti-SpamIt gives your WordPress site excellent spam protection. This tool stops your website from publishing malicious content by comparing comments and contact form submissions to a spam database. By avoiding spambots, you can respond only to your regular readers.Although you can upgrade to premium plans starting at $5 per month for advanced stats and priority support, this plugin is available for free.
  6. WooCommerceWith the help of this adaptable plugin, you can quickly set up an online store. You can simply build product, cart, and checkout pages with this tool. Additionally, you can provide various shipping options, along with free and flat-rate shipping, and accept a number of different payment methods
  7. RedirectionIf you manage a WordPress website, you don’t want to run the risk of losing visitors or jeopardising the SEO of your website. You can handle these errors without having to manually change them thanks to the free redirect plugin Redirection. Redirection makes it simple to set up and manage 301 redirects as well as track 404 errors.Also there are plenty of plugins are available but you need to check if your website need this? Above plugins are the best for your website that you can run easily.

If you want to create your own plugin in order to use you for your website?

Then hire us. We are the best plugin development company in india, offer you best customize plugin for your website. Also, It allows you to add a slew of powerful custom WordPress plugin features to your website. If you can imagine it, we can build it, giving you limitless possibilities for expanding the capabilities of your plugin.