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Odoo Manufacturing Module | Features | Process | Tutorial

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Odoo Manufacturing Module | Features | Process | Tutorial

Odoo Manufacturing Module consists of various features and processes that can be helpful to understand the functionalities that has been offered by the ERP software for MRP and other areas of business. In this tutorial, we will shed light on various benefits and functions offered by the Materials Requirements Planning (Manufacturing) module of Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Manufacturing ERP implementation can be tricky if not properly planned with exceptional experience Odoo Vendor who know a plethora of Odoo MRP App. Odoo ERP MRP module is the best suitable solution for small and medium-sized Manufacturing businesses the reason is simple As you have the option of both open-source which is cost-effective as well as Enterprise edition that offers you many features that a Manufacturing company would require.

Manufacturing process starts from raw materials which are processed into various bill of materials and then manufactured as a finished product. A single product can consist of various Bill of Materials that requires efficient handling. Powerful management of your manufacturing process can be handled easily. Odoo Manufacturing ERP software offers you to handle complex Production flows, BOM, Planning your MO, Tracing of Work orders and so on.. With Odoo MRP module you can create MO easily and manage them in different production stages.

Single ERP software for Manufacturing Business:

single ERP software for manufacturing businesses

Completely integrated ERP solution with other Departments

odoo manufacturing mrp module features

Complex Manufacturing processes can also be handled easily, one can also customize manufacturing procedure based on company requirements or through work centers and other Odoo routing concepts that are available. Odoo  manufacturing app is cost effective to afford and implement for small and Large Manufacturers. Odoo allows you with strong MRP module, Warehouse management, module with end number of features, Apart from that, there are many other Odoo Apps which a Manufacturing unit can implement as per their requirement either through simple implementation or via customization.

If you are implementing any other ERP software customizations in Manufacturing Module may require hefty investments. As alone with Manufacturing or MRP module you cannot implement the complete ERP. To Support the MRP modules you may require, MRP II, Work orders, Planning, Backward Scheduling, Repairs management, Equipment Management etc. All these modules are easily available.

Odoo Manufacturing Module Features & Functions

Odoo MRP | Quality | PLM

Let’s have a look at various Odoo MRP Module workflow diagram features and functions.

Manufacturing Plan

Automate Scheduling: In MRP we can schedule automatically the manufacturing order as per the following Step :

  • Master Product Schedule
  • Minimum Stock Rules
  • Make to Order

Manage Planning: We can Plan the manufacturing Order in graphical format. Here we can see the Work Order planning in Gantt Chart, List View, Calendar View, Pivotal View, and in Graph View

  • Gantt Chart
  • Capacity planning and Adjustment

Automate Scheduling:

Master Product Schedule: We can forecast the Manufacturing Order for Respective Product and can view by day/ week /Month

master production schedule in odoo

Minimum Stock Rules: We can Plan Manufacture with Minimum Stock from the Forecasted count of Stock and can replenish the Product.

minimum stock rules in odoo

Make to Order: By Selecting the Manufacturing Order and Click to Action dropdown and select Plan Production Order. Selected Manufacturing Order will be displayed on MPS (Master Production Schedule)

odoo make to order manufacturingDefining the Bill of Materials in Odoo Manufacturing

defining bill of materials 1

Manage Manufacturing Planning:

Gantt Chart: In Gantt Chart Bar indicates the time interval period to complete the Manufacturing Order

gantt chart bar indication

Capacity Planning and Adjustment: We can Adjust the Gantt chart bar as per the capacity of the manufacturing, the factor for adjusting the bar can be the availability of Assign Worker or by the Priority of Manufacturing before the set timeline or Product Unavailability on time or for any other reason.

Capacity Planning and Adjustment

Manufacturing and Quality Check in Odoo

  • Record Production: Maintain the record regarding Manufacturing Order like BoM, Assign Worker, Work Order, Procurement
  • Display worksheet
  • Time Tracking
  • Barcode support
  • Quality control
  • Trigger Issues

On Clicking to Manufacturing App Module

08 Manufacturing App Module

At the initial state, we can see the Overview of Work Centers and indicate the efficiency of Work in % and which work center is working or Ideal by color button.


To View, the Manufacturing Order, Click to Operations >> Manufacturing Order

Initially, we see the Manufacturing Order to be Make with To-Do filter if to view all with history of Manufacturing Order we have to Remove Filter from the search box. Here we can Notice the State of the respective Manufacturing Order if it’s in Draft or Confirmed State.

Manufacturing Order to be Make with To-Do

Select one of the confirmed Manufacturing Order, check the availability of Manufacturing Order Product according to BoM quantity if the product stock is available then indicate as Available in green els it will indicate in Red and we have to Replenish the respective quantity.

11 check the availability

After reserving the sufficient quantity of BoM we will Plan for Manufacturing Order and you will notice MO State on the right-hand side.

BoM we will Plan

Once Manufacturing Order is Planned we move to Work Order by Clicking Operations >> Work Orders

Work Order by Clicking

We will view the Work Order with the respective Manufacturing Order reference, Status of Work Order and we can Start or Block the process from here. To get the Information of Work order click on the view button

14 Information of Work order

We can see all the information in a ready State and in the Time Tracking tab, we can see the time duration and user.

Time Tracking tab

Information about finished Product

finished Product

Work Information with Diagram

17 Work Information with Diagram

After the Start button clicked and then click on the Process button

Process button

For Barcode scanning we can use IOT Device to transfer from the location or for the Input in the process.

Barcode scanning

To take a picture of the Serial Number or scan through IoT device or manually entry of a serial number and Validate.

Validate the Product with serial number

Validate the Product with serial number

Validate the process with Tools and the instruction with Time Tracking of Manufacturing the Product.





Validate the Product with serial number

Quality Check Process to ensure the product quality by selecting the Pass or Fail button if fails it generate Back Order

Questionnaire for Quality check with a tolerance range of Data Input and validate it.

Validate the Sub Product with serial number

The installation process with Instruction

Once the Product is Done we have to Print Label of the


Respective Product by clicking Print Label.

The label will Print as per the configuration of the Printer

Quality Module in Odoo Manufacturing

  • Control Points for Quality
  • Quality Checks
  • Quality Alerts
  • Analyze root Cause
  • Define Quality control Plan

n the Quality Check app Module, we can have a record of quality check to maintain the Product Quality consistency. In the initial state, we can notice the Overview of Quality with assigned team members. After the Finish Product is Manufacture we can do a quality check.

quality check module in Odoo manufacturing

On clicking the Check Process we see the list of Quality check with respective Status and Labeling

quality check and respective labbelling

After inspection of Product ensure the Quality of Product by selecting the Pass or Fail button.

After inspection of Product ensure the Quality of Product by selecting the Pass or Fail button.

Control Points for Quality

For Quality Control Points cleck to Quality Control >> Control Points

quality Control PointsIn Quality control Points we can have all the data of quality control for every respective product

In Quality control Points we can have all the data of quality control for every respective product

Quality Checks

For Quality Checks, go to Quality Control >> Quality Checks

Here we can view all Product Quality check details and in list view we can see the status

quality check

Quality Alerts

To Create a Quality Alert, go to Quality Control >> Quality Alert

Here we can create a Quality alert to be used in in-process activity to produce materials, quality alter form is used to identify potential issues to concern of quality that directly affecting product where materials is under processes in manufacturing unit, the records are managed accordingly potential quality issues.

quality alerts

Analyze Root Cause

Analyze the Root Cause by selecting the dropdown, setting the priority and write the Alert Note in Description Box WordPad in Quality Alert Form .

Define Quality control Plan

We can plan the Alert in Dynamic format by drag and drop as per the Stages in Kanban View .

Product Life Cycle Management – (PLM)

  • Define ECO
  • Approve ECO
  • Manage BoM Versions

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) harnesses the power of an enterprise social network to help communicate more efficiently across multiple departments. Everyone follows only what they need, approvals are simple, and discussions on documents are centralized in real time.

Engineering Change Orders (ECO) are the procedures carried for applying changes in the components, documents or assemblies. Changes can be a change in the processes, work instructions or changes in the specifications.

We can see the Count of ECO

PLM in odoo ERP software

Define ECO

Start New Revision for ECO with Short summary with responsible person and product for Engineering Department

defining eco in odoo

Here we can Upload the CAD or other Document to respective ECO

uploading CAD designs in odoo

The Kanban view of ECO can analyze and define the Stages by drag and Drop the ECO after Approval by assigned Administrator

kanban view of ECO

Approve ECO – To Create approval user,go to configuration >> ECO Stages – Create or select any of the ECO Stage

approving ECO

After selecting the ECO Stage, we can assign Role to particular User with Approval Type

assigning role to the user

Manage multiple Bill of Materials (BOM) Versions

Here we can view all the Version of Bom which are Manage by Engineering department user .

manage multiple BOM's

The above is just the basic flow of Odoo Manufacturing Module which we have covered – There are many other advanced functions that can be performed through configurations or customizations if you are looking out for an ERP software we suggest you to go with Odoo ERP software as it is completely customizable with the processes and products your company is manufacturing.

Odoo software allows you a complete integration of your Manufacturing process including Planning, Scheduling, Process Management, Procurement of Materials, management of your BOM’s as well as other areas of your business. It further helps you to craft important decisions by fetching out necessary information easily. Henceforth ERP is considered to be a complete package rather than concentrating or serving once a single department.

Odoo consists of a variety of Modules for each and every task performed in an organization or on the shop floor. Some of the major task that ERP can handle varies from Manufacturing Management, Inventory, Warehouse & Distribution, Logistics, Shipping, Accounting, and so on… Further, you can add other modules such as Sales Management, CRM, Human Resource Management, etc. into the software for a complete business suite.

It also covers other areas such as Packaging, quotations, Quality control, stock management, and so on ERP for Manufacturing industries are specifically crafted based on the business and manufacturing processes. Some of the important processes which we know include batch processing, BOM, Batch ticket Process, etc. It helps to increase the productivity of your Manufacturing Business while reducing the cost so that you can concentrate on Growth.

Further, this Odoo software can be customized as per your business processes and requirements. One must remember that implementing Manufacturing ERP software is a tough job and cannot be done by Layman. There are professionals, project managers, Programmers involved during the implementation to make it successful for your Manufacturing business.

Benefits of Odoo Manufacturing Module for your Business

advantages and benefits of odoo Manufacturing MRP module

As we know that there are many advantages of Implementing Odoo software for your business and specifically for the Manufacturing industry, Odoo improvises productivity, enhances efficiencies in the department, decreases cost, and offers you proper process management. There are various phases in which manufacturing ERP implementations are done the basic phase includes – The discovery phase, Implementation & Development Phase & finally the result phase after implementation of the software.

  • Improvise Manufacturing Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of implementing Odoo software for the manufacturing industry is that ERP eliminates repetitive processes and reduce manual entries. Further, it also streamlines business processes more effectively to gather the data for each department.

  • Forecasting

MRP module offers you better forecasting to the users and managers, especially to the top management. Since all the information is sync in real-time within the ERP software, realistic estimation, and decision making for the future become easy with ERP.

  • Better Collaboration

Collaboration between every department is crucial and considered as one of the most important areas for running a business. Working in silos may create borders for growth. ERP software helps in better collaboration as the data is centralized and linked with each department.

  • Integrated information

Especially in Manufacturing business data needs to be integrated with other departments such as inventory warehouse, Sales, or any other department. ERP software for manufacturing business helps in keeping consistent and accurate data from each department. Further, it also helps other departments such as Sales, Purchase, and Accounting for the inputs by the Manufacturing department.

  • Enhance Productivity

Manufacturing ERP software increases your company productivity levels as every process are automated and user get more time to work on another task. You can also automate redundant processes with ERP software with easy to use design for the user.

  • Competitive Advantage

As Benefits comes with a cost ERP software implementation specifically for Manufacturing business needs time and investment. Competitive advantage your company gains when you introduce new technology in business that ease the working method of your employees and departments.

  • Save Cost

ERP software offers real-time information therefore reduces administrative and operational costs. With all the operation information in hand, your company can prevent disruptions and delays during the manufacturing process. ERP also helps you to make a decision quickly therefore it reduce cost as well as provides a return on investment quickly.

  • Business Process Management

As manufacturing business enhance or grow the operations may become complex, Manufacturing software allows you to automate a business operation with real-time information in hand this streamline your production process and other departmental processes.

  • Reporting

Manufacturing ERP software helps you with the proper reporting of each and every department. You can easily create reports without relying on each department this helps you in enhancements and decision making for your manufacturing business.

  • Flexibility

With Odoo ERP software you have complete flexibility of a centralized database that can be accessed from anywhere. There is an application which can even be installed on mobile as an app to be up to date on the information of your manufacturing processes.

We at Globalteckz thrive to provide you with an expert level of Odoo ERP implementation for your manufacturing business ensuring all your processes and workflows diagrams are optimized. We ensure that every implementation specifically for manufacturing industries are allocated with Odoo skilled programmer & Functional consultant who maintain the implementation and roll out smoothly. Our team works closely with clients showcasing the list of work completed that allows clients and developers to be on the same page.

Globalteckz Experience with Odoo Manufacturing Implementations – Short Summary


Furniture have a wide variety of dimensions, colors, finishes, fabrics and product options. These are placing an increased demands on the information systems to provide the functionality and flexibility required in the business. Odoo ERP for Furniture Industry is helpful in keeping track of all kinds of furniture inventory like manufacturing of office furniture, case goods, seating, commercial, upholstered and specialty furniture, irrespective of their raw material. We have a range of experience in Implementing Odoo ERP software for Furniture manufacturing handling 1000+ variants of one particular product, more than 100 + Bill of materials management, and extreme level customizations for furniture  Industries


As a manufacturers of fabricated metal products you know that success depends on tightly managing your complex supply chain – collaborating with customers to design the most effective products, while meeting quality, tolerance and material specifications. You also need to provide a full range of services from design to delivery and maintain flexibility to change capacity requirements while operating effective continuous replenishment systems. Our team have experience in implementing Odoo ERP software for Metal fabricating manufacturers – Specifically (Tin Boxes) Ireland.


Odoo ERP for apparel industry or Garment industry is an ideal Enterprise resource planning tool. Working without an ERP solution would be a great challenge for businesses operating in the apparel industry. Our Team has multiple experiences in implementing Odoo ERP software for Jeans Manufacturers, Fashion Designers, T-shirt Manufacturers with extreme level customizations.

Apart from the above Odoo Implementation for Manufacturing industries there are other SME’s and SMB’s where our team has done end to end implementation with complex processes.

Frequently Asked Question in Manufacturing Industries

Odoo Manufacturing system offer end user to create manufacturing orders MO for a product which can be passed through different processes and stages based on your company workflows and processes within a production line and complete production.
Within the community edition the Manufacturing module provided by Odoo is freely available. For enterprise licenses you need to buy the app separately. Although there are functions differences between the community Manufacturing app vs enterprise apps.
MRP and Manufacturing both terms are different. Although many a times they both sound similar - some says Manufacturing requirements planning compare to ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning. Although MRP means Materials Requirements Planning. Odoo MRP offers you with vast functions related to Quality Assurance, machine maintenance product lifecycle management that is completely integrated into one system. MRP module allows you to accurately capture data in real-time from your workforce and equipment using the Soap or Rest API.
SAP for Manufacturing vs Odoo for Manufacturing industry both have different target audiences. SAP is particularly suitable for large companies, Although they offers a simpler version for medium-sized companies. Whereas Odoo is aimed at all types of companies: small, medium or large. This difference is due to the fact that Odoo is a modular and flexible software that can be adapted to all companies.
MPS refers to Master Production that helps you to schedule and automate the existing MSR - Minimum Stock rules and MTO - Make to Order. MPS is a recent function that has been added in Odoo ERP software. MPS module trigger manufacturing order Alternatively MPS is linked with Purchase Management module to trigger purchases of BOM.
Odoo is 100% freely available - Although the enterprise edition of Odoo requires licensing cost that can be based on the list of apps you would like to implement for your business and the number of users. Odoo community edition is freely available with limited features. Both the version are completely customizable as per your business requirements.

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