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How Long does it take to implement ERP solutions

How long does it take to Implement ERP solutions

How long does it take to Implement ERP solutions

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning – These 3 words seems very short but when actually implemented successfully in a business can higher the growth and reap long term benefits, Studies show that many ERP projects fails or not completed in the given time frame because of many reasons. See more in 7 Major Reasons for ERP failure

One of the most important question which client ask is – How long does it take to implement ERP solutions? One should remember that ERP implementations are not few days job unless the software is readily available although default and out of the box ERP implementation take time because as per our experience there is no 2 clients whose working & business processes are 100% similar.

So How Long does it take to Implement ERP solutions and what are the areas that should be watched before providing understanding the timeframe :

Customization: Ever software needs customization to match up with business processes, further ERP implementation timelines are also based on the size of your business, multiple locations, Multi Company and further the acceptance of ERP by every department.

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Type of software: The kind of ERP software you are implementing in business. There are many ERP solutions available as per industry specific therefore you can check the available features and decide what is out of the box available incase of customization the timeline of your projects can be increase. Further the software is Open source or proprietary or on cloud is another area by which you can judge the timelines of your ERP project

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Vendor: The experience of your vendor is another important aspect to decide on a perfect timeline for ERP implementation – High Vendor experience can reduce the ERP project timelines.

Resources: They are the key people to make or to break timelines which you are setting up for your business. Resources are simply the development team, project management, Quality and Testing team from the vendor side. Ensuring the capabilities of the resource can reduce the project timelines

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Scope: Normally scope is something which you want to implement for your business or a dream software. Loads of Module implementation, can increase the timelines of your project therefore avoid unwanted modules.

Our Experience – When we asked one of our client

“Which modules you would like to implement for your ERP solution?”

The client said

“Since the product is Open Source I need all Modules” 🙂

Read our Article on  – Key factors while comparing ERP software for your businessAs per our Experience to implement stable ERP software in a working condition, normally it takes a period of 1 -4 years minimum in case of Big software with loads of customization & integration. Our ERP software which we implement for our client normally completed in a timeframe of 6-12 months or 3-6 months or even 1-3 months with complete training and testing of the product.

As I said that it again depends on software to software and the above points which we covered. Businesses should understand that ERP’s are not ready made software which can be implemented in few days time.

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