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BOSSIE AWARDS 2015 – HIGHLIGHTS ON OPEN SOURCE APPLICATIONS – As we covered previously about Bossie Awards, this year we would like to highlight on those tools who made it big in different categories

Best open source applications

Applications include ERP – Enterprise resource planning, CRM – customer relationship management, HRM Human resorue management, CMS content management system and BPM Business process Management – These applications nowadays used by every businesses. Bossie included back and front office solutions
In 2013 we also found that ERP software such as ERP next & Open Bravo also made up to the list but this year the list of Best open source application has been reduced


XTuple and Odoo made it big in Open Source ERP software

Why Xtuple ?

This summer’s release brought usability improvements to the UI and a generous number of bug fixes. Recent updates also yielded barcode scanning and label printing for mobile warehouse workers, an enhanced workflow module (built with Plv8, a wrapper around Google’s V8 JavaScript engine that lets you write stored procedures for PostgreSQL in JavaScript), and quality management tools that are sure to get mileage on shop floors. – Source 

Why Odoo ?

This year saw Odoo focused primarily on usability updates. A recently released sales planner helps sales groups track KPIs, and a new tips feature lends in-context help. Odoo 9 is right around the corner with alpha builds showing customer portals, Web form creation tools, mobile and VoIP services, and integration hooks to eBay and Amazon. Source 

For CRM Category – SuiteCRM and CiviCRM made the top category although last year SugarCRM was on the top category for CRM software since the contribution to Open source community by Sugarcrm was stopped this year suite crm made the top list

Best HRM

As in 2013 bossie awards OrgangeHRM marked the first place this year also.

Best Office productivity suite

Also this year for Open source category LibreOffice made the top list.

About LibreOffice

Libre office is the easy choice for best open source office productivity suite. Originally forked from OpenOffice, Libre has been moving at a faster clip than, OpenOffice ever since, drawing more developers and producing more new features than its rival.

LibreOffice has done a solid job of tightening its codebase and delivering enhancements at a regular clip. With a new cloud version under development, LibreOffice will soon be more liberating than ever. – source

Best BPM software

Again this year bonita BPM make the top list – we havnt found colosa processmaker in the list this year making top. Also Camunda BPM made into the list for the best BPM software

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