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Odoo Property Management/ Lease / Rental Software application is a complete ERP for real estate  and property developers that helps with complete smoothing of your processes such as managing your building, houses, rents, rental agreements, payments, due dates, commission, parties involved, and so on… With Odoo ERP and this module combination you can easily understand overall processes and workflows of every aspects of property management. This Property software is easy to install and configure and acts as an Online property management software.

Odoo Property Management & Real estate management system is specifically built by Globalteckz for Landlords, Property Brokers, Tenants management. ERP for property developers module consists of two separate entities ie: Property management as well as tenancy management where you rent your properties such as house, offices, building on rent. This is a complete module for building owners or house owners who can maintain and manage different properties, rents, tenants, agreements, Payments, landlord details, and every area which is require to streamline all properties.

Further based on your business requirements odoo for real estate management module can be futher customizable as per your business needs.

Some of the features of this App help you with is as follows :

  • If you are a landlord who owns a property with multiple units you can easily streamline your workflows and centralize all your data into this App of Odoo revoking duplication in your daily operations.
  • You can also use Odoo Website to market your properties with the help of Odoo other apps. This enhances your online presence.
  • Every rental payment, outstanding, and balances are recorded therefore you can easily track your payments and schedule notifications for the reminders to the tenants for the rent due. If you are using Odoo invoicing you can easily generate invoices too.
  • With the Globalteckz property management module, you can keep track of all the important details such as tenant information, contact numbers, property number, lease documents, agreement copies, renewal dates etc.
  • Handle maintenance and unexpected repairs within the issue management where you can easily put the issues your tenants are facing through which quick actions and issues can be addressed.
  • Odoo property management integrates well with Odoo other apps such as CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Purchases so on making a complete ERP software for Property management.
  • You can further customize this Odoo rental management app as per your business requirements by integrating and customizing workflows and processes based on your business.


technical and functional features of property rental app

At a Glance: Technical & Functional features of Odoo Rental Property management software

1) Admin and Agents are different users.
2) Admin is a superuser and has all access rights of agents (so no need to assign Admin as an agent group explicitly) but agents not have the admin access rights.
3) Admin can create agents whereas agents can not create agents but can create his/her tenants, landlords, properties etc.
4) Admin can see/edit/delete all the agents, tenants, landlord, properties, landlord invoice, tenancy invoices, confirm/validate and register payments of all the invoices but agents can only see/edit/delete his/her tenants, landlord, properties, landlord invoice, tenancy invoices and confirm/validate and register payments of his/her invoices.
5) Only Admin can have access to the invoice module but the agent can not have access to it.
6) Only Admin can run the scheduler for generating the landlord and tenancy invoices whereas the agents can not run the scheduler but see/edit/delete/confirm/validate his/her invoices generated by the admin after running the scheduler.

Odoo Property Management System | Real Estate Lease / Rental Software

Below are some of the screenshots for Odoo Property/ Lease management module:

Property Login – After buying this module you can install it yourself or take help from our team – As you can see a menu will be created for the Property rental Application.


You can create different properties and landlords


You can create various properties as a property agent.


Once you click on the create property button – A form will open and you can start adding the property name, you can also add photographs of the property.


You can also edit and add the landlord name with respect to a particular property.


You can also create multiple landlord for multiple properties which is under you for rentals, lease etc.


In the below screenshot one you created the Landlord automatic property land lord will appear after selection.


Once you create a landlord and add in the property form you can now add all the other information such as address, property type, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, gas safety expiry. you can also upload necessary documents

After adding all the information you can click on the Save Button


My Tenant portal / Tenancy management : As a property agent you may have various tenants which can be manage from this menu. Create end number of tenants will complete details


Adding or creating new tenants


Capture complete information of your all tenants including a login for your tenants in odoo to manage other areas such as invoicing payments etc.


Once you fill up all the information of your tenants you can click on save button


Creating Tenancy in Odoo


A pop up will open after which you can create tenancy – You can start adding the tenants and all the other information.


you can add all the information including the commission

In the below images you can see that for a particular property management in odoo tenants are added.

You can also see the tenancy attached to a particular property.

If the tenant has any property issuse such as water leakage, problems with electricity, painting – Tenants can start adding the issues.

Below is the example of Door bell not working – Images also can be added

List of issues created by the tenant

Tenant can login into the system and check all the necessary details about the house or office rent agreements.

Property agent can see the issues from the below images

The property manager or agent can also request for the issues to the property owner.

Once the issues is resolve the property agent can click on done button – this workflow will be shown to the property owner as well as tenant.

Agent can see issue payments details

As a property manager you can see list of due rents and payments from the below

Landlord Login in Odoo

For the issues that has been created by Tenants and property manager / agent, Landlord can approve or reject the payments.

Here the landlord can add the amount and date.

Landlord can check the property details

List of issues payments

List of all due payments of the landlord

There are many other features in the property management software – which we can showcase through a live demo – for more information and interest in this module you can connect with us via sales@globalteckz.com

Advantages and Benefits of Property Management System (PMS)


There are many benefits of implementing Property management software for organizations who are managing various real estate or corporate properties some of them include :

  • Enhance profitability of your real estate
  • This ERP for property developers help to improvise the productivity.
  • Streamline all your property operations
  • Enhance flat sales and provides an overview which flats or offices can be leased or rented.
  • With empty flats it helps property developers to boost occupancy.
  • Control your overall real estate through this solution.

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