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Steps for Magento Migration from Wordpress Woocommerce-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


As we all know that WordPress woocommerce and Magento has been considered as one of the most leading eCommerce platform for website development, although many times it has been confusing for developers which platform to be recommended since both the platform offers somewhat similar features and functions. In this blog post, we will clear out the doubts why one should go for Magento eCommerce platform migration from Woocommerce and how Magento is better for a perfect eCommerce online store.

Many bloggers debate that woocommerce and Magento both have suitability for different needs and requirements although one is owned by eBay and another is simply an extension for wordpress website. Also, both consist of strong community back up being an Open source in nature.

Why companies choose Woocommerce?

WordPress simplicity is the answer to the question – Any business starts with basic business website and what’s better than wordpress due to its simplicity and easiness of understanding of features to layman also but slowly when businesses want to add a touch of ecommerce rather migrating the whole website they opt for woo commerce as the extension

Why Woocommerce Migration to Magento ? 

As discussed Small and midsized businesses prefer WordPress and then go with the extension of woocommerce to create a touch of eCommerce on their business website which is an ideal fit and beneficial but slowly when the concentration or business start flowing from woocommerce at larger levels companies migrate it to Magento as it offers with advance features.

One of the major issue faced by woocommerce user is the multi-vendor ecommerce store creation as woocommerce is just a CMS plug-in and not a whole ecommerce dedicated CMS. Further Magento is used by many big organizations for their online ecommerce business it can handle heavy data seamlessly. Initially, Woocommerce will appear economical for small needs but when going for additional plug-in, it can turn out to be a costly affair.

Magento eCommerce helps you with larger scope while having end number of themes, extensions, backend tools that makes eCommerce development and implementation very appealing and quick.

Steps – Migrate Woocommerce to Magento?

Migration from woocommerce to Magento is a little tough task that requires a powerful process and approached with good methodology. Being a Magento experts our team have classified woocommerce to Magento migration approach into different phases to ensure timely and proper migration. Note – This is just basic steps that are followed by our company to minimize the costing as well as efforts.

Part 1- Backup

The first step is to safeguard the client data as data is one of the most important part for any website that needs migration. The data which is maintained in backup folder will restrict any kind of contingencies. Further, the data can be stored in local machine or on big bucket as an option

Part 2 – Products migration

Once the backup is done it is time to create the same environment in Magento Platform. This needs to be in similar form which was there in your woocommerce website which as an example, graphical elements, attributes, radio buttons etc.

Part 3 – Customer details

Customer detail migration is one of the most crucial part which required an eye for every detail that is been getting migrated. This includes Customer names, contact details, password, order history, payment details etc.

Part 4 – Vendor information

Vendor details transfer is another part where you migrate vendor product details, orders, order status, transactions etc.  moreover, the URLs transfer takes place, wherein the products are in point of fact located. All the redirects are mentioned in the “.ht access” file to keep away from 404 errors.

Part 5 – Payment gateways

Payment gateway migration is another part while considering woocommerce to Magento migration although Magento offers you with different payment gateways and this part is one of the easiest part to deal with. Payment gateways migration take place based on the information such as API signature, secret key, API keys etc.

The above part which we have mentioned in woocommerce to Magento migration is just the basic one there are other areas/parts which can be consider based on the website and requirement for migration – If you are looking out for Magento eCommerce website implementation or migrating existing website to Magento then Globalteckz team can help you to achieve success for the same.

About Globalteckz :

We are a team of 20+ people having offices in Mumbai and Ahmadabad and have the experienced team of Magento developers who can handle complex to simple Magento website implementation. We offer end to end services for Magento including Magento customizations, new extension or module development, Theme designing, Magento support etc.

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