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why open source erp software is best for small business and organizations


Advantages of Open source ERP software for small businesses include better data management, increased operational effectiveness, improved decision-making, and increased profitability. Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning – software is increasing day by day almost by Big and small-midsized businesses. The reason is simple proper systems in place integrate all your business processes into single software that provides you with information that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of working.

Advantages and benefits of Open Source ERP for small businesses

Advantages and benefits of Open Source ERP for small businessesPreviously Business software was implemented only by big organization. Due to high budgets implementation of Business software were ignored by SME and small businesses, but with the introduction of Open source ERP software in the market. Implementations have seen the growth in recent years especially by small industries which includes Trading and Manufacturing domain

FOSS is available freely on the internet and with the help of professionals it can be implemented with the modules and applications require for the departments. Here are the following advantages for small business

1. Cost Effective & Freedom:

One of the first reasons for SME’s to implement Open source ERP software is the cost effectiveness as compare to other paid software. Small business cannot afford licensing fees of paid software and henceforth Open source systems is available freely over the internet

2. License Free:

Open source ERP software are license free which means you don’t need to pay for per user licensing which is not the case of with any license based system. Small and medium sized organization can easily opt for end number of users without worrying about extra cost for its licensing

3. Easy Customization

With open source development; the source code of the software is with the client on their server which allows them to customize the tool as per their requirement – Customization can be done during the implementation or after few years when the  business process changes.

4. Quick Implementation

One of the biggest benefits is that you can implement and develop ERP solution quickly within few months as there are strong communities which help with many modules and can be installed in few clicks. Plus Free software always offer you modular architect where different vendors work with customize modules which can be plug and play rather developing the module from scratch.

5. Single software covering all your needs

With ERP software you can manage all your entire departments such as Sales, CRM, HR, Accounting, Warehouse and even specialized sectors such as Trading business, Manufacturing, Service industry and so on. Open source communities are backed by powerful developers who build the code and allow it to download freely. Apart from that using different software for your enterprise cannot be cost effective and can create silos.

6. Availability

FOSS – Free and Open source ERP software are available freely over the internet, therefore it allows you to even check each & every functionality of the modules before actually implementing it. There are many SME clients of globalteckz who do a proof of concept to check the effectiveness of the features before actually implementing it.

7. It is free to own open source ERP.

‘Open source’ ERP is perceived by many small businesses as being cost-free to own and use because there are no upfront licensing fees or ongoing maintenance costs. Small developers still have to accept and pay any internal “costs of development” involved because open source systems are typically designed to provide “a central platform infrastructure” without guaranteeing stability in the event of follow-on internal development, even though this may be empirically true.

8. Variety of options for customization

Open source ERP systems are easily customizable to fit the needs of almost any businesses. As was already mentioned, if the necessary knowledge is available within the organization, these changes can be made using the internal programming staff.

9. Updated holistically

Ongoing development of ERP systems and procedures is being done by the open source community. As a result, improved code bases are frequently delivered throughout the peer environment. This benefit makes it possible for nearby companies to use and apply these patches as they appear. There are related weaknesses involved as one might anticipate. But that conversation belongs elsewhere. But if you run a small company and want to try out open source to support your ERP requirements, it’s available and ready to use.

What are the types of open source ERP available in the market ?

types of open source erp softwareThere is a lot of open source ERP software available. Each piece of software is designed to handle a distinct aspect of the business. Open ERP Software can be classified into three types based on their roles and operations:

General ERP software

The majority of open-source ERP program on the market are of a general nature. These systems are built to adjust to various processes used in various industries. Additionally, such ERP software provides more integration and customization features to accommodate the various needs of industries. In contrast to vertical ERP systems, generalist ERP may be missing some of the more sophisticated industry-specific functionalities.

Vertical Based ERP 

Vertical ERP software, is opposite to General ERP software as it is designed for specific industries, such as construction, retail, supermarkets, and others. Although they are less popular than General or Simple ERP software, such  systems have advanced functionalities that allow businesses to fully automate all business processes and systems.

ERP for Small Business – Simple ERP

ERP for Small business is available as on-premises or cloud-based solutions. Since it is designed specifically for small businesses, this kind of ERP software typically has fewer features which can be used as per Availablity – you can customize this solution as needed further but there are enough features available to start the use of the system.

Do remember that Open source is not free at all; it’s just cost effective as compare to other proprietary software available in the market which creates the advantage for SME’s… Therefore our suggestion is to first check the community backup before initiating the selection. Although Open source ERP software features are quite strong in meeting business process and customizations.

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