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Why Should Businesses Choose Odoo ERP Systems?

You might be hopping from place to place looking for specific software ERP Program or applications for your company’s sales, projects, manufacturing, finance management, etc. Many companies invest in the creation of internal ERP systems from scratch, but doing so takes a lot of time and money. Therefore we would be covering why Odoo ERP system becomes best choice for businesses who are looking for ERP implementations.

Using third-party Enterprise resource planning systems is an additional choice, but doing so will increase the company’s budget. One application can be determined to be the best fit for your organization after making all the left and right turns, which will reduce the waste of time and money which was launched 13 years back as Odoo ERP Systems.

What is Odoo ERP systems – It’s a comprehensive business software solution with features for CRM, eCommerce sales, inventory and much more. One of the most widely used pieces of open-source business software worldwide.

How Does it Work ? – A wide range of business applications, including CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Project management, eCommerce, and many more are included in suite. Businesses can benefit from a comprehensive solution that addresses all of their needs with the help of Odoo Ecommerce Integration.

Odoo eCommerce integration is simple to set up and use. It offers a single platform to handle every aspect of your business, including your website, inventory, orders, and clients. This makes it simpler to monitor development and identify issues as they arise.

Why Choose Odoo ERP?

There are various ERP solutions available in the market like QuickBooks for accounting, SalesForce for CRM, Infor HCM, etc. Often these solutions are not able to communicate with each other and due to this list of complex errors rises especially when data migration comes in picture. Odoo ERP caters all functionalities and modules under one software system.

Why Should Businesses Choose Odoo ERP Systems?

Open source Enterprise Resources Planning

One of the main reason to choose Odoo ERP systems is that it offers you with community edition as well as enterprise edition. You can initiate using Open source solution as a trail and if everything going in place with respect to process optimizations and workflows management you can even opt for License based ERP for high functionalities. Unlike other ERP programs, Itincludes a free business management tool. Therefore, even though you might have to pay for installation, customized features, integration, and implementation, a license is not necessary to use ERP software to manage your business. However, everything is inexpensive compared to other paid software.

Integrated management software

Important modules like HR management, CRM, Sale Management, accounting, etc. are included with Odoo by default. To manage a business successfully, each module is required. If necessary, the module can be customized rather than using different applications. Businesses adore the customizations offered by the Odoo ERP, which has increased its appeal.

 Extended Process
A business’s work process determines how efficiently it operates. Any business or organization’s work process is distinct and may need to be customized to increase efficiency. Businesses frequently need to expand on current processes to add new functionality in order to achieve this. By adding additional processes or changing functionalities, customized ERP can improve collaborations within the current framework in these situations.

Unique Identity
Businesses have specific objectives to achieve, and this distinguishes them from one another in the market. A company’s data reports and online marketing initiatives reflect who it is. Businesses can create their own identities with the help of  customizations and development of module from scratch.

Collaborate Better
All the employees of a business organization can access data from a centralized database that is provided by Odoo. As minor changes in any department are swiftly and precisely updated in the dataset, this reduces the likelihood of employee chaos.

Lifespan of App
Applications are essential pillars of business operations. They have crucial features that are needed to streamline a business process. A customized ERP solution can lengthen their existence because businesses can’t risk losing them.

You can use web browsers to access as it is a web-based application. Additionally, it enables uninterrupted multi-user management support.

Improved Analytics
Data sharing between various departments makes it possible to compile reports more quickly without sacrificing accuracy. Administrators and managers can gain insights into various functional domains thanks to the dashboard access to reports and customized KPIs that are provided by the majority of ERP systems. Decision-making becomes easier and quicker as a result.

Easy Integration
Compared to other ERP software, Odoo ERP apps is quicker and simpler to integrate. Different modules can be added or removed without affecting the entire process.

Customer Satisfaction
The integrated CRM app offers a history of customer interactions, facilitating a better comprehension of the client’s needs. Businesses can tailor their responses once it is clear what the customers’ exact needs are. Odoo can elevate customer relationship management to a whole new level of finesse, from lead generation to client follow-ups.

The goal of Odoo ERP is to be a secure  solution. Since it is an open-source platform, its users frequently review it. This ensures that as soon as bugs are reported by users, they are fixed right away. Office 365 and ERP integration makes data management simple.

Talking About Why is Odoo ERP A Perfect Fit for Your Business? Below are reasons to why you should opt Odoo ERP,

No License Fee

Since the entire version is available for free and there is no lock-in, it is open source software. Due to the sizeable developer community using the enterprise resource planning platform, Odoo receives timely updates.  Additionally, it enables prompt bug fixes.

Although there is a license based model available with extended functions and features. For initial stages as a trail you can test out Community edition.

Discussing Why Should Businesses Choose ERP Systems Small, medium, or large businesses can all benefit from Globalteckz expert Odoo ERP development services. Our skilled and knowledgeable developers create the best, most cost-effective ERP solution that controls all essential business departments on a single platform and allows for customization.

At Globalteckz we are official Odoo partners and has been working on mission critical projects for industries such as Manufacturing Services and trading – We have developed more than 100+ apps for ERP software and has been cultivating implementations as per industry processes. For more information you can connect with us on sales@globalteckz.com

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