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ecommerce conversion rate, How website design enhance your eCommerce Conversions Rate-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


Website design and structure plays an important role for your eCommerce conversion rate or sale of the products. Today online eCommerce website plays a very important role it is as similar as the infrastructure of your retail business. Websites specifically eCommerce website works as your company representative and if your website design is powerful then it gains reputation with quick conversion of visitors into customer.

The first thing visitor feel confident about your products and services is the website design or the theme which you have selected for your online store including the colors you have used. The layout and design of the website plays a very key role in communicating with your visitors. Therefore it is important to be in pace with the demands of your visitors. Since bad website design and layout can enhance bounce rates of your website including loss of sales.

Below are the lists of tips that one should ensure while creating your website design that enhance the ecommerce conversion rate:

  • Always remember Kiss Strategy

The primary goal of your website design should be the principle of Keep it simple & superb strategy. Remember that the users are not there on your website to enjoy the design of the website. If the website design is complex then user experience be bad.

  • Self Explanatory website

Make sure the structure of your website design is self explanatory, rather confusing the visitor your website should make path to achieve visitor Aim.

  • Don’t Play with visitor patience

Your website visitor are not there to test their patience make sure the site speed is good and there is less action require from one section of the website to another section. Avoid pop up’s and long web forms in the website.

  • Expose the features

While creating a website design make sure you create concentration of the user on the feature what you are selling and how the product can be helpful rather creating more on visual effects. Be it a product page or a static page – visitors know the base about the product and only make sure the features are powerful.

  • Grab visitor attention

Grabbing visitor attention is important with good images and attractive text in Bold or Italic font you can make sure that the features are exposed easily.

  • Content is a king

Never use exaggerated language in your content as today visitor don’t read long text blocks without proper images or too much of clutter in your content. Make sure you have covered good content on both static as well as on products pages.

The above points which we covered can be helpful to boost your website design as for any website be it business or ecommerce conversion rate the main motive is to reach the maximum number of visitors with maximizing the sales of your business by gaining more leads. It is very important to concentrate on the design of your ecommerce website as the first thing to motivate the visitor in believing in your company is your website. How many of us check the website first before buying any services or products from different companies.

How Globalteckz can be your eCommerce Partner

At Globalteckz our team consist of various eCommerce developers including Magento, OpenCart, MoodleCMS, Zencart, CSCart, WordPress, Joomla,, Boostrap, CakePHP, Core PHP. We can help you out to make sure a powerful eCommerce website development on the technology you choose from including Search engine optimization that enhance your website sales and branding.

Some of the services towards eCommerce Development includes the following:

  • Implementation of new eCommerce website
  • Development of New website from Scratch on the above platforms
  • Search engine optimization
  • Themes designing
  • New feature designing
  • Integration with ERP software or 3rd party tools.

For implementation of eCommerce or businss websites you can  email us on

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