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OpenERP Version 7 Implementation, Customization & Integration services

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Openerp verison 7 implementation and customizations services

OpenERP Version 7 Implementation, Customization & Integration services

Before we get into the technical details of the software, let’s first provide a brief overview of OpenERP . With the name Tiny ERP, OpenERP made its revolutionary debut in February 2005. Tiny ERP currently has four releases: versions 1, 2, 3, and 4. OpenERP released its fifth version later in April 2009 and changed its name from Tiny ERP to Open ERP. Open ERP has since released four additional versions: V5, V6, V6.1, and V7. Open ERP was finally given the lovely phenomenal name Odoo shortly after version 7 was released, along with a completely new branded theme and logo.

OpenERP is considered as one of the most downloaded and installed Open source ERP solution worldwide, OpenERP Version 7 the recent release and upgrade by OpenERP has been implemented by many businesses from SME’s to big organization, from Manufacturing to trading & services industries.

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OpenERP version 7 helps you in gaining the advantage of full fledged Enterprise resource planning software which streamline all your business processes by it powerful new features and a brand new user interface to the users. OpenERP is web based software which helps you in collaborating the data from anywhere in real time via internet connection. In-fact the recent release of OpenERP – version 7 is mostly implemented as a web application by many of our clients.

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“OpenERP includes an application server/web server (known as the OpenERP Server) that focuses on ERP business logic and interfacing with the database application and web clients”. – Source Wikipedia    

There are many modules/Apps available in OpenERP 7 which you can choose for your business towards the implementation; therefore you get one single solution to manage all your companies, and their departments which may be quite expensive if you opt for closed source software as the cost of every module creates the total cost of the product/project high.

Another advantage of OpenERP 7 Apps/ Module is that you can further customize these modules as per the business needs, workflows and so on. Every App is available freely thus it reduces the cost of Implementation. OpenERP 7 Apps are many and has been even crafted for specific industries, and business. Every App is easy to use since build on a clean UI in this new version.

OpenERP and all its modules are fully open source, released under the AGPL license. All our dependencies are also open source to avoid any hidden cost.

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OpenERP community is quite strong with powerful back up of developers and partners who are actively involved on OpenERP forums, Social networking sites to resolve queries. The partners list is growing almost in major countries which show a bright future of OpenERP 7 as well as version 8 which is news and under development.

Further OpenERP version 7 provides you with quicker implementations as compare to other paid software. An out of the box or vanilla implementation of OpenERP can be performed in less than 1 month period depending upon the size, data, users, business flow of an organization.

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Benefits and Advantages of OpenERP Customization

Globalteckz offers many advantages of the Odoo customization process as an esteemed certified OpenERP partner.

  • To meet all the unique business requirements, OpenERP customization is required.
  • simplicity in adding or removing modules that are no longer helpful to your company.
  • Along with customization options, OpenERP also offers integration services that let you combine all available modules with third-party software.
  • Better coordination between the various business operations.
  • By adjusting to specific business needs, OpenERP customization helps a company stand out in the marketplace.
  • The business’s ability to adapt to changes as needed is increased by the Open Source ERP OpenERP customization..

We at Globalteckz are experts in OpenERP version 7 Implementation, customization and integration with 3rd party tools such as QuickBooks, Magento, shipping and so on… For any help on OpenERP version 7 implementation you can contact us –

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    August 16, 2013 Reply

    OpenERP version 7 is one of the best ERP solutions i have seen even comparing OpenERP with its previous version and other software too in open source category. Wanted to know how much time it require to customize modules in openerp verison 7

    nice post –

      August 27, 2013 Reply


      yes the User Interface and social media integration in OpenERP version 7 is way far better as compare to version 5 and 6. Apart from that OpenERP version 7 have new features also.

      Back to your question – How much time it require to customize modules in OpenERP version 7.

      It actually depend on the modules you would like to customize, if its normal enterprise modules such as sales purchase it would take less time whereas modules such as Manufacturing or warehouse and Inventory may take little longer time.

      Although we prefer you to implement the vanilla module and provide us with the customization point after that we can provide you the exact timelines of the customization in the modules.

      You can visit our website – or email us on

      GlobalTeckz Team

    July 27, 2013 Reply


    A very superb post on OpenERP implemention version 7, I am currently using version 6 and trying to upgrade or migrate to version 7.

    I am still awaiting as I got to know version 8 of OpenERP or OpenERP 8 may be release soon. What is your opinion – should I go for vesion 7 or Wait for OpenERP 8. Can you provide when OpenERP version 8 will release ?

    Thanks in advance!


      August 27, 2013 Reply

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for providing those lovely comments and considering us to answer your queries.

      As per my knowledge OpenERP 7 got released in the year 2012 December (the stable version). There are 2 points here is you are happy with version 6 and don’t want to spend un necessary then wait for version 8 to get released, Because OpenERP version 8 may take 2 to 3 month to go stable.

      If you would like to go for OpenERP version 7 out of new design then it is better to go for migration services by Globalteckz. Although still my suggestion would be to wait for OpenERP 8 and then completely move from version 6 to 8.

      As far as date is concern OpenERP version 8 release date is not yet confirmed market says it may get release at the end of this year

      Although version 6 got released in January 2011, version 7 in December 2012 henceforth expectation for v8 is end or starting of 2014.

      Check out this blog for other OpenERP related articles

      Globalteckz Team

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