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How to create Great Tweets

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How to create Great Tweets

How to create great tweets
How to create great tweets

Twitter is one of the widely used Social media networking website, It’s not only help in creating a social media network with followers, but also help in many other ways some of them are  generating leads, sales, promotions, website traffic building and Branding. Twitter is almost used by every businesses or individual nowadays to provide the recent happenings and events or to simply create a fan base.

Creating a twitter account with good background or few followers is not a key of a great accounts, Great twitter accounts are those when someone take actions on your every tweets, maybe a Retweet, favorite, or a mention. They are just certain criteria by which you can judge how good or powerful your tweets are, apart that how many people are following you on twitter without a follow is another criteria how strong your account is.

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So How to create great & powerful tweets?

Make Tweet Readable:

One of the first action to create powerful tweets is to make your followers read your tweets. Henceforth it is necessary to create some special spark in your tweets. Tweet like a common human being, rather than a robot.

Think about your followers:

Followers are those special people who follow you due to some special interest in your account. Tweet something which is for your followers and not for yourself. Tweeting or providing fresh news first is one of the best methods to gain more followers as well as creating retweets.

“Remember don’t just tweet monotonously tweet something different to create enhancements”

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Ask for Help or suggestions:

Asking for help on a particular topic to see how many followers respond to your tweet. Engage in a communication; always remember give and take policy while communicating with your followers. Use of terms “Do any one know” kind of questions to get your followers engage.

Follow Trending Topics:

Tweeting on trending topics sometime creates great tweet, Follow the trending topics and create some special tweets. You may gain more retweets and followers if people like your tweets.

You can check your Klout Score on on  how much audience you are engaging with your tweets. Note that great tweets are have magic to create  trends on twitter. I have seen many great tweeples who create trends with single tweet. I am not talking about celebrities here but about common people.

Twitter is a great platform for self branding also if your tweets are great you can even sponsored to earn good income.

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