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There are numerous benefits of blog which you keep update with content related to your industry, products or services. Blog enhances your traffic and visitors as you keep enhancing the articles. You can never forget the basic thumb rule of SEO that content is King and keeping proper content on your website brings our more traffic from major search engines. Blogging helps you with organic search results too and if you have good amount of content internally linked then the bounce rate of the website can also reduced.

We wrote more than 300+ articles on Globalteckz blog thought to share few advantages of having blog for your website which increase your visitors tremendously. We all know that getting connected with the readers over your website not only helps you in SEO but also create rapport with the readers which can get converted to customer in future.

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Blogging is not that easy as you may think. Since, blogging can also have adverse effects if not written with care further it may be just a waste of time and effort. A good blogger maintains reader to be on his/her website which helps in gaining more traffic and credibility to the business. So to gain the credibility you need to post good and valuable articles which relates to your industry including your business experiences and insights. This way you gain loads of confident of your readers and stay connected.

Adding blog to your business or e commerce website helps you to build more traffic which further enhances the rankings in search engines this has been considered as one of the major benefits of blogging – The base of blogging is to provide proper information to the reader which brings out a perfect decision making. The more number of visitors reads your blog article the more you build the confident.

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Since blogs are not rigid unlike your static website pages which don’t get updated for at least few months. Blogs are informative and entertaining which helps you to catch the attention, further you get a room to promote your website and brand everyday with the information you share on your blog.

Blog keep your readers up to date on what is happening in your industry – Adding up news articles or announcements make sure readers to make a comeback to your website.

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Blog helps in long tail keywords search – if you see for any questions people go to search engines so to find out the best answers long trail keywords are nothing but acquiring most proper information while searching for eg: searching on keyword – “ERP software”  is a short tail keywords which will put the user to a static website page but now a days the trends in searching is also changing from short tail to long tail keywords as an example “features of ERP software for business” “How to implement a website” or “How to make Search engine optimization successful for business” creating these kind of articles in blog allow search engines to re – index your pages quickly.

One of the best benefit overall is that setting up blog is inexpensive – based on your experiences you can write the articles which helps your website to build more number of pages with more informative content.

There are many other long term benefits for a company by having a blog to its website – At Globalteckz we offer you setting up your blog, and also offers you with article writings with SEO optimized keywords that ensures your pages are ranked at a higher side in major search engines.

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