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Odoo India – Why this ERP is Beneficial for your Businesses

Odoo India and why this ERP is best suitable for Indian Businesses. If we look back to the 20th century the only companies who use to implement ERP or MRP software were Large organizations or medium-sized businesses as the implementation of ERP software was time-consuming and technology was at the growth stage after the independence of India. Also, there were only a few players with respect to ERP / MRP software. Therefore, Indian companies were largely dependent on standalone software or application which was only covering particular departments such as accounting software, CRM software, HRM software etc. That means – Software was not integrated with other departments.

ERP is also known as Enterprise Resource Planning software is one of the important software that almost all kinds of industry Verticals use today. ERP helps you to streamline your business processes and workflows from each and every department. It is a common myth – that ERP software is only used by large organizations. But in today’s competitive world every company be it small or medium-sized businesses is taking complete advantage of ERP software.

How Odoo is best suitable for Companies in India

Odoo ERP software is one of the leading Open source ERP software available today. It offers you with various modules that are suitable for Indian companies specifically Manufacturing, Trading and all other industries, Odoo offers you with community edition which is freely available and Enterprise edition which is based on licence. The features offered as far as core ERP module is concerned is immense, there are more than 1000 Plus modules available for various industries and workflows that you manage in your business.

Some of the modules include CRM, Purchase, Sales, inventory, Manufacturing, MRP, Human Resource, Accounting with GST structures. Apart from these modules, there are many different apps which you can use to ensure the software works as per your business needs.  Irrespective of the business type the possibilities with Odoo ERP is endless as you gain readily available modules that help you to run your business.

As an Indian company if you are looking for a cost-effective ERP solution and you have got quotes from proprietary software. Then our Suggestion would be to have a look at Odoo ERP solution which can 100% help your Indian business to grow in the short term as well as in the long run. You can schedule an online demo or face to face meeting if your company is in Mumbai with the Globalteckz team.

Features that make Odoo for India and all sized businesses:

  • Open Source ERP:

As mentioned that Odoo comes with a community edition where you can install the software and check its capabilities, Since Odoo community edition is licensed free you can understand the crux of the software and how it can benefit your business without much investment in the pre-implementation stage. As a Small and Mid sized business owner you can initiate by downloading Odoo ERP software and installation on your local machine. with the help of Odoo Partner, you can get a demo and understanding of out of the box features available. Once it meets your business needs and requirements either through configurations and customization. You can select Odoo Indian Partner towards the implementation.

  • Odoo Enterprise Edition:

Apart from Community, there is Odoo enterprise edition available through which you gain access to advance features that can be suitable for your business, Odoo Enterprise edition is cost-effective and can be implemented without having invested on servers. Odoo Enterprise edition consists of Odoo On premises – Which can be installed on your own server, Odoo.sh – Which can be installed and implemented on monthly licenses on Odoo Server, Odoo Online – which is installed and implemented by Odoo team as with available functions. (Customizations is not possible with Odoo online)

Click the below image for the difference between Odoo Community edition and Enterprise Edition

odoo community vs odoo enterprise edition

For an understanding of which Odoo Enterprise edition is suitable for your business, Globalteckz – India can provide you with free consultation on list of modules that is require after going through with your business requirements.

free installation for enterprise edition

  • Quick Implementation:

If you see any other ERP software that is available in the market the timelines for implementation varies between 8 months to 12 months whereas, with Odoo you can quickly implement the solution as most of the functions and features are available in the core ERP modules, further the community is so strong that there are many 3rd party apps which you can purchase and implement quickly without wasting time on the coding and development.

There are more than 16000 Apps available on Odoo Apps store which can be purchased, configure and customize further to meet the business needs and requirements. These Modules are supported by Odoo Vendors which can be integrated easily.

  • Customization possibilities are endless:

If you have gone through with any other ERP software, the vendor would have always insisted you avoid customization as it is time-consuming and touching the core ERP code can be dangerous. Odoo ERP software is modular solutions that can be customized endlessly with whatever flows you have. You can also create stand-alone module so that the main ERP code is untouched and customization can be reverted in the future during upgrades and migration.

odoo customizations

  • Single Software:

As an Indian company, you may be using various software to manage different departments such as Accounting application, CRM software, Marketing automation tools, eCommerce website CMS, billing software etc. Once you implement Odoo ERP you don’t need to invest in multiple software with managing multiple licensing and cost. Odoo helps your business to integrate all the departments in one single software.

  • Odoo India : 

One of the biggest advantages of Using Odoo ERP in India is that Odoo being a Belgium based company, but the development center is in India which offers Indian Odoo partners and business to gain benefits of any issues faced. Since the main development center is in India with various official partners across India you don’t need to worry on the support part. Every year Odoo ERP upgrade with the latest version, you can migrate it to the latest version with the help of Odoo Vendors.

How Globalteckz as an Odoo India partner help you with Implementation

Out Team at Globalteckz is Official Odoo partners and working with Odoo ERP since 2009. We have completed more than 100 + Odoo projects for manufacturing, trading and other industries. Our team have a track record of successful implementations of Odoo version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 (latest version).

Our Company is located in India (Mumbai) and we offer end-to-end solutions including Odoo customization, development, and implementation services including 3rd party integrations. For any information related to Odoo ERP implementation for version 13, you can email us on sales@globalteckz.com and our team will be happy to help you for the same.

Odoo Verticals Handled by Globalteckz

We have handled various verticals such as Trading organizations, Services, Manufacturing with Advance Manufacturing stages and eCommerce merchants who sells their products via different Online shops. Our Team at Mumbai (India) location includes various employees ranging the experience from 1 to 7 years specific with Odoo Experience. The founders of the company is holding Odoo implementation experience of 10+ years under whom the whole Globalteckz team worked.

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