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what is what is odoo sh odoo sh companies

What is

What is or Odoo sh, As we all know that Odoo ERP is one of the leading Open source ERP software available in the market In this blog post we will shed some lights on Odoo sh which is one of the new version created by Odoo in Odoo Enterprise category. Odoo.SH implementation and deployment is good for small businesses.

There are the previous version of Odoo such as Odoo Online or Odoo On-premise where there were certain advantages and disadvantages of using these 2 solutions which we will cover up in this blog post and how Odoo.SH helps to overcome those problems by easily test your developments, managing feature branches, beta testing, or on customer product instance.

Before we begin with the understanding of or Odoo sh let’s go back to the previous Odoo enterprise versions which were Odoo Online and Odoo On-premise

Comparison of Odoo Enterprise edition –  Online v/s Odoo On-Premise

  • Odoo Online platform is easy to sign up but you cannot create any custom code or Custom development of the software which is required by almost every client on this earth as the processes are different, the business flow is different.


  • With Odoo On premise Enterprise Edition, you need to either have technical knowledge towards the installation of Odoo Enterprise edition – this can be one with the help of partners who are available all around the world.  Further, you can use also use the custom module or 3rd party applications with Odoo On premise.

Set Up:

  • Odoo online is very easy to set up without any technical knowledge Odoo online can be used easily


  • With Odoo On premise there are certain complications such as understanding the technical areas, set up of modules and so on…


  • Odoo Online is easy to maintain as it is completely managed by Odoo itself


  • If you are using Odoo on premises you need to have support from the partners you selected towards the implementation.

Custom Apps

  • In Odoo online you cannot create custom apps whatever is available with Odoo online you have to use that although there is Odoo studio available but building app will requires intense training and again understanding of technical areas of Odoo.


  • If you are working with Odoo partner you can customize Odoo on premise as per your business processes and requirement. Further addition of new modules and apps is also easy.

Server Control:

  • In Odoo Online the server is completely controlled by Odoo.


  • For Odoo On premise edition – the server control needs to be done by the vendor who have undertaken the implementation.

Mail Server:

  • With Odoo online you can create outgoing mail server easily as it is managed and supported by Odoo


  • If you are using Odoo On premise mail server management is handled by the vendor or by the Odoo expert who is handling the implementation

What is Odoo.SH (odoo sh) and how it’s overcome the Problems

If you see in the above comparison there are various advantages and disadvantages of both Odoo online as well as Odoo Enterprise edition on premise so to overcome these above issues and conflict Odoo has came up with version which helps you to overcome all the above issues.

Odoo.SH Features : offers you with different advantages compare to Odoo online and Odoo enterprise edition which is the on-premise version. With you can use custom modules, or develop custom codes including from OCA which is available on github. Further, there are no python dependencies on the modules or apps as it is automatically configured in

  • Modifications can be done easily in via continuous integration which means since is managed by Odoo itself whatever new improvements you would like to create in your module can be performed
  • Backup – Since is managed by Odoo your data is secured with Automated back up every day further the data is kept for 3 months.
  • User logs can be seen with ever instances you create, also you can integrate your emails easily.
  • With email, you can develop applications for outgoing emails or test emails in the copy of your products so there is less spamming to the actual mailbox.
  • The Service Level Agreement for Odoo.SH is as similar to Odoo online.
  • is available for Odoo version 10 and Odoo version 11 Enterprise edition.
  • Further improvements are also coming in as mentioned by Odoo team
  • Features such as Stabilization, UI/UX improvement, restoring of backup by the client itself, SSH Access. One click integration to the apps store, Migration from one version to another.

How Globalteckz help you as Development & Implementation Company :

At Globalteckz we offer clients Odoo.SH Implementation, Development, Support, and Maintenance so that the client can get instant help from Globalteckz expert, We also offers Odoo.SH maintenance and support part is equal to AMC or Annual Maintenance for companies or clients who have already using Odoo.SH version software and looking out for powerful support from experts.

For more information on (Odoo sh) support & Maintenance contact us on

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