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Odoo Implementation Checklist | Process & Steps

Odoo Implementation checklist process and steps are one of the most important areas to look out for if you have selected Odoo ERP software for your business. In this blog post, we will cover what are the areas you need to take care of while developing and customizing Odoo ERP software for your business.  There are various challenges that you can overcome through this blog. There are various processes that needs to be followed before finalizing Odoo ERP software for your business some of them include Odoo Demonstration, Understanding the functionalities, requirements gathering, planning of phases, customizations areas, vendor finalization, timelines of the complete project etc. 

A Proper checklist of what needs to be done during the implementation is a necessary step in order to ensure project timelines and deliverables are up to the mark. Today, ERP has become an essential part of businesses as it helps to streamline all the operations and ensure productivity in massive volumes and that can be scalable as per the requirements. With the great success of Odoo ERP automation in the business, a great number of manual activities have remarkably gone down and increased collaboration & coordination has been seen amongst the business departments. However, Odoo implementation is not an easy game as there’s always a struggle of not letting the processes and workflows go wrong.

Before we go into ERP implementation – Planning of ERP implementation is a very important part. Enterprise Resource Planning software is considered one of the most important tools for small to mid-sized businesses to plan every department in an optimized way. To reap the benefits of ERP software it requires a proper implementation approach including the involvement of employees, stakeholders, and the actual users.  ERP implementation plan sometimes also needed refining of your current business processes and organizational procedures to meet the demand and this can be only achieved when you have a proper ERP implementation plan.

A business may encounter many Odoo implementation challenges in terms of data quality, managerial, technical, and even psychological aspects. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep the Odoo implementation process in strict control, and never proceed with unsolicited undertakings such as extra level customizations or changes. It is also advised that a business should go for Odoo Implementation guide and certain checklists before starting with the implementation process.  

Various Challenges during Odoo ERP Implementation

Enterprise resource planning software comes with loads of benefits if implemented correctly,  the number of challenges can be many while implementing the software which needs to be understood in detail in order to correct during the implementation. Before understanding the checklist for odoo development understanding these challenges is important in order to create foolproof planning for development.

  • Project management.

From Small to larger organizations Odoo implementations entail multiple phases such as discovery and planning, design, development, data migration, testing, deployment, support, and post-launch updates. Every phase is critical and requires proper track in order to ensure successful deployment for which the most important area is powerful project management. Successful Odoo implementations require participation from all the groups that will be involved in developing and using the system. That can be incredibly challenging because each department is juggling its project responsibilities with multiple other priorities.

Ensuring with the vendor strong project management and setting up realistic expectations on timeframes and deployment is important. Two-way communication is critical to success as with Odoo implementation there may be change management which requires strong hand-holding and project management for execution of the new task.

  • Power Project planning:

Often Odoo ERP timelines and budgets are underestimated one of the main reasons can be the availability of the Community edition. Although during the implementation there are certain budgets and timelines that need to be taken care of. The project manager needs to ensure that a clear and realistic plan is set in order to ensure proper Odoo implementation.

  • Integrating data and other tools:

Odoo helps you to have single software where you can manage your whole organization with use of multiple software. One of the important challenges is to migrate data from legacy software into Odoo which requires proper planning if the business requires old records in new ERP system. Many vendor fails to move old data as the data is not in proper order to migrate in the new ERP system. A well planned data migration can help to keep the Odoo implementation project on time and within budget.

  • Technical challenges

Technical challenges are related to coding where extreme customizations are required in order to meet your business needs and workflows. A good implementation Odoo partner can help you to deploy experienced technical resource who understand your business functions from length and breadth as each module is somehow related or affect another module while using the software. 

  • Data quality:

Once the organization has located all data sources, it can start thinking about migrating it to the ERP system. Data quality can involve in serious data hygiene exercises as duplication may arise with the entries if multiple departments are communicating with the same customer or suppliers. Also there may be inconsistencies due to spelling mistakes or different formats. Therefore; proper validation of data while cleaning out duplicates and adding missing values in the sheets can ensure proper migration of data without hassle. Task of data cleaning can be divided within the departments such as – Accounts will handle financial data whereas customer services will manage the data for customers.

  • Change management.

“Change is the only thing which remains constant” – While implementing any ERP software one needs to understand what level of changes can occur during the implementation. As it takes years to finalize the ERP project and in those years management and processes can change a little bit. An ERP software implementation can be new to business or from the existing ERP or (legacy software) company is moving to new software. that means overhauling business processes to take advantage of the efficiency and productivity improvements possible with the new solution. For the same businesses requires a shift in mindset and change in everyday work processes for many employees, this can be a typical change management challenge.

  • Cost and Budgetary challenges:

One of the most important challenges while implementing Odoo ERP software is the cost and budget. Many times organization feels that there are cost and budgets which overruns the original estimates. Therefore it is important to have a proper note of a list of task that needs to be performed during the implementation. After freezing these costs one can easily control the budgets in the long run.

  • Continuous improvization:

ERP implementation and development can be continuous in nature based on the level of customizations you perform or the changes you do in your processes as your business grow. The solution which is implemented can be continuously evolving to support new business demands and technological advancements. There are organizations who are using older version of odoo from past 1 decade (example version 6) or (version 7). An outdated odoo system can begin to hinder the business, so it’s worth periodically assessing whether it’s better to stay with the current system or move with the latest version of Odoo.

Checklist for Odoo Implementation Process-

Based on 10  years of experience working with Odoo Projects this checklist has been prepared considering what problems businesses face during the ERP implementation. In a nutshell, this checklist consists of the experience of globalteckz with 10 + Odoo version development starting from version 5 (2009) till version 15 (2021)

  1. Business requirements analysis is a key for better hold on timelines
  2. Ensure Business requirement documents are properly prepared with each requirement clearly defined.
  3. Before implementation make sure you have a strong demo of Odoo ERP software
  4. Understanding the functionalities will help you to judge the capabilities of the software.
  5. Reduction in customization is good for the long run and migration
  6. Detailing about configuration areas vs customizations is good to understand how many tweaks you are making in the software.
  7. Divide the project into phases based on mission criticality
  8. Opt for Proof of concept if still not confident about the functionalities.
  9. Freeze and finalize functional requirements properly.
  10. ERP development takes time; Don’t underestimate the timelines of the project.
  11. Selecting a good Odoo vendor with prior experience will help you to complete the project quickly.
  12. Along with vendor ensure vendor allocated proper experienced resources.
  13. Communication is key for the delivery.
  14. Be flexible with budget never negotiate unnecessarily. A cheap budget may adhere to cheap resource allocation by the vendor.
  15. Timelines from multiple experience vendors can help you to check how vast your project is.
  16.  Ensure everyone from the management side is available during the initial meetings.
  17. Regular communication and meeting will help you to understand where the project is moving
  18. Avoid changes and last moment new requests during the implementation.
  19. Allocate department for every module delivery & testing. (Example: Sales for CRM and Sales module roll out and so on..)
  20. make sure separate instances are in place for testing or development or staging.

Implementing an ERP system is totally based on the functionalities you are looking out but making it successful implementation with a checklist is based on the project plan, A successful Odoo implementation greatly depends on choosing the right implementation company. You create with every step which we have discussed in this blog post.

At Globalteckz

We at Globalteckz offer you one of the leading open source ERP software named Odoo – We are official odoo partners and have successfully completed more than 50+ projects across the globe. We offer end-to-end services including ERP project planning, implementation strategy, training, and support.

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