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Odoo BigCommerce Connector


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V16, V15


Odoo BigCommerce Connector / Integration/bridge developed by Globalteckz helps your business with easy synchronization of all the data from your eCommerce website / store into Odoo ERP software. Buying this connector will help you to have a single ERP system for managing all your Bigcommerce website functions.

This connector is a 2-way connector therefore you don’t need to even bother login into the Bigcommerce backend for processing and perform necessary functions and everything can be managed within Odoo ERP software. This Connector is further customizable as per your business needs and requirements and can perform advanced functionalities.

odoo bigcommerce connector

About BigCommerce

An eCommerce platform with a cloud-based store that provides businesses with the functions and features an online store merchant would require to sell their products and services online. The platform was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Bigcommerce offers a range of features, including such as Store designing with powerful templates, Payments integration, inventory and order handling, SEO capabilities and many more functions for an eCommerce store.

how to integrate odoo with big commerce api rest and soap

Bigcommerce Odoo Connector Video with complete functions

General Configuration

module and app set up

After installing the module go to Settings –> Then go to the Users menu

rest API and Soap API integration for bigcommerce connector

Next select the specific user –> In Access Rights, check on the Bigcommerce Connector Users –> Save

access rights

Bigcommerce Instance Creation

Go to the Bigcommerce Dashboard and Click on Create Instance

BigCommerce Dashboard

Enter the credentials provided to you by Bigcommerce and click on Create

bigcommerce credential creation for integration - API REst and soap

bigcommerce credential creation for integration – API REst and soap

Manage BigCommerce Products in Odoo ERP software

In the Bigcommerce Dashboard, go to Configuration –> Instance and select the instance you created.

manage products

Import and Export Category

products categories of bigcommerce import export

Click on Import Category, all the categories form Bigcommerce will be imported to Odoo. You can also export the product categories from Odoo to Bigcommerce.

products catergories of bigcommerce

products catergories of bigcommerce

Import and Export Brand

Click on Import Brand, all the brands form Bigcommerce will be imported to Odoo. You can also export the brand from Odoo to Bigcommerce.

import & Export Brand

Import Product and Import Inventory

import inventory

import inventory

Click on Import Product, all the products form Bigcommerce will be imported to Odoo. You can also import the Inventory from Odoo to Bigcommerce.

inventory and warehouse

inventory and warehouse

Manage BC Customers in Odoo

Benefit your customers by managing it in the ERP system. You can import Customer or Customer Group within the Enterprise resource planning software. Plus this is fully integrated with the CRM management module so if you have offline customers you can handle them easily by enhancing Customer relationship.

manage your bigcommerce customers

Customer that has been created in Bigcommerce will be imported to Odoo

integrators for big commerce connector

All customer group that has been created in Bigcommerce will be imported to Odoo

Odoo big commerce integration

Import Sales Order

import sales order

The sale orders which are been created in Bigcommerce will be imported to Odoo

list of sales order from Bigcommerce to odoo bridge

Export Product and Inventory

export product inventory from Odoo to bigcommerce stores

Scheduler Configuration

Go to the Bigcommerce Dashboard and Click on Configuration. Select the instance you just created and configure the scheduler according to your requirements.

BigCommerce Scheduler Configuration Form

Need More Customizations for Odoo BigCommerce Connector ?

If you are looking for more functionalities – we would be happy to work with you at lowest costing in order to develop new functions in the Bigcommerce Odoo bridge. You can let us know your requirements or can have a check on the existing functions of this connector through an online demo. email us on sales@globalteckz.com

Play Now ! Bigcommerce Integration Video with complete functions

Benefits of ERP integration with BigCommerce website / Stores

If you are using BC website and still facing issues with your departmental processes such as sales purchase or manufacturing then you may need an ERP software that integrates and communicate with your Bigcommerce websites. ERP integration through a connector can help you with several advantages some of them includes :

Streamlined operations:

The integration with an ERP software helps you to streamline all you business workflows and process such as inventory management from BC shipping accounting as well as you can be benefited with other modules such as Human resource management customer relationship handling operations accounting and so on. This can reduce errors and also reduce staffing who are processing the order manually.

Proper inventory tracking:

Inventory management and tracking is one of the most important area for any eCommerce business. With an ERP in place, you can easily track inventory levels in real-time, ensuring that you always have the right amount of stock in your warehouse. This can help you avoid stock outs and backorders, which can lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers. Through ERP you can maintain buffer stocks as well as multiple warehouse handling easily.

Improved customer experience:

By integrating Bigcommerce with an ERP software, you can provide your customers with more accurate and up-to-date information about their orders, including shipping status and estimated delivery dates. This can improve the overall customer experience and lead to increased customer satisfaction. Even with the use of CRM module you can touch base your old customers with new products launched on your website.

Better financial management:

An ERP integrated Big commerce management can help you track revenue, expenses, and profits more accurately, making it easier to manage your finances and make informed business decisions. You don’t need manage Accounting entries separately within ERP everything can be handled.

Enhanced reporting and analytics:

An integration with your eCommerce can provide you with more detailed and accurate data about your business operations, which can help you identify trends, spot opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

Overall, integrating Bigcommerce with an ERP software can help businesses improvize efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience, while also providing better financial management and business insights.

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Additional information

Available Version

V16, V15