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Home How to gain advantage of Pinterest for your eCommerce business – Part 2

How to gain advantage of Pinterest for your eCommerce business – Part 2

How Pinterest can help your eCommerce Business

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As we discussed in our last posting about one of the most growing social media website – Pinterest and How it works. In this post we will learn how Pinterest can help your eCommerce business.

There are many online merchants and entrepreneurs who have not yet touched Pinterest although it is recorded that Pinterest helps to grow your sales and many people love to purchase products gaining referral from Pinterest.

Pinterest provides you with rich quality Pins of your products that can be easily liked and repined by other group of people. Pinterest is worlds 3rd Biggest social media networking website after Facebook and twitter with more than 70 million registered users. Some research even shows that Pinterest drives similar traffic to twitter therefore eCommerce business can understand the potential.

How you can make most out of Pinterest for your eCommerce Business.

Start with a Pinterest Account.

Create a Pinterest account

Create a Pinterest account

Sign Up for Pinterest account this is one of the simple steps that take few minutes. Once you have set up your Pinterest Account set up few pins boards for yourself.

Target Users as per your Products

Target Pinerest users

Target Pinerest users

Before promoting your Pins and products you should keep in mind the users, Research says that in US 65 to 70% users of Pinterests are women. Although Pinterest users are covered for all age groups

Enable Images to be Pinable

Gaining traffic is a key for any social media networking website, with Pinterest you have to enable visitors to pin your products on their boards so to ensure proper networking.

Brand Search on Pinterest

You can even discover by researching which are the products people are pinning on their board. This helps in proper visibility and decision making

Images speaks thousand words

What is Pinterest

What is Pinterest

You can tell stories with images imagine the people and their passion for your products and create a visual story. Stunning images on Pinterest can create People interest to buy your products.

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