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Characteristics of Agile Methodology in Software Development

A chart showing process of Agile development methodology

A chart showing process of Agile development methodology

Agile software development is an intangible framework which is used for software projects. Agile development methodology helps to maximize the productivity as the project is divided into short iterations. Agile development methodology is mostly adapted method during software implementation nowadays as it more emphasis on people. Whether you are implementing an ERP solution, CRM tool, or any other software for your business/Organization.

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Some of the main Characteristics of Agile development Methodology are as follows :

Frequent Delivery

As the projects in Agile development methodology is divided into small iterations, they are also called as phases/scrum of a project. Let’s take an example here

Example 1 :

While implementing ERP solutions the Business Requirement Document contains various modules & customization that needs to be done during the execution. Every module will get divided into the given timeline of the project ie :  Sales management module – 3 weeks, Warehouse management 6 weeks and so on.. and therefore delivery of these projects every month ensure that the client and the vendor both are on the same page.

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Quick & Good Return on your investments

As the delivery of the project happens under the given timeline for each module or iterations Agile development helps you in gaining good return on your software project investments.

Example 2 :

Agile v/s Waterfall development – “There is a company “A” who started with Waterfall development methodology for their ERP software implementation. The project timeline is 1 year. Within 8 months Company “A” decides to change few processes of their business, which means there is a rework in the ERP solutions also.”

Whereas, “There is a company “B” who started ERP implementation via Agile method for which the timeline given by vendor is 1 year and divided into 6 phases of 2 months each ie : Sales Management to be delivered in 2 months, purchase after 2 months, testing, 1 months, customizations 3 months and so on… After 2 months the company decides to change the purchase management process – it would be quite easy to update the vendor on the new flow that needs to be incorporated in ERP software.”

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Frequent Testing:

Another best characteristic of Agile method is that the software which the vendor is crafting for your business are test frequently. This ensures the vendor is providing the tool as per your requirements rather doing a big bang and surprises in funtionality.

Collaborative approach:

Agile method is a collaborative approach where both client and vendor work together to avoid mistakes in functionality of the tool, apart from that as we said that frequent testing helps you with a Dream software for your business.

Apart from that Agile development method is useful when you don’t have clear idea of the requirements which means on a high level you can gather the modules and functionalities and during implementation you can go into more details of the features, or create a new phase for customization.

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There are 2 popular Agile methods available – Scrum and Extreme programming

Scrum – In Scrum Agile development client priorities the requirement as per the importance and each scrum needs to be delivered in a given timeline. If the requirements are not completed in one scrum then it moves to next scrum.

Extreme Programming (XP) – In XP Agile development the iterations period is less than scrum around 1 to 3 weeks. In XP the developer prioritise the requirements as per the importance to ensure smoothness, Iteration period is not fixed and can be increase if any new requirements come. More focus is given on the testing part

Some of the other flavours of Agile development are

  • Agile Manifesto
  • Crystal
  • Context Driven Testing
  • Lean Development
  • (Rational) Unified Process

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