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Website On Page Optimization – you might hear this word from your SEO service provider or any SEO company with whom you prefer to work. Onpage Optimization in SEO is first and foremost part though performing any SEO activity for your website. We have always said in our previous blogs that “Content is the King” or “Content is the first pillar of SEO” – In simple terms On page optimization refers to creating your content as a king – by adding necessary keywords in optimized manner.

Basically SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) are divided in 2 areas

  • On page optimization
  • Off page Optimization 

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There are many sub areas of Onpage and Off page optimization in SEO which further depends upon the SEO company you hire. On page optimization is an activity which is done on your website, this includes working on the backend of your website with admin or user logins.

The first part

The basic part of On page optimization is to identify your Keywords that needs to be targeted – There may be list of 1000’s of keywords for your products and services, but one should think like a website visitor or customer whenever initiating with keyword research

A simple tool from Google can help you out to check the list of keywords people are searching for , including the number of queries and the competition for those particular keywords.

Tip – Research on long tail keywords – for eg – instead of “iphone 5” Search for “Iphone 5 pricing in UK” or “Iphone 5 dealers in UK” or “Where to buy iphone in UK” – Be specific of your target Audience.

The Next Step

Once you have completed covering all the keywords now you have  to Filter out the Keywords for your website On page optimizations – Check the competition, check the number of queries every month and accordingly target and filter those keywords which is beneficial .

Remember – Any SEO company performing on page optimization should have first knowledge of your products and services without which it would be a robot working for your On page optimizations.

Once you complete  your keywords filtering now it’s time and initiate with adding these keywords in the backend you can start with the global configuration – add your keywords, description, meta tags

After performing global configuration – you must do the following checklist for On page Optimization

  • Go to every individual page and add the respective keywords
  • Check your content and rewrite it as per the keywords you have targeted.
  • Don’t clutter the keywords which may not be user friendly while reading.
  • Add respective keywords in Heading 1 Heading 2  
  • ALT tags and keywords in images – (this is ignored by many but it proves to be beneficial as search engines displays images also for certain search queries)
  • Internal link building – This is nothing but to avoid high bounce rate – you can build internal links so to insure the visitor stay long on your website.
  • Once you have completed the above SEO tricks then it’s time to submit the Site maps, both XML and user facing so that search engines crawl your pages.

Do note that On Page Optimization is an ongoing process which needs to be cultivated as per the requirements based on the keywords, competition, monthly searches. Further Onpage is just a single part of SEO to gain higher ranking you must also target to Off page optimizations.

How GlobalTeckz can help you with Website On page Optimization Services:

GlobalTeckz offers you with complete onpage optimization of your web pages. Our team has worked on different websites including Business website on page optimization or eCommerce website where every single product pages needs to be optimized with extensive keyword research for particular product. We ensure Quality On Page optimizations for  your website including the detail reports once in 15 days on the pages worked on.

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