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When do you need an ERP solution?

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When do you need an ERP solution?

When do you need an ERP solution
When do you need an ERP solution

Does my business need ERP software?

This is one of the most confusing and important questions for start up’s as well as established businesses. In this post we will discuss when you need an ERP solution.

Let’s take an example of new businesses. After initiating a new business with a small team you are easily able to manage almost everything from sales order to finances till delivery to the customers with the help of excel sheets and other office automation software, But when your startup business starts growing the numbers of activities increases from employee till the responsibility and even tracking of every small things every day.

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Once your business starts feeling the growth in employees and workload which cannot be manage by you as a single entrepreneur. It’s time to consider an Enterprise resource planning software for your business.

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Enterprise Resource Planning solutions or ERP software allows business owners to store all the information from different people & department in one single software or database. With ERP software you can easily manage your Manufacturing, Sales, Inventory, Warehouse, Finances, Accounting, Human resource and other areas and aspects of business.

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Many small businesses argue that it is easy to handle every aspect of the business even with few employees and many a times ignores ERP implementation for a long time. But one should remember that the longer you delay the more time you need to allocate towards ERP implementations in future.

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Price is another barrier which keeps startup businesses away for ERP implementation – It is better to start with any Open Source ERP software to judge the functionality and effectiveness of the software with your business. One should note down that ERP solutions are meant to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of working and business processes.

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When you need an ERP solution?

  • Your staff needs an ERP solution when they are in silos working with excels and continuously making mistakes.
  • Your IT department needs an ERP solution when you are excessively using variety of software for different departments.
  • You need an ERP solution when you unable to access information as and when require.
  • You need an ERP solution when you are losing out customers and employees interest in working
  • You need an ERP solution when a small task is taking longer than normal time even in  sale or purchase process.
  • You need an ERP solution when your staff is still working manually on documentations such as creating invoices, proposals and so on . .

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