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Odoo Shopify Connector | Extension | Bridge is developed by Globalteckz team helps you with integration of your Website with ERP software. You can perform various functions within the Enterprise Resource Planning system itself. Easy and quick to install and start with all Import, Export and Update functions in Solution. We don’t have any hidden fees or monthly charges for this app.

Globalteckz pioneered with this integration within few clicks you can install the module and start running all your eCommerce functions into the ERP solution. Compatible with Enterprise edition as well as Community.

Unlike other available connectors in the market where you need to pay monthly charges and hidden fees and even need to install on both sides ie: Shopify as well as Odoo. This is one-time purchase with free upgrades and updates for a particular version. This Integration helps you to single-handedly manage all your website operations such as products, order, customers, etc. from the ERP software.

Shopify Odoo integration is a complete eCommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks

Globalteckz brings you out with this Shopify Odoo Extension where you can synchronize all data from ecommerce website into the ERP software Shopify store and other operations in your business.  You get an advantage of full-fledged Open source ERP software for eCommerce trading Business. This connector also works smoothly with Enterprise Edition.

odoo shopify connector integration extension bridge

This Extension provides you with following features :

Creating Stores

Import of attribute sets

Import product attributes

Import product categories

Import of Products

Import product stocks/inventory

Import of customer groups

Import customers

Import orders

Export order status

Import Invoice

Import Shipment

Update products

Export products

Export Stock / Inventory

Maintain  Logs

Manage your own workflows

Get your Sales analysis report

Part 1 – The Configuration :

After you purchase and install this Extension, the initial set up is to integrate your website with  ERP software, Once you logged in to Odoo you can click on Shopify menu as showed in the below image.

Odoo shopify connector integration extension bridge main page

Once you click on Shopify Menu you will see the dashboard – You can click on Core Settings – and start setting up ecommerce instance

odoo dashboards for shopify instances connector integration bridge

After Opening the Shopify instance you can start adding the following details 

Instance name – Which you would like to give may be country specific, store specific, product specific etc.

  • Authentication

             Location – Here you can put the link of your Shopify store along with . myshopify.com in the end
             API Keys – You can create your API keys from the Shopify back end
             API password – This can be found during the API key configuration

creating shopify instance in odoo ERP software

2. Load Shopify Store Details in Odoo.

Once you fill out all the information you can click on save button and then you can start loading your Shopify store in Odoo. In the below screen you can see we have already loaded the Shopify store and a shop has been created.

loading shopify store into odoo erp

You can also check the details of your shop in Odoo ERP software.

saving shopify shops

3. Product Importing functions from eCommerce to ERP

Once you complete loading your Shopify store you can start importing all your Shopify products into Odoo ERP by clicking on Import products Button

import shopify products into odoo

Here you can see all the product templates and variants once you imported the products from Shopify into Odoo ERP software.

product variants and product numbers imported

Below are the list of all product template which you can see in detail from your shopify store.

Products template in odoo from shopify ecommerce

Below is the screen shot of one of the product template which also imported all the related variant of your Shopify products.

shopify products imported with all variants

You can also check the product variants list which has been exported along with the product template.

shopify product variants list

You can perform various functions for each product template in Odoo

performing shopify functions from odoo for any products

4. Shopify Inventory Management – Importing

With Import stock button in Shopify extension you can import all your products and inventories from Online website into Odoo ERP. You can also check all your inventories in Odoo module

import stocks in inventory

After importing all your inventories from Shopify to Odoo you can go into your inventory management module of Odoo as showed below:


Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Control > Inventory Adjustment as shown in the image

inventory adjustments

The below update stock is inventory record which is create for all the products in Odoo

inventory adjustment

5. Product Images & Handling

By clicking on import images button you can get all your product images into Odoo.

 products images import

Once you import the images all the product images will come into Odoo including multiple images.

multiple images import

6. Customer Import

You can click on manage customer tab and import all your customers.

shopify customer import

You can also click on customers to check numbers of customers

customer imports with numbers

Below is the list of customer

list of customers imported

Here is the detail of your  customer

customer details

7. Sales order management 

Simply click on import orders button to import the sales order in Odoo ERP software.

import your orders

Here you can click to check all your orders

number of shopify orders imported in Odoo erp

Below are the list of orders imported.

list of orders

Here you can see complete detail about particular order including customer name, address, payments, products, quantity etc.

order management in odoo from shopify

More details can be checked in Shopify details tab

complete order details

8. Price Update

Updating of Product price helps you to manage your Shopify products pricing. That means even for pricing changes you don’t need to go into eCommerce backend – everything can be handle within ERP software. – Simply click on the Update Price list button.

update price

9. Updating Pricelist Price

Updating of pricelist price from is also simple – simply click on “update pricelist price button” shown in the image which will lead to open a wizard as shown in the below image

shopify pricelist price update in Odoo

Below is the wizard that will open

  1. Here you can start selecting the pricelist by which you want to update the prices in shopify website.
  2. Discount Based on is a two two options a. Shopify Price and b. Compare At Price , select anyone option on which the price will calculate the price on the selected pricelist.
  3.  Select instance where you want to update the pricelist price.
  4.  Finally the Update price on Odoo checkbox which will update the prices in Odoo also according to the configuration made.

special price in odoo

10. Update / Export Selected Products

Updating or exporting a selected products first navigate to Product Template and then click on Product template exported button.

product template update

you can start selecting the products that you want to update or export. After selecting the button you can click on “Actions” > and Export/update product.

export and update

Once you click on Export / Update product. A wizard will open where you can select the instance and the option either to update or Export the products.

select instances for price updates

Understanding the Concept of Update and Export of Products

1. Update Product : 

When you create any kind of changes in product template or in product variant specifically in Odoo then the same you need to be updated in Shopify so that there is no mismatch of information. This is when you update the products which allow you to update all the details in ecommerce also.

2. Export Product

Exporting of product is done as an example – you create a product in ERP and want that product in Shopify. Therefore you perform “Export Product” functionality. Which will export all the products.

Below are the steps for creating New Products and export function (Single ERP to manage all your Operations)

Go to Product Template Not Exported menu and click on create

create product template in odoo

Fill in the details of product and if any variants select the variants.

adding variant for your new products which will be exported

Fill in the details of the Shopify fields as shown below

shopify section for additional details

Add all the images of the product by inserting image name with image format name in the end for e.g. test.png and select the image from the local and select the instance field and repeat the steps if want to add multiple images

adding shopify product images from odoo

Now navigate to the Product Variant Not exported to update the variants and fill up the shopify fields one by one as shown below

creating shopify pricings from odoo

  • Fill all the required fields to make it compatible for exporting it

product variants creation

The above functionalities of the Connector which is import, export and update functions can be automated through schedulers. Since we wanted to showcase the various functions of Shopify Connector we put this presentation – But this connector is completely automated through scheduling actions.

One Time Buy ! There is no monthly charges or hidden charges for the connector!

For a Live Demo – email us on sales@globalteckz.com

Why you need an ERP system for Shopify:

eCommerce and Online selling through Shopify website is one of the best way to enhance the international reach and regional reach of your products. However, If you want to ensure proper growth and improvisation to support the growth of your online business there is a need of a streamlined business process, order management, sales, marketing accounting, proper order processing, and so on…

As you grow in your product line, categories, orders, and customer there is a need for ERP technology to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of all your business processes including Shopify.  This is the reason where many eCommerce Merchants are opting for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to kick in growth.

odoo shopify import and export

In eCommerce businesses, Shopify creates a lot of product data and their process with a well-organized seamless operation in Business organization. Businesses are relinquishing the multi-channel approach of selling through their own eCommerce store, online marketplace, and respective retail outlets.

  • Eliminate manual and duplicate entry by Integration and avoid the risk in database management.
  • This integration decreases the manual data entry time period that increases business performance thereby, increasing the speed of information exchange, resulting in customer service efficiency and makes customer satisfaction.
  • By Integrating the ERP business process are streamlined by creating an efficient workflow between department and functionalities in the business organization
  • An integrated flow can forecast the strategy and objective and make strong decisions.
  • It Focuses on resources on priority work and automates the schedule and process data without human resources intervention.
  • The integration provides you with real-time statistics data for product selling that makes a positive impact on the bottom line.
  • Allow your team to have almost real-time numbers.
  • An integrated network with your Shopify store allows your team to manage inbound and outbound orders effectively.
  • The integration allows us to have accurate and almost real-time numbers for disposal.
  • Accounting can be pre-plan for future promotion by working with market identification
  • Integrating ensures the uptime and lead industry security and ensure the eCommerce network is connected and communicating data bi-directionally .
  • Running a business on multiple platforms and multi-channel strategy, integration allows accounting incoming product payable and receivable.
  • You can completely customize this integration as per your business flows and process.
  • Globalteckz offer you with complete implementation services including installation of Odoo Community / Enterprise edition with this connector to manage your online sales as well as offline retail sales.

The following are the Benefits of this Extension:

  •  Single tool

Shopify Integration with Odoo offers you with a single software where you can manage your complete enterprise and business departments such as Sales, Products, Purchases, inventory, Accounting, Financials, vendors, suppliers etc. Therefore you don’t need to login multiple time in two different software. Since everything can be handled from odoo.

Our Connector don’t require you to add anything in Shopify and provides you with more control and management.

  • Less Error and Fast Process

Reduces the manual data inputs and everything is automated within odoo ERP software. You can manage multiple stores, marketplaces such as Amazon, ebay, etc within the ERP system. This makes your process of delivering the products quick and error less entries.

  • Inventory and Store Management

Enhances faster order cycles in handling warehouse stores. It increases the warehouse store’s space availability according to location received, packaged, and shipping point Product which reduces safety stock requirement in warehouses. Therefore the cost of inventory holding stock is lowered and productivity gets improvise.

  • Handling Currencies

With a Single tool assessment multi-currency and multi-company assets easily controlled by odoo with different sales and assets. Odoo created a separate accounting chart for each company respectively.

  • Cost-effective

This Integration of is cost-effective compare to other extensions available in the market. There are no grey areas – If there is any custom development then charges are extra based on the time required to complete the development. Considering companies are using Odoo ERP for cost effectiveness we offer cost-effective customization services. Even our installation charges are lower. Implementation and Integration with Odoo can be done in less time period. i.e. cost-effective.    

  • Fully Customizable

This extension is fully customizable as per your business needs and requirements. We understand that many businesses implement ecommerce website either with default functions and few develops it to suit their business requirements. This is a completely customizable connector based on your eCommerce requirements.

. Customer Satisfaction

A customer can log in to a Shopping cart to place individual orders and pick the ordered product as well as filter the product by category and Odoo ERP reflects shipping details, order processing, delivery dates, text updates, etc.

Odoo Shopify Connector FAQ’s

With Shopify, Businessperson can build and customize an online store and sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, in-person, market-driven locations, and pop-up shops and across multiple channels from social media to online marketplaces.
Successful integration between eCommerce and ERP provides a frontend to backend flow of business processes. This capability helps with the rapid transfer of information required to fulfill the demand in real-time. Information like sales order detail, customer profiles, stock availability, pricing, and other financial analysis.
An integrated ERP system allows every aspect of the business to be controlled from a single application framework, so data flows seamlessly through the company and down to the financial statement due to less manual interference of the company user with help of automation. Integrating information and processes increases efficiency and enables informed decision-making.
Yes ! Globalteckz offers you with further customization in this app as per your business requirements. You can completely customize this app and connector based on your requirements and workflows.
No! This connector needs to be installed only at Odoo Side and through API keys the connector works smoothly.
No ! once you install this connector everything can be managed from Odoo side only. You can import, upload the products, process the orders, create or change pricing, inventory directly from Odoo.
No! This connector is one time purchase and you dont need to pay any monthly fees or subscription. You can connect as many shops from this single shopify connector.
Once you purchase this connector with installation - Our team offers you with 6 month of support for any kind of bug fixing or issues that arise during the use of this extension.

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