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Home Tips – How to Publish an Article into a Joomla Website

Tips – How to Publish an Article into a Joomla Website

joomla tips

joomla tips

This is first article on Tips and Tricks which we are covering in our blog post. How to publish an Article in to Joomla website. As you know we have already covered a topic on Joomla in this blog so not going into more introduction of joomla, We will simply learn that how you can publish and article in joomla so that your visitor can browse it and check it. Do remember that Creating an Article in joomla and publishing Articles is different terminologies with different effects.

There are many areas where you would like to publish an article some of them are an Article in a main menu, An article in a category, A simple page article which is link to your existing content.

Lets assume you have Joomla installed and you know the basics of administration access and other basic concept of joomla sections & categories.

  • The first step you would like to do is to locate an article which you would like to link into the administration area – this can be done via content menu
  • Go to Aticle Manager
  • Check the name of the article is it is already available in the category.
  • If not then go into the you need to create a category by going into Menus —> Main Menu
  • Click on New and select the Article Layout
  • Now go into the menu link and put the necessary Title field – select Parameter and the article you want to link
  • After the above steps you should choose where the menu should go under the (Parent Item)
  • Do check the Option Published – Yes and now click on Save

Incase of publishing the article as a part of category follow these steps

  • First decide which category the new article will be contained
  • Locate the article which you wish to add to the category by going into Article manager
  • Choose the section of the category
  • after the above step a pop up will reflect for the categories
  • Select the option and save. You will find all the references to this cateogory is now included in this article.

For any questions you can contact us – info@globalteckz.om

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