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Odoo Helpdesk ticket support management module from the website helps you to support to your customer which is one of the most important aspects of the business. It is important to select the help desk solution that addresses your organization’s business requirements. Remember, the one-size-fits-all rule does not apply when choosing a help desk solution. Not every organization will require the same feature set; that is why we have crafted this module so to ensure you get different solution for Helpdesk

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What is the Helpdesk?

The Helpdesk is the resources that are very useful for companies to have a better relationship with their clients and save dealing time with customer support. There might be a lot of Helpdesk option in the market but Helpdesk in Odoo make special with its simplicity that adapted as per the business style.

Let us take an example from Automobile sector – When any Automobile product is delivered it comes with a warranty period, the warranty may be free periodic maintenance. This is the time when you can gain the trust of the customers and turn them into brand loyalists, so whenever they are keen to buy your products, there shouldn’t be a second thought. As a matter of fact to manage the customer in a powerful way you cannot put all the executives to the support part since your Executives are engaged in their daily activities and human-error is inevitable. There may be chances where your team can skip remembering dates. This was the thing of the past. Not anymore. Enter the phase of business automation.


This app allows teams to capture, manage, and track the status of customer issues in an organized and highly collaborative manner. A support ticket is a process of tracking the updates and details of a problem from the moment it is reported until the issue is resolved.

The customer can track the status of the ticket from the website and also possible to communicate with the support team. In this system monitoring and management done by the support manager and support, the user manages tasks based on tickets. Globalteckz Helpdesk support ticket management app has everything you need to refine your customer support in one single place — ticket management, workflow & process automation, SLA tracking, reporting’s. With our Helpdesk app for Odoo You can easily Collaborate to address support tickets with multiple assignments or mentions. This app helps you to monitor the performance of your support team and analyze ticket traffic (including open and closed tickets).

The following are the list of main features for the Helpdesk Module.

Customer can generate support tickets from the website

Status Of existing open tickets

Allocation of tickets to different users based on the case you define

Multiple invoicing available for generating bills

Customer feedback and rating system

You can assign tickets to the team as well in case the issue requires multiple people to resolve. Timesheet management

Timesheet management

Reporting of timesheets

Customer can see multiple tickets such as open or closed

How Helpdesk Module works:

Following are the screenshots where we tried to cover few functions of Helpdesk & support from the website

in the below screenshot of Odoo 14 enterprise edition you can see we have installed the Odoo helpdesk ticket system module. Click on HelpDesk Module

odoo helpdesk application support system ticket system from the website

In the Configuration menu of helpdesk ticket module we need to start configuring various types of tickets which you organization offers. In our case as an Odoo Company we may offer, Bug fixing, extra customizations, installation, app configuration and so on… First have to create a Ticket Type, go to the configuration menu bar and click Ticket Type

various kind of ticket types

You can start adding the name of your tickets types and save it.

add the name of your helpdesk ticket type

Once you have added the ticket types you can add the ticket subject to create helpdesk Ticket Subject, go to the configuration menu bar, and click Ticket Subject

writing the subject of the ticket

Type the name of the Ticket Subject and Save it.

ticket subject

After creating the ticket subject type you can start creating the helpdesk team. To Create a Helpdesk Team, go to the configuration menu bar and click Helpdesk Team

create a helpdesk team

Create a Team with respective Name, Select Leader Add Team Members in the column and we can select team as default on not


Check the Tickets generated from the website click on the Helpdesk Tickets

Helpdesk-Tickets support tickets

From the Website, for ticket registration click the registration image button


Fill the details for Ticket Registration with the respective log in User and set the priority


After Submitting the Ticket registration it will show a Successful massage with respective Ticket No. on the Website.


Once the Ticket is generated from the Website will display the Ticket with its Priority in Helpdesk Tickets Dashboard.

display-the-Ticket support ticket

On clicking the Ticket with respective Assign User will open the Ticket, in the initial state as New, and all the details will be displayed which was filled while Ticket registration by User.

Ticket-in-the-initial-state as new

Admin User Will Assigned the User for the Ticket with Helpdesk Team and save


Website User can see their Ticket status in the Support Ticket Window by clicking the Ticket Status Button



To View More Details Click to View Ticket button.


After User Assigned, The respective Loggin User selects the Stage and fill the Timesheet details as per the Ticket.


Create task as per the Ticket and its Timesheet


Start the Task, Assigned User will display the Ticket Description with the initial Stage as New


Once the task is started in will be in In Progress Stage, after Task will be completed by clicking the Stop Button.


Confirm the Time.


After Confirming the Time the task will be in Done Stage


Stages have to Selected as per the Assigned User as per the Respective Ticket Requirments.


Register Payment





Helpdesk Ticket Analysis Report

reports of support and helpdesk tickets

This App of Odoo helpdesk ticket and support is available for the latest version of Odoo and helps you to level up your customer interaction that further enhances the customer experience. With this module you can easily track all the issues they are facing and resolve them quickly with more satisfaction.

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The Benefits of having an active Ticketing Management System with your Odoo ERP software:

  • One Point of Communication for the customer
  • Efficient Monitoring and Tracking of all the issues raised by the customer
  • Improved Customer Relationships by offering timely resolutions
  • Better Resolution Times compare to manual management
  • Quality improvisation for the continuous issues on particular product or services.
  • Strengthens Brand Image and Reputation
  • Delegate the request and open tickets based on experts in your business
  • Enables you to prioritize by urgency and route by skill
  • Saves Time and Resources
  • Increase Professionalism

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