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Odoo CRM Features| Review | Tutorial | Demo

Odoo CRM provides you with many features that a Customer Relationship Management software should offer. This Odoo app is one of the most important modules of Odoo ERP software. Customer management is a very crucial factor for any business be it a small business or a large business or in other way either manufacturing service or trading based industries. Customer management plays an important role and to manage all your customers in one place. This module helps you with various functions and tutorials.

A detailed Odoo CRM review can be found in this blog post which helps you to understand various features that can be used within the CRM module. From Lead management to lead nurturing till final sales order management. There is two different versions available viz: Odoo community  & Odoo enterprise edition. The difference in both the version is that Odoo community edition CRM can be used as a free CRM software whereas; Enterprise consists of more functions with extra licensing cost.

features of odoo crm software review and demo

Below is the list of detailed features of Odoo CRM

  • User Interface

Odoo CRM provides you with an intuitive user interface specifically designed for Salespeople. As we know Salespeople are more on-field and less in office therefore, they can gain a better overview of sales activities within the team. Sales Dashboards provide a complete overview of sales pipelines, leads, opportunities, etc.

User interface and dashboard of Odoo crm software

  • Low Data Entry

You can directly connect your leads via email. As soon as you received leads via email or via the website – The leads get registered in CRM which reduces the data entry process of salespeople. Further, you can easily manage the quotes, customers in a few clicks.

  • Mobile Friendly

Odoo CRM mobile user interface helps your salespeople to update leads on the go without an internet connection. This provides your organization with a real-time overview of the sales team.

Mobile interface in odoo crm

  • Lead Management Software

It also helps you with Lead nurturing where you can manage all your new leads, and nurture them to different stages such as opportunity, Quotation & finally sales order. Odoo CRM lead management feature allows you to gain a birds-eye view of the different sales teams.

lead management software in Odoo erp

  • Lead Scoring

As we know every lead which comes to us may not be converted into a sales order therefore with Odoo CRM you can score your leads based on implicit and explicit criteria such as the number of page views by the lead, timezone, interest, etc. Based on your scoring you can manage the importance need to be given to each lead.

  • Importing Lead

There may be different platforms via which you may receive leads, you can easily import your leads via CSV file.

  • Acquiring Online Leads

There are many apps available where you can do lead acquisition via website some of them include Form builder, SEO tools, etc.

  • GeoIP and Live Chat

You can detect countries, states, and cities lead easily via visitor IP address. Further Odoo Live chat app allows you to discuss with your online website visitors which helps you in building more prospective leads.

live chat in odoo crm software

  • Avoid Duplications

There are many apps available where you can do lead acquisition via website some of them include Form builder, SEO tools, etc.

  • Lead Assigning Rules

You can define your own rules for assigning leads to the different sales teams or sales person based on products specific, service-specific, country-specific, etc.

lead assigning rules in crm

Another great feature is Opportunity management where you can organize different activities that are actually needed to covert into opportunity. In any industry, there are various stages that need to be followed by sales people for converting a prospect into the lead and then lead into an opportunity. With Odoo you can define different stages of your opportunities, as in our case, the opportunity will be Discussion, Proposal, Negotiation, Closing, etc.

  • Sales Pipeline Management

Sales pipeline plays an important role in the growth of any business – Sales pipeline helps you to plan your growth activities in Advance. Odoo CRM offers you a clear picture of your opportunity pipeline. With different stages, you can better organize your sales pipeline.

odoo pipeline management

  • CRM Stages Customization

You can easily customize your pipeline with different stages

odoo customer stages and lead stages in crm

  • Meetings Management

Odoo CRM helps you to Schedule meetings from the opportunity of the customer. Further, it is easily Sync with mobile phones and Google calendar.

meeting management in odoo crm features

  • Daily Action Planning

Odoo CRM helps you to plan next day action based on your daily work. With this function planning within every salesperson is easy to understand the list of tasks and important activities that need to be executed.

daily action planning in odoo crm review

  • Lead Analysis

With Odoo CRM you can understand and analyze lost reasons for your opportunities and take proper steps further for bettering your services.

lead analysis

  • Address Book

Odoo CRM offers you Customer management where you can share address book within different sales team and sales people.

address book in odoo crm

The above functions and features of Odoo CRM software has been fetched from Odoo enterprise edition version 14. Latest version functions may differ based on the enhancements and upgrades. If you are looking out for a demonstration of Odoo CRM software feel free to contact us on sales@globalteckz.com

Conclusion for SME using Odoo CRM

One of the biggest advantages Small and Mid sized company gains using Odoo CRM software for their business is that Odoo is a cost-effective tool with extensive features on CRM front. SME can start using CRM solutions and based on the requirements can move to other features of CRM such as Accounting Purchase and so on… For the initial stages, SMEs can opt for Odoo.sh which is based on minimum monthly license fees.

If you are an SME and still dependent on spreadsheets for lead management and nurturing then you may be losing a great chunk of leads in silos. For a complete demo of Odoo CRM software and how it can be implemented for your business feel free to contact on sales@globalteckz.com These functions of CRM can be further customized based on the workflows and processes of your business


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