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Why ERP for Small & Mid Sized Enterprise is Important?

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Why ERP for Small & Mid Sized Enterprise is Important?

why ERP for small and mid sized business (SME & SMB)
why ERP for small and mid sized business (SME & SMB)

In today competitive market every organization face problems in their business processes, working, specially the small and mid sized business where every year the main motive is to grow big. Apart from that there are many problems which SMB face that needs an ERP software implementation. Following are the areas when ERP system is necessary specifically for SME’s

  • Poor Business Processes
  • Mistakes and errors in different departments
  • Bad financial performances by the organization
  • Pending works due to Busy and long processes.
  • Duplication in entries
  • No proper forecast especially in Manufacturing or Trading Business
  • Bad evaluation process and de-motivation of employees in working

Apart from that there are many aspects in business where ERP implementations are required. Let’s go on the basic level and start with the simple explanation of ERP

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What is an ERP system?

Enterprise Resource Planning system or ERP software is normally defined as Business solutions that offer a company with integrated business process that can be manage effectively and efficiently. These tools offer you with the information of your organization as and when required quickly.

Why ERP systems are required especially for Small & Mid sized Enterprises?

In small and mid sized business where people work together to achieve business goals. Every employee especially in SME handles multi tasking or 2 or more departments. It is difficult for a single employee to handle multiple departments which leads to poor decision making and delays in work sometime. Therefore proper ERP software for SME can help employees as well as business for effective and efficient decision making.

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Following are the main reason why SME should Implement ERP solutions.

  • Increase in Productivity across your departments and employees
  • Business head or important decision maker who are handling multi task can take quick decisions
  • Smoothness and flexibility in your Business processes
  • Proper communication with other departments with the help of technology
  • Reduction in Errors & Mistakes
  • No duplication of work within departments.

Apart from the above there are many Advantages of ERP software for your business. Every department has specific modules in ERP system which they can concentrate on that enhance the specialization of resource also.

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    August 16, 2013 Reply

    SME or SMB should understand that ERP solutions can provide long term benefits for their busienss. SMB normally ignores ERP implementations due to low tech savvy people in business or may be the cost – that is where open source technology as an option can help small and mid businesses to accept the technology

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