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Odoo 17 Features | Release date | Beta post

Odoo 17 will be releasing this year (November – 2023) with new list of features that bring about drastic changes, completely transforming the face of the ERP software from UI and changes in icon to other list of functions. You can easily download the latest version from Github or Nightly after the release. Existing Enterprise users can also be able to migrate to the latest version  which will focuses on enhancing speed and improving the graphical user interface (GUI). This is a beta blog post of list of functions that the new version is coming up with. 

Check out this space for more updated functions based on the information received. Odoo has been specifically designed for Small and mid sized to large enterprise users, the icon of the module has been redesigned with a modern color scheme. The fresh color palette includes the Skin with Milk theme, which offers two modes: standard mode and Dark Mode.

New Changes in Odoo version 17 & Expected Features 

User Interface and Experience (UI & UX) & Icons 

In the 17th edition, there are significant improvement in the user experience (UX). Users now have the freedom to conveniently rearrange the positioning of apps on their personalized Home screen. This can be easily done through a simple drag-and-drop feature, allowing users to customize their workspace according to their preferences.


Odoo version 17 new icons for main page

Dark Mode

Just enable the toggle button in the Users profile information as shown below.

02 Dark theme Odoo version 17

In version 17, a notable change is the replacement of the button “Create” in the form view with “New”. Although the labeling has been modified, the function remains the same, allowing users to create new requests or actions.

Additionally, V17 introduces a new Search View featuring the Milk Theme. The revamped Search view incorporates the “filler,” “Group By,” and “Favorites” submenus, which are now centrally located at the top. This consolidation enhances intuitiveness and streamlines the search process, making it more efficient for users.

03 Search View odoo 17

With the introduction of Shortcuts on smartphones, accessing shortcuts for the Odoo Progressive Web Application (PWA) has become much more convenient in the newest version. Users can now easily create shortcuts on their smartphone home screens, allowing them to quickly access the Odoo PWA with just a single tap. This improvement enhances the overall user experience and makes it more seamless to interact on mobile devices within different departments.

Odoo 17 New shortcuts

Odoo 17 brings additional features that further enhance usability. One of these features is Quick Record Selection, which streamlines the process of selecting and deselecting records. The new interface introduces keyboard shortcuts to facilitate effortless record selection and multiple selections. By utilizing the SHIFT key, users can now easily select multiple records by pressing SHIFT + Down arrow key. Similarly, to deselect records, they can press SHIFT + Up arrow key. These keyboard shortcuts simplify and expedite the selection process, making it more efficient for users.

04 Keyboard shortcuts

Users will also have the convenience of an ‘Unselect all‘ button to quickly remove selected records.

To-do is the module that is renamed Notes Module as a default app

05 To-do is the moduleAll Notification of To-do tasks that are open

06 All Notification of To-do tasks

Draggable Pop-ups

You can easily drag a pop-up(wizard) aside

Draggable popupCatalog is a new feature in which a Sales user can select the Product through a Kanban view of the Catalog and add it to the Order list

07 Catalog

In the newly designed search view of Odoo 17, users have the ability to search for products using various criteria. They can search by the initial, name, or internal reference of the product. Additionally, in the Category Kanban view, users can search for products based on attributes or by selecting a category from the left-hand side. This catalog functionality significantly enhances the convenience of searching for products, particularly when working with sales order lines. Users can easily locate the desired products based on different parameters, improving efficiency and user experience.

08 Catalog kanban

The Search Article (point no 1 in the below image) User can directly see the help from existing documents with the help of the Knowledge Modules.

The Parth of navigation (point no 2 in the below image) is redesigned in odoo 17 and change the position 

The Status indicator (point no 3 in the below image) changes the color scheme 

09 Search Article

Knowledge Module provides flexibility in organizing and displaying information by using the customize articles with Customer Database in various views such as Kanban, List, and Calendar.

10 Knowledge Module

The latest version will come with the smart button position is changed in the product master 

11 smart button position

In the Product Kanban View, the search bar is positioned top center side and also introduces the Activity of the product 

Users can view the Activity of the regarding Product 

13 Activity of the regarding Product

A dedicated Menu for Every Operation type which comes under the Inventory > Operation 

14 Operation type

Support Raise Hand in the Meeting during the Call

15 Support Raise Hand

The new feature in Appointment is User can see the Company Facilities and Space while Booking the Appointment of the Resource

16 feature in Appointment

Improve the design view of the Appointment booking Calendar with the Time Slot 

17 Appointment booking Calender

Improve order confirmation by requesting partial payments. This feature allows customers to confirm orders by making partial payments, increasing order commitment.

18 requesting partial payments.

Streamline recurring product delivery through subscription services. Odoo 17 enables the handling of recurring deliveries of storable products as part of a subscription model.

19 recurring deliveries of storable products

Users can share snapshots of the spreadsheets through the share button by giving access to the respective report.

20 snapshots of the spreadsheets

Odoo 17 introduces a department organization chart, which is easy to visualize company hierarchy and structure improving the visual representation of company and employee structures, and promoting clearer understanding and collaboration within the organization.

21 department organization chart

Odoo 17 for the HR management is automatic tracking of Attendance and Overtime computation. It made more simplify attendance management and overtime calculations with the Attendances and working schedule features. It automates overtime computation, saving time and ensuring accuracy. 

22 HR management

Odoo 17 POS

In PoS of Odoo 17, PoS User can add the customer information 

23 PoS User

By enabling the QR code Menu, customer can experience self-service Ordering through tablets or mobile phones. Customers can place orders themselves by scanning a QR code, and payment can be conveniently handled. 

24 QR code Menu

Customer view for the PoS Order Menu through QR Code

25 PoS Order Menu

In Odoo 17, a notable introduction is the Kitchen Screen in the Point of Sale (PoS) module. This feature provides a real-time feed without the need for page reloading. The Kitchen Screen offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface, making it efficient and easy to use.

Furthermore, version 17 enhances order management with the addition of quick filters. These filters can be customized according to stages, allowing for streamlined order tracking and management.

One of the standout capabilities is the ability to create multiple screens, where different teams can manage specific tasks based on categories. This feature promotes better organization and efficiency in task management. Additionally, the advantage of this feature is that it works on any screen, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

To display the preparation display screen, users can navigate to PoS > Order > Preparation Display. This feature enhances visibility and coordination in the kitchen or preparation area, facilitating smoother operations and better customer service.

26 Preparation Display

Kitchen Screen in PoS

27 Kitchen Screen in PoS


Note: This blog post is in beta mode and other list of functions will be updates as per the release and news from Odoo Team. Globalteckz is an official partner and has been working with Odoo ERP software since 2013. If you need more information or dem0nstration of Odoo version 17 – Feel free to connect us on sales@globalteckz.com


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