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Multiple Online Store Website – How to manage them Effectively

Running an online store website and managing online store is one of the important task further Managing multiple online stores effectively is considered to be hectic as you have to maintain inventories, pricing and other areas up to date Online store website, As we all know that today E-Commerce and online business is booming and many retailers have initiated selling products online and concentrating more on the online method of buying and selling rather working via traditional method with a brick and mortar Store.

There are many online store website or E-Commerce platforms available today where a retailer can sign up and start their own online store. Be it any country UK USA India European Nations every retailer today hold an online store and manage the selling of products via multiple online channels some of the key online channels include Amazon eBay and country-specific online store such as Flipkart for India Souq.com for Saudi Arabia etc. Further to that Traders are also creating their own personal eCommerce website for selling their products and services these online stores can be based on different content management systems and e-commerce platform such as Magento, Shopify Big commerce, Woo commerce and so on

Online Store Website Management

Selling on multiple channels is difficult as it requires multiple logins and proper understanding of each channel as selling from multiple channels may bring up to many orders in a particular day and processing it on time as one of the key aspects for any E-Commerce platform who provide facilities to seller to sell on their platform.

There is considerable manual work required and a lot of time to process the orders or Create New Products or to Confirm the orders, Generating shipping labels, packaging, handling customer queries, returns and refunds from these online store website or multiples stores. Apart from that; multiple logins every day is another time-consuming task. Another issue faced by the E-Commerce merchants is proper tracking of inventory, profit margin, Maintaining product details, returns and refunds which sometimes becomes time-consuming.

As we know time is considered as money and selling on multiple channels require a lot of time to overcome these issues of the time. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software today in the market has helped retail and trading merchants to manage their inventory, sales, purchase, accounting and other areas of the business but integrated ERP solution that fetches data from different E-Commerce platform and put it into the single system is yet to be developed by many big ERP companies or if it is available then the cost is too high due to extreme development requires to integrate.

Online store website or E-Commerce platforms properly integrated with an ERP system via API keys availability allows fetching all the data such as product sold, product return, product ready to ship, canceling of Orders that can be managed from the ERP system itself. At Globalteckz we have integrated many eCommerce platforms with one of the leading ERP software named as Odoo some of our E-Commerce platform integrations include :

Woocommerce and many more …

Our team has also integrated different shipping Courier and Payment Gateways with Odoo software that helps E-Commerce merchant to reduce the load of managing multiple 3rd party platforms via different logins and from one single system multi-channels and Omni channels can be managed.

For more details and information you can email us – sales@globalteckz.com

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