Scheduled Delivery Date for Odoo Website Products |  Customers can manage Delivery Date for Odoo website Products with this module from the website, Delivery plays an important role, in any ecommerce business. A proper schedule delivery allows customer to receive the products at the time they decide. Odoo website Scheduled delivery date for products allow customers to choose the exact time and date slot where they would like their product to be delivered. You can configure timeslots and delivery dates in Odoo website builder based on holidays and your availability therefore customer get a clear picture on which date delivery can be schedule.

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Further with preferable date and preferable time you know exactly which products needs to be delivered at what time to every customer. Customer can also put special delivery notes in case any.

Scheduled Delivery Date for Odoo website Products will provide with following features

  • Configure Delivery date feature in Odoo website
  • Manage special Delivery comments
  • Customer can manage delivery date
  • Customer can manage the time slots
  • As an ecommerce merchant you can see the delivery date and time
  • Manage time slots to be shown on website
  • Enable and disable delivery dates for particular days of month or year – example bank holidays, Sundays etc
  • Fully Csutomizable further as per the requirements
  • Configuring Delivery dates in your website

Once you install this module you can go into Odoo – Website admin

Click on settings you can see Customer Delivery Configuration where you can activate the delivery date option and comment incase you want to showcase

After customer delivery configuration is done you can click on apply button and click on website

Customer workflow
Let’s add a product to the cart for this demo

We will now proceed to check out

Confirming the check out

Here you can see the Delivery date and time which customer can select incase require delivery of products on specific day

The date should not be greater incase back dates are selected by the customer

Once the date is selected the customer can select the time slots for the delivery including any special comments for delivery.

Here the customer can see the confirm order.

As an Administrator of the website
Now you can see as an ecommerce merchant the order which has been placed by the customer

Once we go into the order we can see the delivery information lets confirm the sale

Now we changed the stage to sale order after confirmation and we can raise the delivery note

Once we click on the delivery note you can see the timeslot and the delivery date
Settings of time slots, delivery date that needs to be displayed
You can manage your delivery dates and time slots according to the availability

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V12, V11, V10


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