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ODOO-POS-point of sale module features posbox

Odoo POS – Point of Sale Module | Features | Documentation

Odoo POS or Odoo Point of Sale module offers many features and easy-to-use system for restaurants that helps you in Quick installation, customization and flexiblility to meet your organization’s needs. Odoo ERP software is one of the leading Enterprise Resource planning software available with different Apps, and one of the App includes the Point of sales App which comes with a user-friendly and responsive interface.

Odoo Point of sales works with iPad, Tablets, and Desktop effortlessly. Point of sale system is one of the spot at your virtual store or restaurant where your customers can make payments for the products and services that has been offered by your business.

This Module enables the business transaction between the client and the company to be completed. Odoo POS is a connected with POSBox that consists of the main computer (screen) linked with several checkout terminals and supported by different hardware features starting from barcode scanners and ending with card payment terminals.

Below is the diagram of Odoo POS module how it gets connected with various devices with the help of POSBox.

odoo pos diagram, chartVarious businesses uses POS software differently based on their requirements, therefore Odoo Point of Sales customization is available through custom coding where businesses having different profiles can use the system differently. As an example, restaurants, retail businesses, and grocery stores all have their specialties and that is why they need a Point of Sale system that meets their specific needs.

Generally, mostly there are only two kinds of business that requires POS system for their business. Retail companies and hospitality and service business such as Hotels, restaurants etc. Although in recent years the use of POS has been increased with Manufacturing business also.

odoo pos module features

Odoo POS Features, Advantages & Benefits

  • Completely Integrated:

Odoo Point of sales is a completely integrated App with your Accounting, Inventory, and other departments of your business. Every transaction from POS is streamlined to maintain your inventory and stocks, therefore you don’t need to do multiple entries. Further, All your customers, bar codes, discount allocation products & orders are completely synced in the Odoo Point of sales app. With Odoo you can simply raise invoices and manage the customer too which further sync your accounting as well.


odoo POS loyalty programs

  • Flexibility on Payment Methods

With Odoo POS you can manage and configure multiple payment methods that provide your customer with flexibility for choosing the payment method. You can also split payments between different payments method. This allows your customer to pay flexibly with different payments option available in your store.

  • Loyalty Points & Programs

Odoo Point of Sale system allows you to reward your customers with points, gifts, and discounts – Feature such as the Odoo loyalty program allows you to automate the entire process of points allocation. With Loyalty programs, you can keep track of buying habits and consumer behavior.

  • Odoo POSBox

POSBox  you can connect all your different devices such as a printer, credit card machine, touchscreen, and so on… The Point of sale Box helps you to integrate your  hardware devices with Odoo. It is easy to set up at a lower cost. You just need to plug your different devices into the POSBox of Odoo, Be it printer or bar code scanner almost every brand is compatible with the Odoo ERP system.

  • Online & Offline Mode

Odoo Point of Sale works online as well as offline if your internet connection is lost. You can set up your new stores easily and quickly. To start POS you need an internet connection and in case your internet connectivity is lost you can continue working without any hassles. Once the internet connection is working all the offline data will sync.

  • Compatibility

Odoo POS is compatible with any hardware, therefore, you don’t require specific installation for different devices or any new devices to install.

  • Customizable

With the Odoo Point of sale system, you can create a floor layout according to your seating arrangement specifically in a restaurant. You can also create multiple floor plans and position of tables within POS.

  • Payment splitting

You can split your order payments into multiple orders this allows your customers to pay separately with different payment methods.

  • User Management

Odoo Point of sales app helps you to create different roles and hierarchies with restrictions to different users. In this way, you can configure roles and responsibilities at each store level.

  • Products

Odoo Point of sales can be used for the end number of products, therefore, you don’t need to restrict your products within the POS System.

Odoo POS for Shop :

Odoo POS for retail shops

Odoo introduced a few features to the new version with user-friendly features and easy account in this application. POS interface is the focus on improving business with ease of use. It is available for Shop and Restaurant, let’s have a look at the POS in the settings of Shop.

Odoo POS functions and featuresWith this Odoo ERP functionalities, a user will able to configure a product easily. It helps to create a new product category and parent category in a simple way. The user can make use of this new feature to select product attributes as in the sales module.

product categories for POS odoo

Another feature added to the POS interface is Manage Order.

POS interface is Manage OrderBy enabling the Manage Order to help a user can complete many tasks including reprinting the receipts, resend, and exchange orders.

The other change made by Odoo in the POS module is that only authorized access employees will able for the operation. The Employee option has been here to changed to an authorized employee.

POS module is that only authorized access

This feature authorization an employee to access the operation and change the cashier. Now let us take a look at how, these features benefit a POS business, here a shop. By enabling the above-mentioned options. Save the changes and a go-to New Session in shops. On opening this, the user can get a page where it will be marked as POS Closed. Besides, other options like Set a cash opening and opening amount can also be viewed.

opening odoo pos cashbox

Here, if the user is required can add any notes while the opening amount.

On doing this, click open.

Odoo POS window terminalThe user can view a POS window as given above.

The user can get all products from the home. For this click on the Home button

odoo Point of sale home buttonOnce you select a product you will get an option to give a product attribute and select the product variant of your choice.

select the product variant from Odoo POS

After selecting the required product, click Add. Then the product detail gets added as given below

selecting-the-required-product.After selecting a product, click on the Customer Tab set the customer.

customer tabThe user can also edit customer details from here by clicking on the customer details.

editing customer details for Odoo POSOn clicking on the customer details, the details get highlighted. Then an edit button also appears there. The user can then click Edit to make changes

After making necessary changes, click Save. Now, the order placed by the customer gets reflected in the orders.

click Edit to make changes

Click on the Orders to view the customer details, receipt number, employee who made the receipt, total payment, and status of the order.

reflected in orders

In the next step, the user can click on All Tickets, the option on the right-hand side. This shows the status of the order.

view order

The user just clicks on the payment option in the dashboard in a POS  customer makes payment and the payment quickly.

all list of tickets in odoo pos

payments option

There will be a Payment button using this you can make payment.

make payments

Here the user can select the mode of payment as bank or cash. Then validate the payment.

validate the POS paymentsThen the status of payment changes in the Order.

After validating the order, the user will be navigated to a new page, where the user will get a receipt. The user will be asked whether he requires a print out of the receipt or send it by email.

Email facility to send Receipt

Paperless business is progressing in the new world to be environment friendly, Odoo 14 introduced a receipt by email facility and the user can send receipts to a customer with the help of email. It helps users to manage easily the transfer of bills in the digital format with this feature. In Odoo 14, the user can send the receipt directly from this page as the email address of the customer automatically appears here.

email integration with POS odoo

Odoo POS for Restaurants

odoo pos for restaurants and hotelsReporting for your business:

Point of Sale must show history on your orders, payments, deliveries, customers, employees, and more. By using this information in the system, help the user to run a better business. It also instantly show what is selling and who is buying. And a dashboard showing real-time data to drive sales and profits higher.

Inventory Management:

Look for a restaurant Point of Sale system with an inventory management feature that allows users to keep track of every element and item sold. This goes a long way to ensuring profitability and long-term success.

Speed and easy to use:

The restaurant business is one that requires speed service. A slow system can be irritating to waiters, managers, or cooks. The concept of speed in a restaurant POS extends to ease-of-use, a user-friendly layout, and fast hardware as well. A few seconds different can make a huge impact on the service, the food, the drinks, and ultimately the profitability of an establishment.

Flexible and customizable:

Point of Sales system must be flexible and customizable according to the needs of business and updated with the latest technology.

Now you want to enable Table Management within Odoo ERP. Go to Odoo POS module >>Configuration >> Point of Sale button.

Point of Sale button

First of all, you can enter the name of the POS and select the checkbox of Bar/Restaurant. At the same time, you can enable the checkbox of Table Management now you can manage the floors by clicking on the Floors button.

select the checkboxNow click on the New Session button to start a session in the restaurant.

New Session buttonAfter clicking on the new session button in the restaurant POS. Now you can view your floors and you can add the seats, highlight the table with different colors or also with shape. Now I am accepting orders to table T3. Therefore click on T3.

Now you can edit and modify the table by clicking on the upper right-hand corner icon. At the same time, you can click on the pencil you will access into edit mode, which will enable you to create tables, move and modify them.

modify the table by clickingTo register your table orders

The floor plan will determine accurately wherever your customers exist and wherever are the free tables, who is, however, waiting for food. A smart floor plan will provide you to make the most of your area and try out ideas without wasting time on trial and error.

After successfully manage the orders, then click on the corresponding table. That will automatically redirect you to the POS session. Consequently,  you will be taken to your typical interface to register an order and payment. Whenever you want to change your order to another table now you can go back to your floor plan via choosing the floor button and you can also change the order to different tables.’

The order to different tablesAt that time, click on the Payment button. Customers can pay the amount by direct cash or Bank account.

click on the Payment buttonAfter completing the payment section, now you can print the bill. At that time, you can view the number of guests, table number in the receipt.

view the number of guests, table number in the receiptBelow is the Video of the Odoo POS System:

Odoo ERP software is a leading ERP software consist of community edition as well as enterprise edition to choose from. Odoo Point of sales system is a great tool for retail chains that gets lots of orders every day and the processing of each sale can be quicker. Odoo Point of sales offers you a clean interface for all your retail management. You can use Odoo POS if you are into the Restaurant business, Retail stores, Manufacturing, Whole selling, and so on…

Globalteckz team has experience in working with Odoo Point of Sales and have implemented it for many restaurants, Manufacturing businesses. We are a team of 35+ Odoo developers and offers Odoo ERP POS implementation and customization

Check out our Odoo App Store for more information on Odoo Apps by Globalteckz

In case you are looking out for Odoo POS system implementation in a community or for enterprise edition you can contact us. We are official Odoo Partners and have been working with (Odoo) since the release of version 5 and have successfully completed Implementation till the latest version.  We can offer you the cost-effective Odoo help including Odoo Installation, Odoo customization, and 3rd party integration – You can contact our team at or simply filling up the Inquiry form

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