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History of Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

History of ERP software

History of ERP software

ERP software also known as Enterprise Resource Planning tools which is one of the most modern and complete application or software in Information Technology System, ERP systems are considered as one of the most common and used system by organizations and businesses.

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ERP systems has evolved from over past 40 to 50 years to meet the demands of businesses in Manufacturing, inventory management, accounting, planning and other departments of a business. The history of ERP software compels of many parts and has showed us how technology and products evolve to meet the needs and requirements of the business. As discussed that many businesses use applications instead of ERP software, therefore it should be remember that ERP tools are complete software packages to meet almost every need of the organization.

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Period of 1960’s when computers were not a part of everyone’s life, as humans are using them today almost every minute. Therefore software was a very new terminology to common layman. Businesses such as Manufacturing were only concentrating on more productivity activities such as inventory control using simple paper copies of spreadsheet everywhere. As the manufacturing industry grown towards the shift was more on the Material requirement planning, which is also known as MRP that allowed to streamline the paperwork end of the business and keeping as much of it as possible in one place.

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In the years 1970’s the MRP included of Materials requirement, scheduling of assembly line including the purchasing and procurement, this made the tool used for variety of businesses which it was not covered out in the initial stages. Therefore by creating several applications into a program it was adapted by variety of businesses.

The year 1980 added more functionalities creating MRP II as universal. MRP II handled all variety of business activities from HR, CRM, Planning, Advertising and most importantly engineering. MRP II was crafted with more additional features and quite stable for User friendly experience with as more of one single approach to all the business plans.

Today we all know the incarnation happened from the original IT system called as ERP, Enterprise Resource planning, some even debate that everything is similar and just the term changed, infact the changes had been vast which is providing today with a complete solution for almost every kind of businesses. Not only small or big organizations are using ERP software but even single owners or individuals are implementing ERP solution to manage their businesses properly. The reason is simple that ERP can cover almost every aspects of business.

From Computers, PC, Laptops and now Mobile and tablets. ERP software can be manage from almost from these devices and helps in providing proper information on day to day operations. This software has always provided the important questions to the decisions makers for the growth of their business.

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