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In this blog post we will cover the basic and best practices for preparing ERP project plans. ERP – Enterprise resource planning system helps every organization with various advantages to all departments of a business. Be it verticals such as Manufacturing, Trading, Services and so on . .  ERP implementation benefits not only the internal employees but also ensures streamlining of business processes and enhancement towards growth.  In recent years every business including small enterprises are planning to implement an ERP solution to reap the benefits from the system.

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Many organizations feels that implementing a base out of the box ERP software will work for their business but the truth is there are minor or major changes that needs to be taken care of even if ERP implementation is done for a similar kind of industry dealing with similar products of services. Implementing an ERP software is not an easy task until you planned every step properly including selection of ERP, Vendor, implementation methodology and more importantly the Project plan.

ERP project plans are not too lengthy but it offers you with a correct way to plan ever single day of ERP development properly to ensure the project is complete on time with the cost you agreed on with the vendor.  In our previous post we discussed that ERP implementation failures are not due to the software that is available for different industry but with respect to the poor project planning of initiating ERP development. In this blog post we will shed lights on how you can prepare a best project plan for ERP implementations.

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Clearly define the Purpose –

The basic characteristics of your ERP implementation is to understand why your business need an ERP system, which we can say defining the purpose which is the base foundation for beginning any ERP implementation. If you are not sure about the goals that your business would be achieving after ERP implementation then you might not get a good start.

Understand your Business requirements –

Before initiating any ERP implementation do a through check on your business requirements by concentrating every level of departments and the effects of ERP software. Many businesses only concentrate on the high level department ignoring the lower level of employees which the actual users are feeding the data. Therefore defining your business requirements with the help of every department can bring out more concrete requirement which can give best input by the ERP Project Manager or vendor for betterment.

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Give more timelines for Training –

Training is one of the most important part for any new ERP system as even after you complete the software implementation successful and you are not making good timelines for training your employees then it may break the software success – After ERP implementation it tends to happen your business have new processes, which may be a pain to accomplish with existing employees.

Initiate Early –

Always remember there is no specific good time to start your ERP implementation – We have always see that companies give a particular month to start with ERP implementation – although if your business needs an ERP software which can help you to streamline the business  processes it is better to initiate as soon as possible . As ERP implementation may take longer time in case there are any unexpected customizations coming during the development phase. Always keep buffer in your Project plan towards testing and bug fixing, data migration to make sure you have a concrete timelines.

Always involve every Department –

While preparing your Project plan for a new ERP implementation always get time from every department head to ensure documentation are done in the exact way. When there is team involvement an ERP project can be planned and organized in a proper way including the strategies and direction towards implementing every module successful.

We hope that we covered the most important best practices for making a proper and successful ERP implementation project plan.

About Globalteckz

At Globalteckz we believe in Quality and timely delivery of every ERP projects we undertake, be it manufacturing or trading or customized ERP software development. We always proven with our successful ERP developments. Our team consist of Experience ERP developer and Project lead, Functional experts and so on . .

Globalteckz Advantage

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How Globalteckz helps you with Best ERP Project Plan

We follow agile development methodology for implementing ERP solution for specific industry. Our method of working ensures that ERP solution is developed by using Optimum resources with timely delivery incurring lower cost to our customers.

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