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Advantages of Web based Point of Sales - POS Software-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


Compare to desktop based applications web based applications has been one of the prime choices before implementing any business Software, Accounting software or for that reason a Point of sales software. We will discuss advantages of having a web based software for your business; it doesn’t matter if you are running a small business or running up a well established retail chain.

Quick and Cost effective

Web based Point of sales software implementation and installation is quick and cost effective since it is hosted either on the provider cloud or on your own server. Further web based pos software doesn’t take much time that helps you to intiate using POS software as quick as possible. Further you are free from the IT task which means you don’t need to worry on the software updates or scheduling of backup.

The cost to implement a web based POS is very less compare to a traditional system. With the help of internet connection you can use the software

Powerful inventory management

Web based POS system allows you to track your inventory in a real time rather getting the updates on hourly or daily basis as most of the traditional systems do. You can check inventory based on products in hand, on order, in transit and so on so to ensure you have a quick judgement on how many products you need to order. This further ensures you don’t need to spend uselessly on putting high inventory in your warehouse. Web based pos also helps you to check the inventory from multiple locations or from other stores. Further incase you are missing on a sales as the product is out of stock from one location you can arrange the same from other location.


A web based POS helps you to have proper report based on the filters you select as per weeks, days, month, quarter, location and you name up to. . It further help you to take a proper decision on different aspects of your business.

Enhanced Cash Flows

Compare to traditional POS systems web based system runs on monthly fee or subscription based model this help a quick start on the system with a low investment, rather draining high amount on upfront fees.

Reduced Paperwork

Since Web based POS software are integrated with different stores, Your paper work also get reduced in case you are having multiple stores. This ensure your Accounting process is smoothen.

Customer Relationship Management

As web based software allows you with real time information for every customer which can be accessible with few clicks to understand the past purchases done by the client. Incase of returns or exchange transactions can be done quickly from any location this improvise customer relationship management.

Enhance Cross Selling and up selling

With customer information available in hand you get more opportunities to up sell and cross sell the products base on their preferences, which ultimately enhance sales for other products with profitability.

Information as and when require

With web based POS software you can monitor every detail of your department even  if you are not in office; you will not be disconnected with your employees.

At Globalteckz we offer you with one of the leading Open source ERP software that is already available with POS module

Odoo Point of Sales (POS) is great tool for retails chains who gains loads of orders everyday and the processing of each sales should be quicker. Odoo POS offers you with a clean interface for all your retail management. The best part of Odoo Point of sales (POS) works in two mode online as well as offline which means you don’t need to be dependent on the internet..

Point of sales in Odoo ERP is completely integrated with Inventory management and accounting. This means reduction of inventory is done from the system directly once you sell any product; and again it automate the buffer stock and inventory levels accordingly. Further all the transactions are recorded in the Accounting module of Odoo therefore, you get real time data and statistics which easily control your products re order level and revenue.

Odoo POS is a web based application that can run on any device from PC to tablets with a small set up require. Therefore it’s perfectly works on various devices such as touch screens tablets, iPad or touch screens terminals. You can further use Barcode scanner integration Printers integration, scales, cashboxes with available API keys.

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