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Why Twitter allows 140 Characters while tweeting

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Why Twitter allows 140 Characters while tweeting

Why twitter allows 140 Characters while tweeting
Why twitter allows 140 Characters while tweeting

Why only 140 characters are allowed while tweeting? | Why not more characters in Tweets?

There are many questions on Internet for the limitations of 140 characters by twitter in its tweets. Twitter is considered as one of the leading social media websites that allows you to gain followers and convey short messages with a limitation of 140 characters per tweet.
While tweeting you can upload images, reply, or mention someone but again the limitations is constant.Twitter also provides you with recent trending topics worldwide and customized as per your country.

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So why twitter allows 140 characters – let see what founder of Twitter – Jack Dorsey speak on 140 characters limitations.

When did you first try to build out the idea?

I tried it back in 2000 with the first device that RIM made — the RIM 850, which was the predecessor to the BlackBerry. A very simple squat little e-mail device. It had four lines of text and a typical BlackBerry keyboard. They were like $400, and it would just do e-mail. I wrote a very simple program to listen to an e-mail address and take any updates from me and send them out to a list of my friends. And my friends could reply to that e-mail and tell me what they’re doing.

But the problem was that no one else had those devices –- so again, it limited the experience of that. We were limited until 2005-2006 when SMS took off in this country and I could finally send a message from Cingular to Verizon. And that just crystallized — well, now’s the time for this idea. And we started working on it.

It was really SMS that inspired the further direction — the particular constraint of 140 characters was kind of borrowed. You have a natural constraint with the couriers when you update your location or with IM when you update your status. But SMS allowed this other constraint, where most basic phones are limited to 160 characters before they split the messages. So in order to minimize the hassle and thinking around receiving a message, we wanted to make sure that we were not splitting any messages. So we took 20 characters for the user name, and left 140 for the content. That’s where it all came from.

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A tweet box with 140 character limits
A tweet box with 140 characters limits

Reasons why twitter allows only 140 characters 

  • Twitter was initiated as an SMS based service where the standard characters limit is 160 characters.
  • Twitter allows 140 characters limitation adding 20 characters for username
  • Twitter tweets act as a teaser for your followers – rather than a complete article, again the constrain of 140 characters produce better results. If you get unlimited characters while tweeting your message may lost in noise.
  • With limiting 140 characters twitter tweets ensure that you are trying to minimize those unnecessary words and create short and powerful messages.

I think that 140 characters are more than enough to get your point across your audience. You can although shorten your links via various short url services such as

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