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Business application are set of apps that an organization implement to manage daily routine work with the help of software. As we all know that when it comes to Enterprise Resource planning software previously it sounds more to Big organisations or complex Manufacturing businesses only, but today latest reports showcases that ERP software is majorly used by small business also since ERP offers resolving various business processes such as collaboration, improved services, Business process optimisations and many more.

An ERP software offers business application with an integrated view of core business processes such as Accounting, Material requirements planning, Warehouse, Human resource, Sales and so on . . . ERP solution facilitates a smooth information flow between all the business departments

Various Studies showcase that businesses who don’t have ERP system implemented specifically small business faces various problems in their sales & production department. Therefore ERP is mainly considered as a necessary infrastructure for SME also today. Further since many low cost ERP software from Open Source Category is becoming the first option to create a hand on Experience with ERP software in the business

As we have mentioned in many of our blog posts that Successful ERP implementation is not when the vendor completed the implementation – ERP success is when the company start using it – If a business organization is not making optimum use of ERP functions then it is as better as sticking to legacy software. After implementation of an ERP solution business can make miracles in their processes which can tend to ultimate growth.

Some of the benefits why Today ERP is becoming an essential Business Application for every business

  • ERP software helps you to improvise your quality and efficiency of business. As you have tons of information available as an when require.
  • Information availability helps to create quick decision making.
  • ERP enhance business internally as well as externally as it make company more flexible to adapt to changes.
  • ERP can improve data security. A common control system, such as the kind offered by ERP systems, allows organizations the ability to more easily ensure key company data is not compromised.
  • ERP provides increased opportunities for collaboration. Data takes many forms in the modern enterprise. Documents, files, forms, audio and video, emails. Often, each data medium has its own mechanism for allowing collaboration. ERP provides a collaborative platform that lets employees spend more time collaborating on content rather than mastering the learning curve of communicating in various formats across distributed systems.
  • Today there are many ERP software available which can suits different business needs and requirements and it can be further customized as per the requirements of the customers. There are also ERP software available that works on modular basis which helps to create successful implementation phase wise.

Getting an ERP implemented as a business application is a major task but one should also keep an eye on the investment that is needed. There are many Cost effective as well as expensive ERP software available in the market but cost and investment can be reduced via understanding company size, number of users, customizations, functions that is needed and so on . . .

How Globalteckz can help you with cost effective ERP software ?

We at Globalteckz offers our client with one of the leading Open source ERP software named as Odoo – Odoo is modular ERP software that can be implemented and customized as per the business requirements. there are variety of modules available such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Marketing, Inventory, Point of sales, Accounting, Manufacturing and you name it.

Odoo can be implemented in no time as many of the core modules for different industries are already available and further odoo can be customized as per the requirements. Gloablteckz is an official Odoo Partners and have successfully completed more than 50+ ERP implementation for various verticals such as Trading, Distribution, Manufacturing, Services.

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