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Odoo Magento Connector / Integration / bridge helps your business with easy synchronization of all the data from your store into the ERP software. Buying this Module will help you to have a single Enterprise Resource Planning system for managing all your website functions.

This connector is an advance 2-way sync therefore you don’t need to even bother login into website back-end for processing and performing necessary functions and everything can be managed within Odoo ERP software. This Integration includes the Magento pricelist part which can help you to manage multiple price lists in Odoo.

Magento Odoo integration also used by many businesses as a complete software package.  You can also call it as ERP software for your website eCommerce Management as it handles every area of your Store where you put up an eCommerce store.


Globalteckz is an Official Partner and has developed this connector for various Odoo Version such as 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16. We were the first to migrate successfully Odoo Magento bridge. Odoo ERP is one of the leading ERP software available in the market today that offers various apps for every industry and verticals. This Module is enhanced and standardize with the coding of Odoo and Python. If you need a demo of this integration – feel free to connect with our team before buying this App.

As mentioned in our other Odoo apps; This integration offers you a wide range of modules that help you to manage other functions of your business. This integration from Globalteckz is an “Advance level” connector that helps you with Magento website management becomes easy with add-on Odoo functions such as Sales, Purchases, Inventory Management, Financial & Accounting, HR, and so on. You get complete eCommerce store management software for various businesses such as Trading & Manufacturing even.

This Module developed by Globalteckz can be used for Odoo Enterprise edition as well for community edition  (Not for online version).

An Overview of Magento 2 :

Magento eCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce solutions that has been preferred by many Trading businesses ranging from Small to Large organizations. In the past few years, the use of this eCommerce has been increased fourfold due to the strong community and flexibility. There has been a various version of that has been rolled out in past few years.

We have Odoo Connector available for Magento 1.7 to 1.9 and for late version 2


Available for Odoo version 8 to 16 :

As Odoo releases a new version every year we have a Magento connector available for even OpenERP version 7. since we are working on this connector for the past 9 years and have upgraded this connector with new functions that can be helpful for eCommerce Merchants. We have Magento 2 Odoo connector for version 12, 13, 14 15 and the latest v16 also.

We also have Magento 1.9 Connectors available for the recent and older version.

odoo magento connector

Odoo Magento 2 Integration offers you with advanced level functions :

Create Magento stores 

Import of attribute sets

Import product attributes

Import product categories

Import of Products

Import product stocks

Import of customer groups

Import customers

Import taxes

Import orders

Export order status

Import Invoice

Import Shipment

Update Simple Type products

Export simple type products

Export customer Group

Export Stock / Inventory

Maintain Logs

Manage your own workflows

how to install odoo magento connector

After Installation of Connector

Let’s see How to integrate both the system. Once you install this connector you can see in Odoo that there has been a menu created. You can check the installation guide with helps you with the setup.

odoo magento 2 connector installation

You need to first go into the Magento Menu and then click on the Core Settings After core settings you can click on the instance. We have also kept Smart buttons which will help you to easily navigate to Websites, Stores, Attribute Sets, Attribute, Categories, Products, and Customers.

creating magento 2 stores in odoo through api connection

Part B: Creating a Magento Store in Odoo or API Connection.

Menu Magento instances

1. The first step is to enter the website URL (location) including your website username and password so that you can connect your Magento with Odoo ERP.

2. After adding all the credentials you need to click on the Load website button which will initiate the importing of all your websites into Odoo. All the websites will be fetched in Odoo that you have configured in Magento.

Add Location of Magento 2 hosting then add a User name, Password and Stock Location with respective Name and save the details, that click to Load Website and once the website is loaded then click to Load Store this is the necessary step to establish the connection between both the tools.

magento 2 test connection

Step 3:After the Successful connection we can see the Instances list with Name and Location

magento 2 instances location in odoo

Step 4: To add Website details, click in the Core Setting menu and Save the details with its Name, Instances, and website Id.

magento website in odoo erp

Step 5: To add Detail of Shop, Click on shop in the Core Setting menu. Save the details with the respective Name of the Shop, Instances, the Website, and the Store Id. You can Import Orders, Import Status, and Export Status.

magento 2 Shop created in Odoo ERP software


part c importing functions from magento 2 to odoo

Part C: Import Function

Step 1:To Add Attribute Set click

Product Attribute >> Attribute Sets on the Menu bar

odoo magento 2 attribute sets importing


You can initiate by importing the products attribute set first in Odoo since based on attribute sets attributes and categories will be imported. To import your product attribute sets you to need to click on the Import attributes button, this can be further automated through schedulers.

importing product attributes from magento to odoo

After successfully import the step we can see Magento Product Attribute Sets in Odoo. Once you import the attribute set you can check the same in Product Attribute Menu > Attribute sets.

imported magento product attributes into Odoo erp

To check the count of Attribute Set by referring to Attribute Set

odoo magento attribute sets


Similarly, you can Import Attributes and Categories and check the count in Magento. Once you import the product attributes sets you can start importing attributes for that you click on the import attribute button.


Categories will be easily accessed from instance or from the product attributes -> attribute. In another screenshot, it will help you to update parent category, code, instance, shop and track if the category is exported or not.

importing categories of magento into odoo


To Manage Catalogs, First, we have to import Simple Products, and Second Import Configurable Product (Product with Variants)

importing the catalog

After successfully import, we can see all the products in the ERP.

magento 2 products import


To recheck whether the product is properly Imported or Not.

importing of all the products from magento to Odoo


You can easily import all your products into Odoo by clicking on import products. Similarly Import Stock, Images, and Customer has been provided with different buttons

Similarly Import Stock, Images, and Customer in Odoo

To check the Attribute, Product Attributes >> Attributes, hear we can see all the Product Attribute

Product attribute menu in odoo

To check the Attribute Option, Product Attributes >> Attributes Option, hear we can see all the Product Attribute Option.

list of product attributes

To check the Product Categories, Product Attributes >> Categories, hear we can see all the Product Categories.

magento 2 attributes options

magento orders management in odoo erp software



Part D: Magento Orders

Step 1: We can see, an Import Order, Import Invoice, and Import shipment button which helps you to import all your Order, Invoices, and Shipments from Magento into Odoo.

You can also process all the Orders and Invoices in Odoo and update them back to website which we will show in the later screenshots.

importing invoices from magento 2 to odoo

Step 2:

The invoice and shipping orders

invoice from magento to odoo imported

Step 3:

The order details show you all the information such as order date, payments, shop, customer address, name, and other references.

other information

Step 4:

Customer Signature

customer signature

Step 5:

We can see the Sales Order as per the selection

sales order

Part E: Exporting function

Exporting function from Odoo to Magento 2

Step 1: Export invoices and shipments to manage all the operations.

export invoices from Odoo to magento 2

Step 2: We can export the products by creating them in ERP, export can be done in bulk where you can create your products list and export.

export images and stock

Part F: Update Function

update functions from magento to odoo vice versa

We can update the Magento products from Odoo itself some changes needs to be done in the Inventory, Product images, or General Information such as description, heading,

updating from magento 2 to odoo

magento 2 group pricing

Part G: Customization of Group Pricing (Advance Function) – Add-on.

We introduce a Group Pricing for a product where we can maintain a price list as per the time period. For example, We can increase or decrease the price for a particularly festive session like the price of a sweater in winter is $20 and in summer is %15 for 10 quantities.

Step 1:

Select Customer Group from Magento Customer Group Menu Bar

customer group pricing in magento odoo connector

Step 2:

Here we can see the list of Customer Group or you can create or import by the respective button and fill as per the instruction.

Magento customer groups in odoo

To customize the Pricelist
Step 3:

In Sales Setting >> Pricing >> Pricelists >> Select Advance Price rules and Save.

customize the pricelist


Step 4:

To import the Pricelist, Select Import Advance Pricelist Tab and Click to Import Advanced Price List button.

importing the customer pricelist from magento to odoo

Step 5:

View the Pricelist Go to Products in the Menu bar of Sales and click on Pricelist.

magento pricelist

Step 6:

To Export the Pricelist, Select Import Advance Pricelist Tab and Click to Export Advanced Price List button.

export the pricelist

Step 7:

To Export the Pricelist, Confirm the Customer Group Id, Instance, and Select the Pricelist, Now in the Price Rules Tab set Product Item pricelist with Minimum Quantity, Price, Start Date, and End Date respectively.

To Export the Pricelist from Odoo to Magento 2

Step 8:

Once Product Pricelist is Exported and automatically Pricelist Exported checked.

automatically Pricelist Exported checked

view in magento 2 for customer pricelise

The above Module is available for 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 15 & 16 the latest version for any queries feel free to connect with us over email – sales@globalteckz.com. The customer Pricelist part is an add-on feature for which the module cost is an extra 150 Euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Odoo App is one-time purchase for a particular version of Odoo ERP that you select. For instance V. 14, V13 etc. You dont need to pay monthly fees or licenses.
Yes, this Odoo App is compatible with Enterprise and Community Edition both.
Yes ! You can fully customize this app as per your business needs and requirements. Customization charges are extra based on your requirements. You can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com
This App comes with a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase until any custom changes not made on this particular Odoo App by Third-party vendors. The Warranty of this app get Void if any third party customizations made any change in the core code.
Globalteckz offers you 6 months of No Cost support for apps costing above 399 Euros. For less than 399 Euros A 3 Month of Support is provided by Globalteckz Team. Support voids if there is any custom coding done in the core code by third-party vendor.
You can get the demo from our Experts on this Odoo App Kindly email us on sales@globalteckz.com for more information.
This Odoo App may require other supporting Odoo Apps to make the particular module fully functional. All our support apps are provided to you after you purchase this module from our app store. Supportive apps are almost free for community edition & Enterprise edition. That means you dont need to pay any extra cost for the same.

Advantages & Benefits of integrating ERP with Magento 2 website.

Nowadays People are emphasizing the digital world and every business is adopting Digital workspace through eCommerce as a Business environment platform. eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries, with eCommerce unbounded the business networks and can be done all over the globe without any borders.

Magento being one of the leading eCommerce platforms offers you flexibility and a strong community hold with various developers and companies working on eCommerce development projects. 

As a full-fledged eCommerce, it suffices all the requirements from Catalog management, products, payment gateway integration, and so on… But if your operations run into multiple orders every day then there is a need for an ERP software in your business that can not only integrate well with your eCommerce website but also offers you functionalities such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting and so on…

Considering various situations of eCommerce merchants Globalteckz has been developing Magento Bridge since 2013. Our company was pioneered in Implementing and  our integration is available for older versions 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9 as well as for Magento 2. This is a single app installation from the Odoo side. There is nothing more you need to add in eCommerce backend.

This is a two-way connector that offers Import Export and Updates functions from Odoo to Magento and vice versa. Let’s have a look on what are the benefits of integrating the Magento website with an ERP solution.

ERP software offers you streamlined business processes and handles all your departments such as sales, purchase, inventory, accounting and you name it. Following are the key benefits and advantages of integrating your Magento eCommerce with ERP software. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Magento 2 Odoo Connector

Yes ! Our team provide you with demo version of Odoo connector where you can test the functions based on your requirements. We prefer you to have demo with our team member so that you can even raise any questions related to customizations or functionalities.
This Magento connector is specifically developed for Magento version 2 or higher. This connector will not work with 1.9 or lower version for that you can buy the lower version Magento connector.
Yes ! Globalteckz team offers you with complete end to end integration and testing of this Connector. We integrate test and support you after you purchase the connector including the integration.
We provide you with 6 months of support once you buy this connector from us! Any issues you face with the connector our team will be available to support you. We ensure that the support is quick with less turnaround time.
No ! This is a single connector which only needs to be installed at Odoo side. This reduces the risk at Magento live store also.

Key benefits of Integrating ERP with Magento

  • It simplifies the updates of the product and its prices.
  • Flexibility for multiple operations to add online/offline sales management which reduces inventory costs.
  • ERP software automates processes like order History, Inventory status, product categories, Contacts, and Shipping data.
  • You can manage your inventory of Product availability, Order Tracking, and other related information that are updated to the customer without hiring staff for such tasks from the ERP software itself.
  • Automated Tax Compliance, financial reporting, maintaining Payable / Receivable Account journals, Tax Return,s and other reports to create transparency in the organization. 
  • With a single system in place, you don’t need to go into multiple platforms for management. 
  • You can also manage multiple platforms within the ERP software such as other marketplaces

Following are the Benefits and Advantages of Integrating Odoo ERP Magento 2 Connection :

1.Decreased in Risk of Error

Integrating your Magento 2 Website with Odoo reduces the redundant task due to automation and updates in real-time inventory management systems, orders, product management, and so on… This helps you with lower error and smooth transition of your Magento website through the Enterprise resource planning software.

2.More Automation

Integrating Magento with Odoo ERP allows minimizing the number of manual entries, such as orders and product, inventory, shipping, and customer data entries. More automation means two things – a smaller risk of error and less time wasted on redundant tasks.

Improve communication between sales teams and back-office productivity. i.e. Less manual entry for inventory management and no more Reentry of data so decreased risk of error.

3.Cost Reduction

Businesses are always looking to cut costs and maximize profits. the sales updates are automatically reflected throughout the Odoo ERP by using Magento. Customers place an order, updates are immediately applied to invoices, Account, Shipping, and every aspect of the ERP system.

4. Satisfaction of Customers

A customer can log in to a Magento Shopping cart to place individual orders and pick the ordered product as well as filter the product by category and Odoo ERP reflects shipping details, order processing, delivery dates, text updates, etc. This kind of general ordering process made it easier with integrating Magento and Odoo ERP.

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