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Odoo Certificate and license management with expiry helps you to automate your processes of creating certification, or licenses for your customers in an easy way. As an organization if you are issuing various certificates, licenses to your customers, vendors, employee or suppliers this is a great app to manage all your certificates in one single software. From Expiry dates till reminders you can set everything in one single Odoo app.

Features of Odoo Certificate License Management App with Expiry:

Odoo Certificate & licenses management app will help you to manage certificate and licenses of your clients/ Customers /Vendors/Suppliers / contacts as well Employees or any other stake holders in your company. Using this single app you will be able to manage your certificate and license documents into Odoo. It also allow you to manage expiry dates and notification for reminder for expiry soon and expired documents. This Odoo Application if fully customizable further as per your business needs and requirements. You can design your own certificates further as per your needs.

Process Automation :

Odoo Certificate and licenses management with expiry helps you to create process automation in the business with respect to the issuing of certificates and licenses to your suppliers vendors and employees

Workflow Management :

Comes with powerful workflow automation where you can create your own processes for expiry, issuing, email notification, payments etc.

Completely integrated :

This app of Odoo certificate license management with expiry date is fully integrated with other application of Odoo ERP offering you with one single solution for managing your certificates and licenses

Create End numbers of certificates and licenses

There is no limit on the number of users or the number of certificates and license you issue to your vendor. This allows you to generate end number of certificate or licenses for your employee, vendor, supplier or stakeholders of the company.

Certification and licensing expiry reminders

Offers you with proper expiry emails notification which can be scheduled based on your business requirements. You can create licenses expiry notifications easily

Documents Attachment

You can also create documents and attachment as per your business requirements – create certificates and licenses as per your business requirements

Certificate View

Customers, vendors and employees can view certificates or licenses through odoo website which make easy understanding of renewals, expiry and reassigning the documents

Fully Customizable

You can fully customize this module as per your business requirements further – We tried to cover most of the parts in this module, Although if your requirements are not fulfilled globalteckz can customize this Odoo app as per your needs.

Below is the screenshots and process of how the Odoo Certificate License Management Module works:

Certificate Management and Workflows

After the installation of module you can check into the Module Certificates

checking certificates in Odoo

Create certificate type based on where you want to issue the certificate

 certificate types in odoo erp software

list of certificate creation

LIST OF certificate types

Active Certificates | Expiring Soon Certificates | Newly created certificate in odoo

 Dashboards for issues and renewal of certificates

Calendar view of list of certificate

calender view for certificates and license renewal with expiry

Certificate details


configuration for scheduling various actions on particular certificate

schedular configuration for renewal and issue of certificates

Configure emails and other authentication for communciation
 email configuration for communication

PDF format of certificate issues –

PDF report for the certificate management

Logged in as a Vendor | Employee | Supplier | Customer

client can check the certificates

Via Odoo Website Vendor or employee can see the list of certificates issued

 view of certificates

Certificate details such as certificate number – start date, expiry date and status

checking cerficiations by client

Issued certificate

Reminder emails automation for renewal

email reminder for certificates

License Management and Workflows

Click into the menu for License

 license view
Create license type

 list of created license in odoo
Active Licenses | Expiring Soon Licenses| Newly created Licenses in odoo

gantt view of license in odoo

Calendar View of Licenses

calendar view
A detailed view of license

view of a license
Configuration for scheduling various actions on particular certificate

 configuration and scheduling of renewing license

PDF format of licenses issues

pdf report for license

Logged in as a Vendor | Employee | Supplier | Customer

Via Odoo Website Vendor or employee can see the list of licenses issues

Issued Licenses and all other information.

9 list of license

View of individual License
complete license view through website
License Expiry reminder email format

license expiry reminder

official odoo partners - globalteckz

Frequently Asked Questions

This Odoo App is one-time purchase for a particular version of Odoo ERP that you select. For instance V. 14, V13 etc. You dont need to pay monthly fees or licenses.
Yes, this Odoo App is compatible with Enterprise and Community Edition both.
Yes ! You can fully customize this app as per your business needs and requirements. Customization charges are extra based on your requirements. You can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com
This App comes with a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase until any custom changes not made on this particular Odoo App by Third-party vendors. The Warranty of this app get Void if any third party customizations made any change in the core code.
Globalteckz offers you 6 months of No Cost support for apps costing above 399 Euros. For less than 399 Euros A 3 Month of Support is provided by Globalteckz Team. Support voids if there is any custom coding done in the core code by third-party vendor.
You can get the demo from our Experts on this Odoo App Kindly email us on sales@globalteckz.com for more information.
This Odoo App may require other supporting Odoo Apps to make the particular module fully functional. All our support apps are provided to you after you purchase this module from our app store. Supportive apps are almost free for community edition & Enterprise edition. That means you dont need to pay any extra cost for the same.
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V17, V16, V15, V14, V13


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