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Major Mistakes while Implementing an ERP software

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Major Mistakes while Implementing an ERP software

mistakes during ERP implementation
mistakes during ERP implementation

As we discussed in our Last post that ERP software provides you with complete management of your enterprise and cover all the departments. Although ERP implementations are not that much easy which organizations feels. It requires time, effort, proper planning, Money and most importantly support from the client side during the implementation.

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Proper planning is a key before starting the implementation of ERP, since insufficient planning or wrong method applied for ERP implementations can lead to errors and failures. An implementation failure in ERP is one of the most concerned points for Enterprises as it can waste lot of investment.

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What are the major mistake companies/vendors do while implementing ERP Projects?

There are many errors and mistakes happen during the implementation of ERP system. If these can be avoided the implementation process can be done successfully.

1. Resources: Resources is considered as a backbone of any ERP projects implementation, Insufficient or Limited resources towards the implementation can lead to failure. One should keep in mind that proper and expert resources are available with the vendor who will be undertaking your project. The same goes to the client side who will be handling the project.

“Shuffling of Resources from your project can also lead to more time Consumption”

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2. Poor Project Management: Poor project team handling is another mistake for ERP failures. The project management team is considered as a heart of ERP implementations therefore it should be manage properly to zero down the errors. Experience and Expert project managers who can able to plan the requirements are a must. Poor project management can lead to poor co ordination and execution of the project. Project managers play a role of co coordinator between the vendors and customer.

3. Unwanted Customization: Every organizations works in a different way in some or the other, even being in similar industry. Naturally these require customization points in the workflows, forms and so on. . ERP systems are tend to be altered as per the requirement.

Our Own Experience:

“Last minute customizations during the implementation of ERP Projects can ruin the quality and disturb the development team”

“Excessive customizations can lead problems in future upgrades and messy code”.

Therefore whatever customizations require client should note it down before freezing the requirement document, so to ensure proper timelines & smoothness in coding of the project. Last moment customization can also lead to increase in timelines, cost & may lead to failure

4. Involvement & Communication: Involvement is one of the most motivational area therefore before implementation and during the implementation top management should actively involve to provide their views and lower level management who is actual user of the product should provide their inputs on their way of actual working, forms, flows and other details

Our Experience

“Normally Top management decides on ERP implementation part and ignores lower level employees, where after implementation motivation for using the software is less since it is not created as per the lower level management who are the actual users.”

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A successful ERP implementation is a joint effort of Client, Vendor & Project managers therefore to prevent failure everyone from the organization should be involved. Proper implementation methodology, fetching down of business process properly and communication with the team members allows you with smooth implementation and even reduce the project timelines and cost.

To avoid the common mistakes while executing ERP project, one should consider the above points. For any help towards ERP software you can contact our team

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