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Odoo Demo – Community & Enterprise Edition

Odoo Demo – Before you finalize to implement Community or Enterprise edition, you may need to check out the functions for latest version 17 or v 16 etc. to understand the features between and different version available to fit your organizational needs and requirements and to take the path forward in shortlisting ERP as one of the options for implementation.

Our Team can provide you with presentation for Different Apps available and also consult you to select between community vs enterprise edition ( Online/ On-premises / .sh). Implementing any ERP software can be tricky if you are not familiar with the functions that are available in the solution. Further Odoo Live demo or any other ERP software helps you in proper decision making as you gain knowledge and understanding of core functions, Modules that fit your business needs and requirements. ERP presentation provided by the vendor helps you to ask live questions and mold your requirements into the software. It also enhances the level of customizations you need in the ERP solution and you can decide on the viability of ERP implementation in your business.

Odoo Live Online Demo – An Important step for Decision Makers

As we know being a decision maker for selecting any ERP software it is important to consider the Strength and weaknesses of any ERP software, as selecting wrong ERP may take up your time and money with a useless solution. At Globalteckz being official partners and have dedicated team only to provide you with the presentation of Enterprise resource planning solution and resolve your questions with respect to different Apps / modules such as Sales, CRM, Purchase, Accounting, Human Resource, Manufacturing or for that matter any other external app that can help you to build confidence on shortlisting the Enterprise Resource Planning software for your business.

There are mainly 3 kinds of presentation which normally clients ask for 


  • Odoo Link 

In this method client normally ask for the demo link of Odoo where different modules are available and they check different functions such as Sales, CRM, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting etc. The main drawback is until you don’t know about the software base module you may not understand complete functionality of each module. As every Module is vast and provide you with end number of possibilities. Also with links you don’t get two way communication which means you only check limited functionalities.

  • Vendor Guided / Odoo Live Demo 

Odoo Live demo is also vendor guided presentation. It is conducted online or in-person at client’s place. This method of representing functions is more interactive as you can raise your questions and doubts with respect to every module and functionalities of the system. You also get the judgment in terms of  capabilities either it can fit your business needs or not and if yes then how many levels of customizations are required.

  • Odoo Videos 

This is also called as the simplest graphic which is presented in the form of videos. This has been argued many times “this isn’t a really demo at all, as it lacks interactivity” This method just showcases the key capabilities and functionalities of different apps.


Odoo Demo Evaluation Tips :

Based on our Odoo experience, We would like to share a few tips and things to remember to get the most out of your Presentation. If you have an idea of what exactly you are looking out for with the processes, workflows and business requirements that gets easy to gain the confidence with the vendor. Following are the list of points one needs to take care during evaluation.

Preparation :

Preparing the presentation is the first task – As Odoo is a modular ERP software and consist of different apps and modules for various industry. Sharing a list of requirements with respect to the modules you are looking out;  In order to create specific illustration that is relevant to your business needs.

Competition :

We are sure that it is not only Odoo ERP but there might be other software which you have in mind that has been shortlisted by your company. Ensure you have a comparison list of each ERP software and their workflows.

Notes :

With multiple ERP presentation may blur the functions, that is why we suggest keeping notes of every functions and module that are available in the software. This way you can easily compare during the final pick.

Quantify the Apps:

As we know that the base benefit of any ERP solution is to enhance the automation and efficiency in the business. Understand the functions and features provided by each and every app or module during the demo this will give you an insight of how much time is required for ERP development.

User Perspective:

Always keep yourself in ERP user shoes as they are core people who use the solution. Decision Makers are not the primary user, therefore, ease of functions for the end user is important. You can keep users from department during the demo. In this way, you meet the needs of real users.

Clear Doubts :

During the demo if you have any doubts do clarify it will help you to create quick decision as well as complete understanding of ERP solution. it is also advisable to check and test system to explore more functions of an ERP software.


List of Question / Queries to ask your vendor while performing the Presentation

1. Odoo Community or Enterprise ? 

This is one of the basic questions which one must ask before the initiation of the demo, There may be chances where your company is not likely to spend on  Enterprise edition and the vendor is showing you all the functions of enterprise edition. There is a huge difference between Enterprise vs community. 

2. Version of Odoo?

Another important question to ask your vendor is the version they are showing you. Your company likely to go with the latest version but due to the recent release of the new Odoo version the vendor may showcase the old version due to stability factors.

3. List of Modules or Apps covered ? 

Based on your industry-specific or the prior list of requirements the vendor may showcase you part of modules or all the modules available. Therefore understanding the list of apps or functions that would be covered in the Odoo presentation will help you to arrange your department resources accordingly. For example – 1st meeting the vendor may only show you Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory.

During Second presentation critical functions such as Manufacturing, HR, Custom modules would be covered. Therefore it is important to know what apps the vendor would be covering in the demonstration.

4. How much customization required?

Another important question is to understand at what level customizations is required based on your processes and workflows. A Vendor’s expertise in Implementation would provide you with a complete tentative understanding of the Customization required.

5. Third-party Apps vs In-built Apps

Make sure to understand between third-party apps vs In-built apps as there may be some functions vendor is showing you through third-party apps and charging higher during the proposal.

6. What about upgrades and support?

To confirm the upgrade support and Annual maintenance provided by the vendor. There are instances where Companies offer free support for a specific period of time.

7. Tentative Cost Factors?

Another most important question to ask is the tentative costs that may involve in the implementation. An Odoo vendor may not be in a position to provide you perfect timelines and costs during the demo. But based on your company introduction and vendor experience a tentative cost can be captured.

There are many other questions which we can cover in this blog post –

Globalteckz Experience with Odoo ERP Software

We have hands-on experience on working with Odoo ERP since 2009 and have a detailed understanding of OpenERP version 5, 6, 7 8, till the recently released v17. We also provide you with free consultancy on  (Community or Enterprise Edition) would be suitable for your business based on the workflows and industry you are into.

Every organization works in a different manner and method to gain competitive advantage, therefore, no two organization will have similar workflows and business processes. There will be some minor or major changes in the working of different departments be it Sales, Purchase, Inventory management or Manufacturing. Till date we have implemented more than 100+ projects for Trading, Services & Manufacturing businesses. We have experienced various flows and processes for similar businesses.

Other contribution to Stand Alone Apps 

Globlateckz has experience in working with 3rd party apps such as Magento connector, Amazon Connector, BigCommerce Connector, Prestashop integration and so on… In case you are looking out for specific app building, we can help you out for the same.

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How Globalteckz can help you with Odoo Online Demo & Free Consultancy?

Our Online Presentations are interactive and we ensure you listen your problems currently faced with the existing workflows and pain points. Once we understood your requirements – We present our demonstration as a solution that can give you confident of implementing ERP for your business. We can offer you the cost-effective help including as Development, Installation, customization, and 3rd party integration – You can contact our team on or simply filling up the Inquiry form

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